Systemic Sexual Exploitation

As a victimized feminist member of the oppressed gender class does one at at some point become acutely aware of how extremely well-organized patriarchy is. The assumption generally in liberal-democratic open societies is however that these are mere structural behaviors, namely individual expressions of structural oppression only.


What is however little understood is how widespread “protective intelligence recruitment” has become in liberal-democratic open societies of affluent nations as challenged by hostile mass intelligence invasion warfare by the originally Saudi-based Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood international Islamist intelligence agency.

The traditional intelligence world is an oppressively sexist patriarchy and as virtually every intelligence operative is a trained seduction agent (i.e. an intelligence prostitute) are intelligence operatives hierarchically sexually exploited with intelligence directors maintaining private child harems as composed of the children of intelligence operatives as spending part of their time there for purposes of “sexual training” in becoming skilled seduction agents. The lawless sexual subcultures of the intelligence world strongly reinforces sexual exploitation patterns as already hegemonically existing in society at large as members of elites in the private, public and nonprofit sectors increasingly are now trained intelligence operatives and therefore enjoy immunity from prosecution in civilian courts of law.

Male sexual exploitation of females was already widely established long before “protective intelligence recruitment” became the norm for elites in liberal-democratic open societies of economically developed nations. Women who wish to pursue leadership careers in the private sector, generally have to provide sexual services to at least one male superior in order to ultimately become promoted. If they don’t are they as a rule passed over for promotion by heterocultural male superiors. E.g. “let’s have dinner so we can discuss whether to promote you”.

In the Israeli military were sexually attractive female conscripts long given positions specifically implicitly designed for sexual exploitation by a male military superior such as being his secretary, assistant etc. Sexual exploitation and rape are virtually institutionalized in the military sector and soldiers of all genders are victimized by fellow soldiers and superiors alike.

The same is true in various national prison systems around the world where inmates to varying degrees are sexually abused by wards in order so as to become eligible for prison “privileges” in getting access to normal services such as newspapers, books, the internet, visitation rights, specific kinds of food products, clothes, toilet paper etc. as well as of course in many cases illicit drugs as provided by the usually corrupt prison wards and who generally do so with complete impunity. Sexual abuse is also common among prison inmates in physically stronger inmates abusing and raping physically weaker inmates and usually so without any legal consequences.

Power leverage extortion for sex is common throughout society whereby a person with some kind of power (whether formal or informal) threatens and effectively coerces a victim into providing non-consensual sexual services to the person of power. This exists in prisons, in the military, in psychiatry, in the private sector, in marriage as well as in adults sexually exploiting legal minors. E.g. may a teacher threaten a student who is a legal minor that the student will not get an improved grade unless s/he does not “come home” with the teacher in “getting free tutoring” there.

Police officers habitually perform power leverage sexual extortion against vulnerable sexually attractive persons who may be female victims of male rape, female victims of domestic abuse, LGBTQI persons, sex workers, victims of sexual trafficking, asylum seekers, children with social problems, real or mock crime suspects and so on.

By creating a false impression that the victim risks prosecution may an unfounded “acknowledgment of wrongdoing” become extracted in order so as to extort the victim into providing sexual services whether temporarily to the police and/or permanently in the form coercive intelligence recruitment, including for lifelong intelligence prostitution which unfortunately is the norm for intelligence operatives in sexist intelligence patriarchy.

Sexual exploitation is very common in psychiatry, both between patients and by staff against patients as patients commonly become accused of being delusional if pointing out attempted or actual sexual exploitation whether against themselves or against fellow patients. Psychiatric staff hold immense powers over patients and are easily able to extract unpaid, non-consensual sexual services from patients by threatening incarceration, telling the doctor about something etc. As among most police officers is sexual exploitation considered almost an unofficial employment perk by many psychiatric staff.

So called “monogamous”, actually monotonous “marriage” does not only structurally produce infidelity (most married spouses are ready for temporary or permanent infidelity if meeting someone extremely sexually attractive) but is actually a form of systemic; economic, sexual, social and psychological structural exploitation whereby it is usually a parasitic male who sexually exploits a female whom he has parasitically attached himself to.

These types of relationships whether legally involving formal marriage or not usually involves the more affluent (usually male) “partner” sexually exploiting the less economically affluent (usually female) “partner” in politically subjugating the less affluent partner who indeed usually has much to lose economically and in terms of social stature in leaving parasitic relational monotony.

