Totalitarian Intelligence Patriarchy

Forms of governments are typically in liberal democracies generalized into a simplistic dichotomy of democracy versus dictatorship which hides democratic aspects in most non-democracies and non-democratic aspects in all democracies. The Freedom House foundation annually measures the degree to which countries are democratic and thus divides the world’s countries into free, partly free and not free.

Intelligence warfare (including targeted assassination) is dependent on collection of highly reliable intelligence data.

While it is essential that non-democracies become increasingly democratic can this only be attained if democratic values are anchored in traditional cultural systems of signification and which thus become transformed and democratized indeed.

Democratization in liberal democracies is an ongoing process as well whereby society becomes increasingly more open, tolerant and democratic by means of typically very slow political processes of political and social emancipation.

There is however an issue that is virtually never discussed in public in open societies and that is the issue of widespread structural, indeed systemic abuses in the intelligence world. It would obviously be absurd for anyone to assume that there are no abuses in the patriarchal intelligence world as there certainly is in the rest of society, yet abuses in the patriarchal intelligence world is not discussed in public as whistleblowers are usually treated by at least one of three standard operational means; namely 1) execution, 2) Gestapo-style psychiatric abuse and 3) public discrediting such as luring or forcing a person to spread conspiracy theories and subsequently force the person to resign from his job or other official position.

Surely are there abuses in the patriarchal intelligence world as in the rest of society and because of the optimal secrecy as opposed to what ought be minimal secrecy (not keeping more things secret than is absolutely necessary) are abuses generally (both individual abuses and systemic abuses) kept secret and so the victims continue to suffer in silence.

What are then these abuses? First there is no substantial accountability since the intelligence operatives except in cases where highly publicly exposed is not subject to the jurisdiction of civilian courts but rather to politicized, non-transparent and highly corrupt secret military courts whose judges rule precisely as their own intelligence handlers instruct them to. In order to introduce accountability and transparency is thus public limelight precisely essential indeed as that extends the civilian judicial jurisdiction to the lawless intelligence world. The problem of all prosecutors having been “protectively recruited” is thus an issue that also deserves public limelight.

The fundamental problem in the patriarchal intelligence world is that it is a hierarchy of enslavement, including sexual enslavement as every intelligence operative is a qualified seduction agent. Enslaved status is inherited by the children of intelligence operatives. Since honey traps, sexual entrapment and sexual extortion are the main means of informal intelligence recruitment (formal intelligence recruitment is performed professionally at places of work) are intelligence operatives chosen, trained and ultimately selected on the basis of the respective individual ability to elude seduction, temptation and rape.

However, this is also a matter of gender since women are rarely promoted at all despite generally being much less susceptible than men. Being non-binary transgender is not accepted and transgender agents are expected, indeed required to fully undergo surgical transition and are fully accepted once surgery is completed (female to male intimate surgery is not required). Intelligence operatives are trained to become functionally bisexual as well as learn to enjoy as many paraphilia as possible in order to become optimally as flexible as seduction agents.

This is a world ruled by cis-men and the top echelon is almost entirely ruled by pure pedophiles (i.e. pedophiles with little to no interest in adolescents and adults), something which reinforces patriarchy since most pedophiles and pure pedophiles are men. At the next level are extremely psychologically strong Sadists in being valued for their determination, courage and non-susceptibility to seduction, temptation and rape in being valued for their courage not only as intelligence operatives (for seduction and otherwise) but also as brave operational leaders in ideally not being misguided by irrational fear and other irrational emotions. At the third level from the top are gay men as gay men tend to be quite immune to female honey traps and most decoys are women, girls and boys. At the fourth level from the top down are all other trained intelligence operatives, including virtually all female intelligence operatives. While females are sometimes accepted to the second level are females only in very rare cases when being pure pedophiles promoted to the second level from the top. Unless a female intelligence operative is either a Sadist or a very rare female pure pedophile is there little chance of hierarchic promotion unless being a genius. Virtually all women, most men and all child intelligence operatives are therefore found at the fourth level.

The intelligence world is hence based on a stereotypical sexological taxonomy and so if someone is not easily classifiable may that create hierarchic complications. For example will the top level pedophiles typically not accept an otherwise highly qualified non-pedophile as that person will be forced to undergo what is known as environmental therapy so as to socially reconstruct that person into a pure pedophile. Asexuals of all genders are clearly far less susceptible to seduction, temptation and rape than pure pedophiles yet the top level pedophiles will typically violently resist any introduction of non-pedophiles into the top level of leadership. Lesbians do tend to be quite unsusceptible to seduction and temptation although it is true that having a vagina is a physical vulnerability in terms of violent recruitment rape which may go for weeks or even months or as essentially a form of torture.

The intelligence world is thus a sexological caste system, yet personality and intelligence is also considered important secondary criteria for promotion. Intelligent psychopaths are highly valued and thus are intelligent psychopaths who happen to be simultaneously pure pedophiles found at the top level of hierarchy of the patriarchal intelligence world. The promotion of intelligent psychopaths at all levels among intelligence operatives was made on the correct observation that intelligent psychopaths unlike many other psychopaths in non-tribal societies usually not are prone to crime. Environmental therapy is typically deployed during intelligence training so as to trigger latent psychopathic behavioral traits as considered operationally valuable indeed.

As the secret military courts became increasingly corrupt and organized occultism including especially so called “satanism” spread in in the patriarchal intelligence world did patriarchal intelligence directors become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime. “Satanist” infant sacrifice is widely practiced at the top level of the patriarchal intelligence hierarchy although favored or otherwise chosen intelligence operatives participate by compulsory invitation for the ritual sacrifice and subsequent cannibalistic “satanist” ritual meal.

It is important to emphasize that the patriarchal intelligence world enjoys de facto immunity from prosecution in civilian courts of law, but only as long as they are able to elude individual exposure and public scandal. It is allowed in the intelligence world to organize public show trials against public personalities (it is always claimed that the victim is a “traitor”) by recruiting jurors (nominally under “protective recruitment”), yet this is not permitted while in democracies to deploy in prosecution against ordinary citizens.

It is almost impossible to become a whistleblower in the patriarchal intelligence world unless being very, very influential and/or enjoying very, very strong support from others such as from a different intelligence agency. However, since virtually all patriarchal intelligence agencies have the same type of organizational hierarchy as based primarily on sexual orientation and secondarily on psychopathy and IQ level is the patriarchal intelligence system of “satanist” pedophile rule essentially a closed system.

This bizarre social system was originally invented in the Mossad in the 1950’s, yet without the slavery and the “satanism” and this social system then increasingly spread worldwide in the intelligence world until 2016 when the incremental collapse of this most tragic and deplorable social system of abuse commenced.

The growth in the number of feminist intelligence agencies under the aegis of TEVEL (which although originally Israeli is increasingly an international intelligence organization) is thus precisely essential indeed. The struggle against the criminal pedophiles ruling the patriarchal intelligence world is complex not least because they live under protected identities without formal intelligence offices and so locating them prior targeted assassination is a logistically challenging task requiring vast gathering of intelligence data.

However, there is no choice as the intelligence world must be cleaned from criminal practices and the outside world needs conversely become liberated from oppressively irrational legislation of every kind.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.