About the TEVEL

top-secret-528875_1280The name TEVEL was originally an acronym for the Political Action and Liaison Department of the now unofficially dissolved Mossad. After the dissolution of the defunct Mossad in 2016 did the TEVEL become the umbrella organization for the for entire pro-democratic Israeli intelligence community (excluding the anti-democratic Lishkat haModi’in, the Israeli Information Bureau or IB which controls the Israeli police) as the defunct Mossad was dissolved into over 300 highly specialized new lean intelligence agencies. The functional tasks of the TEVEL have however always been intelligence diplomacy and global political action and in particular educating and otherwise functionally assisting emancipatory social movements around the world.

In 2017 was the TEVEL upgraded into an international intelligence organization and hundreds of intelligence agencies in Israel’s partner nations thus joined the TEVEL, including fully subjecting themselves to the TEVEL’s judicial supervision in enforcing both national legislation and international law, including importantly the laws of war.

The TEVEL is the command and control structure of the pro-democratic intelligence world and includes an unspecified; yet very, very large number of intelligence agencies of democracies and pro-democratic non-democracies alike as the global TEVEL intelligence community becomes fundamentally transformed and restructured indeed.

In addition to its judicial functions and diplomatic coordination does the TEVEL operate all professional communication between its member intelligence agencies around the world, including professional communication between member intelligence agencies of the same country.

The TEVEL is committed to optimal transparency in endeavoring to increasingly minimize secrecy as much as possible in the intelligence world. The foundational task of the TEVEL remains to protect and responsibly facilitate the growth and development of freedom, emancipation and representative governance for all everywhere on this shared blue planet of ours.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.