Trajectory of Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence

The Muslim Brotherhood was formally created in 1928 by a religiously distinctly non-Sufi occultist religious society within the Senussi Sufi order and subsequently with Nazi German intelligence support became a mass populist movement.

Intelligence infiltration of foreign countries is waged by means of deploying armies of agents of seduction.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was in fact always vehemently anti-Sufi despite adopting a Sufi-style hierarchic global organization whose leadership undergoes secretive initiation at all levels of hierarchic advancement.

The MB did early align with the fellow occultist Wahhabiyyah sect for whom religious people are “sheep” who are led to slaughter. The MB in being committed to the Wahhabi totalitarian vision of returning to the early “occultist” origins of the founding of Islam is one of many anthropological examples worldwide of what in Eurocentric parlance is known as “satanism” despite usually not putting belief in a Christian devil. Core practices for such secretive religious societies remain animal sacrifice, child sexual abuse and at top national levels of initiated religious leadership also infant ritual sacrifice. In the 20th century did many such sects morph into the initiated core of totalitarian political movements and so did the MB and Wahhabiyah seek to transform the world religion of Islam into a neo-imperialist mass movement for modern political totalitarianism.

Although deploying different discourses of dystopian rationalist rhetoric in taking undisguised pleasure in deceiving the masses are totalitarian movements extremely uniform in the type of governance that they seek and subsequently practice. The MB and the only outwardly Shia and Muslim, Khomeinist “occultist” sect in Iran is in fact remarkably similar and cooperate closely despite sometimes officially claiming not to in both being closely related “satanist” secretive religious societies. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is internally styled “Shaitan”, i.e. “Devil” as the top religious leader of the MB sect has even claimed that the Shia Jafari madhhab (shool of jurisprudence) “could be recognized as the fifth madhhab of Islam”, a seemingly “ecumenial” suggestion that is literally completely outrageous to Orthodox Sunni Ulama (Islamic theologicans).

The MB and the Khomeinists do not even attempt to disguise their completely heterodox practices of ostensible “taqiyyah” (Islamic religious dissimulation) as applied in a manner that is completely anathema to every traditional madhhab in Islam. Shia Islam generally allows far more taqiyya than Sunni Islam considering that Shia Islam was originally and remains a form of Crypto-Judaism and especially its Ismaili (Israelite) branches but this is also so with its Zaydi (Himyarite) branch as well as its Imamite branch whose surviving non-Islamist top religious leadership is devoutly Crypto-Yarsani in Yarsanism being a form of Median Crypto-Judaism as traditionally surviving primarily in Kurdistan and Luristan.

Imamite Shia Islam being Crypto-Yarsanism is structurally parallel to Sufi orders whose non-Islamist top religious leaderships are devoutly Crypto-Bektashi in Bektashism being a form of Median Crypto-Judaism which once was predominant from the Balkans to Central and throughout northern Iran but now mostly survives in the Balkans and Asia Minor. Both Alevi-Bektashi Judaism and Yarsani Judaism are continuations of Zorostrianism whose origins lie in the Judaism of Media as founded by the Jewish tribes deported there by the Neo-Assyrian Empire to what is now Kurdistan.

Destructive covert religious societies found a useful environment in the aristocratic intelligence world which it turned away from its patriotic ideal in the patriarchal intelligence world becoming increasingly totalitarian indeed during the 1972-2016 period. The protection as afforded by the patriarchal intelligence world also meant that its abusive ritual practices were completely shielded from law enforcement and investigative journalism alike.

As the MB from its inception had a Sufi-style covert organizational structure of hierarchic initiation which became globalized Sufi-style did the Crypto-Wahhabi MB in parallel with its close alliance with the Gestapo Nazi German intelligence agency increasingly transform into what became the globalized and indeed largest Wahhabi intelligence as headquartered in Riyadh until 2017 when it relocated to Ankara. As first beginning in the 1950s was the Saudi intelligence community given intelligence training by the CIA and that is how the MB turned into one of the world’s best intelligence agencies.

The MB originated in Egypt and despite the first British, later Soviet and subsequently American influence over Egypt did the MB successfully engage in mass infiltration and takeover of Egyptian civil society. In deploying Israeli intelligence methods taught to them by the CIA in the 1980s and further developed by the MB itself did the MB increasingly embark on globalizing its Egyptian modus operandi. The MB’s successful intelligence takeover of the Interpol global police network from the then Buenos Aires based Gestapo global intelligence agency in 2005 turned the MB into an intelligence superpower and Islamism into the most severe contemporary totalitarian threat indeed.

The MB operates similarly to the NSDAP of the 1930’s in successfully manufacturing mass appeal by means of intentionally deceptive populist rhetoric. The MB’s stage-managed, carefully devised, meticulously calibrated, well-organized and well-funded social processes of “Islamization” take the long turn in seeking to gradually politically “Islamize” civil society such as churches, trade unions, political parties and NGOs by means of mass intelligence warfare of agents of seduction and subsequent intelligence recruitment whether by romance, sexual extortion or a combination of the two. Among Muslims is this in parallel organized as an outwardly “religious” mass movement, but the MB operates no differently among non-Muslims in endeavoring to turn civil society everywhere into tools for the insidious MB totalitarian agenda of ‘soft Islamization’.

Yet religious hypocrisy (Arabic nifaq) is the social norm within the MB whose global hierarchic structure of leadership is committed to the usual practices of organized “satanism”, namely embracing “demonic possession”, systematic ritual and other sexual abuse and at the top level of leadership also ritual infant sacrifice as was indeed rather overtly practiced in the ancient world, including among the Canaanites. The Hebrew Bible graphically describes in the story of Abraham’s aborted child ritual sacrifice of Isaac how Atenism/Judaism put an end to the repugnant practices of Baal “satanism” in Baal (literally “owner”) as referring to practices of encouraging so called “demonic possession”. The fact that the leaderships of Hamas and AKP are highly corrupt and kleptocratic is not considered a religious problem at all within the MB since embracing government-supported crime is core MB and generally “satanist” practice of “embracing the dark side”.

Since the MB hierarchic structure as a global intelligence organization systematically engages in sexual abuse as does the patriarchal intelligence world generally should there be no leniency towards these extreme and dangerous criminals and hence the essential need for global military law enforcement of implementing existing covert military laws in crushing organized MB everywhere in full compliance with the laws of war.