The economically more affluent partner is thus typically able to systemically extract unpaid, non-consensual sexual services in systematically deploying varying psychologically manipulative rhetorical devices (namely psychological extortion in order so as to get sex) and usually as permitted under law as monogamous marriage is indeed usually a form of prostitution, in prostitution being more or less involuntary sex work.

These reprehensible patterns of economic, sexual, social and psychological behavior in society do not merely constitute structural oppression but are almost formal practices in being essentially institutionalized and most forms are de jure or de facto legally permitted under current discourses of jurisprudence.

As “protective intelligence recruitment” becomes increasingly widespread among elites in liberal-democratic open societies of economically developed nations does this serve to further reinforce and further entrench these criminal practices as intelligence operatives simply cannot be prosecuted in civilian courts of law unless already publicly exposed to an extremely significant extent and intelligence agencies are simply not permitted to expose their own intelligence operatives.

Also, the police is generally not interested in helping women victims and LGBTQI victims since police officers of all genders themselves are among the worst sexual exploiters in society. Since prosecutors are subjected to protective recruitment do police officers not risk prosecution and elite police officers are in any case themselves protectively recruited and trained intelligence operatives of police intelligence and often of other intelligence agencies as well.

One of many problems with the widespread practice of protective recruitment is thus that members of elites in liberal-democratic open societies increasingly cannot be held accountable for criminal violations in civilian courts of law. Intelligence agencies also generally protect their own intelligence operatives from public exposure and since the traditional intelligence world is a sexist patriarchy does this mean that the respective national intelligence communities condone, support and cover up sexual exploitation since these are considered fully legal practices for intelligence operatives to engage in.

This means that elites in liberal-democratic open societies are increasingly at liberty to sexually exploit and commit crimes against ordinary citizens and indeed so with full impunity as intelligence operatives enjoy immunity from prosecution in civilian courts unless already publicly scandalized indeed.

Practices of systemic sexual exploitation are not only considered fully legal for intelligence operatives to engage in but the intelligence community (a.k.a. “patriarchy”) including protectively recruited prosecutors effectively protects those abhorrent practices throughout society. For example will the protectively recruited prosecutors virtually never bring charges against police officers for rape despite this being a common component in interrogation of real or mock suspects held in police detention.

The sexist patriarchal intelligence community as it traditionally is needs become comprehensively dismantled. Intelligence operatives are subjected to secret military courts which are corrupt, non-transparent and more committed to protecting than preventing crimes as military judges are themselves intelligence operatives and they are typically told how to rule in individual cases by their own respective intelligence handler.

Sexual legislation as it currently is practiced is severely antiquated as is “secular” legislation generally of Para-Christian paragraphic law. As elites including elected politicians are now increasingly protectively recruited (including often coercively so) and thus become trained intelligence operatives does the intelligence world use its significant domestic political influence to prevent comprehensive reform of sexual legislation and will typically persecute “sexual minorities” for this purpose in targeting both individuals and more or less underground movements seeking legislative change in the sexual realm.

This is so since sexual entrapment & subsequent sexual extortion is the primary method in coercive “protective intelligence recruitment” and although anything goes sexually within the intelligence community itself as long as not causing lasting physical harm (e.g. is rape generally condoned) is sexual hypocrisy in surrounding society generally considered a most vital asset indeed for the domestic intelligence community in continuing to perform illegal sexual entrapment operations.

Yet the problem certainly is that foreign enemy intelligence agencies deploy the same methods against citizens of liberal-democratic open societies and so antiquated sexual legislation does threaten national security rather than protecting national security as claimed by the systemically sexually exploitative, traditionally patriarchal sexist intelligence community. Substantial reform of sexual legislation as focused on fundamentally respecting personhood needs become the focus of new legislation including evidence-based legislation and will certainly most effectively protect national security from enemy sexual extortion recruitment operations in liberal-democratic open societies.

Furthermore needs the general public end the victims’ silence of shame in commence publicly discussing issues of systemic sexual exploitation in many sectors of society as premised on rhetorical practices of typically essentially legally permitted psychological extortion in order so as to extract non-consensual sexual services from many categories of victims of sexual exploitation throughout society.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.