Trajectory of IRGC Intelligence

SAVAK logotype with the “devil’s tail”.

Iran eluded becoming dominated by European imperialism until becoming occupied by the British Commonwealth and the Soviet Union in 1941 during WW2 in forcing Reza Shah Pahlavi to abdicate. He was succeeded by his 22-year old son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who came to be highly dependent upon the military and security sector of the state.

In 1957 did the Shah with Israeli and American assistance establish the SAVAK intelligence agency which with time became increasingly totalitarian and so increasingly fell beyond the Shah’s control. The Shah established the covert Imperial Intelligence in 1970 so as to supervise the brutal SAVAK and re-establish some measure of control over it. Outwardly was the Shah almost almighty in Iran but he did in practice increasingly lose control over the state to SAVAK.

For the KGB was Iran extremely geostrategically important as an access point to the Indian Ocean and so the CIA and the Mossad increasingly lost control over SAVAK to the KGB. In 1979 had the SAVAK fallen under indirect KGB control and so the SAVAK as instructed to do so by the KGB engineered the 1979 Islamist revolution in Iran. The Shah had no choice but to leave Iran and died in exile the following year.

“Ayatollah” Ruhollah Khomeini as a trained KGB intelligence operative was turned into dictator by the KGB/SAVAK but in practice did he become a Soviet puppet, yet Soviet intelligence had in turn increasingly fallen under indirect intelligence control of the then Argentina-based Gestapo global intelligence agency.

The modern history of intelligence agencies is largely one of rival underground occultist so called “satanist” sects increasingly exercising influence and control over the affairs of the patriarchal intelligence world. Practices of optimal secrecy provided optimal conditions for the partial and complete takeover on the part of rival “satanist” denominations which engineered and organized the various denominations of modern totalitarianism, including Ba’athism, Communism, Gaddafism, Islamism, Juche, Kahanism, Nazism and Slorcism.

The SAVAK “satanist” sect is indigenous to Iran and became increasingly infiltrated by the rival KGB “satanist” sect. The Soviet Union wished to take over Iran yet preferred to do so in a discreet manner that would not directly spark confrontation with the United States in the Persian Gulf.

Ruhollah Khomeini was a useful puppet of the KGB and so the SAVAK was quickly transformed into what became known as the IRGC. Islamist intelligence agencies are professional organizations that operate much like other patriarchal intelligence agencies in thus not being especially religious in as many other patriarchal intelligence agencies being directed by members of “satanist” denominations and who do not believe in the official state ideology which they were tasked to promote. As totalitarian movements are thin veneers for “satanist” denominations endeavoring to establish, maintain and perpetuate their own kleptocratic sectarian rule is totalitarianism simply systematic political hypocrisy.

In Khomeinist Iran having two parallel militaries, the regular military and the IRGC did the power struggle between the two come to dominate the political history of the Islamic Republic of Iran as seen in the constant struggle between so called “conservatives” and so called “moderates” with the “moderates” being backed up military intelligence and the conservatives being backed up by the IRGC. Imperial Intelligence survived within the regular military and its intelligence branch in being fully backed up by Turkey’s Derin Devlet military intelligence agency as commanded by elite military officers of Turkey’s Dönmeh community. Imperial Intelligence thus effectively became the long arm of the Derin Devlet inside Iran.

As the KGB at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1941 had fallen under effective Gestapo control did IRGC/SAVAK turn into a satellite of the then Argentina-based Gestapo. Fellow “satanist” intelligence sects are often in a state of rivalry and intelligence warfare between each other, yet due to shared religious affinities is it also also easy for them to collaborate when convenient.

As the Gestapo evacuated from Germany to Argentina and South America in 1945 did the IRGC/SAVAK prepare for its own relocation to Venezuela and South America. Hezbollah as the Lebanese branch of the IRGC/SAVAK established a symbiotic relationship with the drug cartels of South America, something that may seem somewhat odd to do for outwardly but not actually “pious Muslims”. Iran and the IRGC/SAVAK invested itself heavily in South America in close cooperation with the Gestapo which ran military dictatorships in Latin America throughout the Cold War and continued to largely exercise indirect control over the political systems through national intelligence agencies even after the introduction of liberal democracy in the 1990s and onwards.

The IRGC/SAVAK engaged in large-scale intelligence infiltration of Middle Eastern countries including significantly within Israeli military intelligence. The IRGC/SAVAK regime did so on the model of Nazi German intelligence warfare in the 1930s which sought to assert political control over entire countries by means of mass intelligence warfare in preparation for later invading them. The IRGC/SAVAK became feared in the global intelligence community, yet Israel continued to persistently struggle against the neo-imperialist ambitions of IRGC/SAVAK Iran.

In 2017 had Iran become a country of Munafiqun (non-Muslims outwardly pretending to be Muslims) as the kleptocratic IRGC/SAVAK regime had discredited not only itself but also the religion of Islam in Iran. After the IRGC attempted to invade the semi-independent Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) did Israeli intelligence forces militarily intervene in Iraqi Kurdistan, something which also led to the execution of many Kurdish political and military leaders who were agents of the IRGC. Subsequently did military intelligence forces from many other liberal democracies intervene as well as a means of humanitarian intervention and genocide prevention.

Iran responded by attempting to numerous times attack cities around the world with weapons of mass destruction, something which was prevented in every single case by the TEVEL global organization of intelligence cooperation. Military intelligence forces of liberal democracies responded by mass infiltration of Iran in seeking to eliminate every single visible IRGC fighter they could locate. The TEVEL (including the Derin Devlet) assisted Imperial Intelligence to establish full control over the regular military and Israel positioned one thousand nuclear weapons in Free Kurdistan as part of the comprehensive defense treaty that Israel had signed with Free Kurdistan as prior to the outbreak of the conflict.

The IRGC in facing defeat at the hands of the mass intelligence invasion decided to relocate its leadership functions to South America and primarily so to Venezuela. This was clearly the beginning of the end of the SAVAK/IRGC era in Iran.

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