Terror of Pedophobia

boy-2205733_1280Frankist reign of terror always requires an imaginary adversary. This is invariably based upon a shibboleth of discrimination/oppression such as age, class, ethnicity, functionality, gender, geography, pigmentation, religion, sexuality, tribe/clan, species/subspecies, nationality etc.

Frankist intelligence sects specifically and “satanist” sects generally systematically practice sexual abuse and most victims are children, teenagers, women and LGBTQI person. The victims are coercively recruited by the patriarchal intelligence world as terrorized by pseudo-religious Frankist intelligence sects. Persons voluntarily drawn into Frankist intelligence sects are typically adult males on the psychopathic spectrum. The mina attraction is typically organized group sex were young female intelligence prostitutes are systematically sexually exploited. This leads to increasingly severe sexual exploitation and sexual abuse and “satanist” ritual elements are increasingly introduced. Initiates are told that intelligence recruitment means that that can act unhindered by sex laws and thus are they themselves increasingly enslaved in Frankist intelligence sects. Children of female intelligence prostitutes are themselves heavily sexually abused, sexually exploited and prostituted indeed. All under the aegis of Frankist police intelligence agencies and other Frankist intelligence agencies.

Of course is an imaginary adversary needed in order point blame at. Who then are they? These are primarily an imaginary community named “pedophiles” and secondarily according to Frankist Pseudo-Feminism men generally without any distinction whatsoever.

Who then are the pedophiles? Police intelligence performs a reign of terror as almost anyone refusing police intelligence so called “protective recruitment” will become accused of non-existent sexual misdemeanors as based upon fictional accusations that have been fabricated for this purpose by thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Police intelligence agents are forced to provide false witness and falsely claim to have been victimized the judicial victim. Police intelligence mock trials are performed for the purpose of extracting false confessions etc. with the purpose of coercing the victim into police intelligence recruitment. Most of these victims are anything but sex criminals and certainly do not fit diagnostic criteria for what is known as “pedophilia”. Most adults who engage in illegal intergenerational sex are either intelligence operatives and/or males on the psychopathic spectrum. These two highly correlating demographics are disproportionately represented among adults as engaged in illegal intergenerational sexual relations and as well as in membership of Frankist “satanist” intelligence sects.

Ten percent of adult men fit diagnostic criteria for pedophilia, meaning that sexual preference for legal minors as below the age of 13 is their primary sexual preference. It needs be emphasized that very few persons who qualify for diagnostic criteria of pedophilia engage in illegal intergenerational sex unless they are intelligence operatives, psychopaths and/or members of Frankist “satanist” intelligence sects and few pedophiles are.

It needs be emphasized that most men who meet diagnostic criteria for “pedophilia” have a secondary sexual preference for adults. Adult male sexual attraction to children below the age of 13 is often gender-asymmetric as compared to parallel adult sexual preferences for adults. This means that a male pedophile with a primary sexual orientation toward boys below the age of 13 may have a secondary sexual orientation as towards adult women. Reversely may a male pedophile with a primary sexual orientation towards girls below the age of 13 have a secondary sexual orientation towards adult men. Most persons who meet diagnostic criteria for “pedophilia” have secondary sexual preferences for adults and so are able to are able satisfy their sexual desires through their secondary sexual orientation as towards adults.

Since most pedophiles have secondary, yet still strong urges for adults is sexual law abidance hardly an issue at all as regards adults meeting criteria for “pedophilia” unless they are members of they also 1) psychopaths, 2) intelligence operatives and/or 3) members of “Frankist” satanist intelligence sects. Persons on the psychopathic spectrum are disproportionately overrepresented in Frankist intelligence sects and thus among intelligence operatives of Frankist intelligence agencies. In other words are law-abiding “pedophiles” assigned blame for systematic and organized sexual abuse by Frankist intelligence sects.

How then can this systematic abuse continue without reaching the attention of the media and why will journalists not write critically about it? Virtually everything as relating to the patriarchal intelligence world is classified as “top secret” and this is in nearly all cases simply not warranted at all as simply serving as covering up for the systemically and thoroughly criminal practices of the patriarchal intelligence world. Whistleblowers are in most cases simply executed with a fabricated cause of death, usually heart failure. Other measures include public discrediting and psychiatric abuse as ordered by thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

The terror of pedophobia is essential for police intelligence coercive intelligence recruitment operations whereby almost any citizen may become terrorized into coercive intelligence recruitment due to fear of being falsely stained with fabricated charges.

Law-abiding pedophiles serve as an effective scapegoat for pervasive sexual abuse and pervasive sexual exploitation of children, teenagers, women and LGBTQI persons throughout the Frankist intelligence world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.