About the TEVEL

top-secret-528875_1280TEVEL is a Hebrew acronym for the Political Action and Liaison Department which was originally a section in the now unofficially dissolved Israeli Mossad civilian global intelligence agency and the TEVEL was always tasked with secret diplomacy and politics abroad. Although never officially declared was the Mossad in 2016 dissolved into over 300 highly specialized new intelligence agencies, yet the term “Mossad” (Hebrew for “institute”) is still in use as the names and narrow tasks of the new intelligence agencies remain classified indeed.

Today is the TEVEL the umbrella organization for Israel’s entire intelligence community. In addition to the TEVELs traditional function of engaging in global diplomacy as focused on the broader Middle East and engaging in political action abroad does the TEVEL now perform judicial supervision and political oversight of the Israeli intelligence community so as to put an end to the pervasive lawlessness in the Israeli intelligence community as well as indeed in the global intelligence world generally.

A diplomat in the TEVEL is known as a liaison and does unlike an ordinary diplomat typically represent both sides. An international liaison is typically a relayer and mediator of sort with typically mixed or dual cultural affiliation whether by upbringing, marriage, citizenship or otherwise. Most international TEVEL liaisons worldwide volunteer without pay in being sort of informal honorary consuls.

TEVEL as a semi-secret global communications network relays information 1) between Israel and governments which do not have official diplomatic relations with Israel and primarily so in and of the broader Middle East, 2) between Israeli intelligence and non-Israeli intelligence agencies including with partner intelligence agencies worldwide as well as 3) between the now highly specialized Israeli intelligence agencies themselves.

Political action abroad is today carried out by highly specialized international Israeli intelligence agencies as created, tasked and coordinated for this purpose by the TEVEL. The TEVEL as the command and control structure of the Israeli intelligence community endeavors to bring the rule of law and enforce both domestic law and legislated international law (including importantly the laws of war) in global intelligence affairs.