Sweden’s National Task Force

The most elite force within the Swedish National Police is the para-military National Task Force or NTF (Swedish Nationella Insatsstyrkan). While nominally para-military is the NTF an elite military force with extreme and cruel military discipline.


The National Task Force (NTF) is the military branch of the Swedish Information Bureau (IB) as originally a military intelligence agency as first exposed in 1973 and which controls police intelligence and therefore all Swedish police forces. The NTF is comprised of over 3 400 elite soldiers who are all trained elite intelligence operatives. The primary task of the NTF is however domestic coercive intelligence recruitment. The NTF spearheads major coercive recruitment operations throughout Sweden and nominally so under the guise of “protective recruitment”, meaning domestic coercive intelligence recruitment of citizens and residents alike deemed risking intelligence recruitment by rival intelligence agencies, whether domestic or foreign ones.

The NTF is responsible for police persecution against purported “minorities” of desire and entirely irrespective of whether and to the degree that these are legally emancipated or not. Most other IB intelligence operatives are unpaid and in most cases support themselves from day jobs as ranging ranging from ordinary professions (e.g. regular police officers) to cabinet ministers. While these also participate in coercive recruitment operations (including organized entrapment/interrogation sexual harassment against sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles) are coercive recruitment operations led by members of the NTF, most of whom are trained elite rape agents, in practicing the most aggressive form of coercive sexual intelligence recruitment.

The para-militarily elite NTF intelligence operatives are usually deployed in police uniform or as security guards but are quite easy to distinguish by them being considerably operationally medicated, by being reluctant to identify themselves by name, by being reluctant to show police identification documents, by incompetently exposing themselves as seduction agents as a matter of operational routine, by their utter disregard and indeed contempt for democratically legislated law as well as physically by their more or less athletic appearance as trained elite soldiers.

The NTF habitually sexually exploits vulnerable persons of all genders and ages but whilst other police officers do so occasionally do NTF operatives perform this as a matter of operational routine. As most NTF operatives are trained rape agents is this considered one of the most effective tools in the NTF for coercive intelligence recruitment, including as especially against vulnerable legal minors.

The NTF operates primarily by means of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual entrapment and sexual extortion which are the main operative modes of the NTF. While nominally tasked with fighting terrorism is the NTF closely modeled on the SS and the Iranian IRGC in coercively recruiting or otherwise by standard operational means crushing and discrediting anyone deemed a threat to the patriarchal intelligence world which since 1972 became increasingly symbiotic with organized crime. The NTF in being the military branch of police intelligence habitually breaks law in a manner so as not risk public detection. As all formal parts of their operations (as excluding operational sexual exploitation such as operational rape) are operationally audio- and video-recorded by the Swedish National Police as a matter of standard procedure and automatically stored in the surveillance database of the Swedish National Police for 70 years are their crimes therefore systematically documented.

The Swedish Information Bureau (IB) as originally a military intelligence agency is integral to and largely synonymous with the Swedish National Police (Swedish Rikspolisstyrelsen or RPS) although the Swedish IB is involved in extensive political action throughout Swedish civil society in endeavoring to increasingly politically control civil society under the guise of so called “protective recruitment” an intelligence practice which has become increasingly widely abused indeed.

Sweden and the democratic world generally has been in a state of increasingly severe domestic intelligence warfare as between the IBs in Western Europe and Israel (and similar closely allied police intelligence outfits in other democracies including the FBI in the US) on the one hand and the national military and the military intelligence on the other. High-ranking military officers and operatives of military intelligence thus are frequently subjected to the sexual harassment methods of the NTF and similar IRGC-style forces in other democracies as tasked with sexually harassing, coercively recruiting and potentially/actually discrediting any citizen or resident deemed a threat to the essentially lawless, patriarchal intelligence world.

The NTF is commanded by the Swedish IB with extreme and cruel military discipline. The Swedish IB receives direct instructions from the the Lishka meaning the “Bureau”, namely the Israeli IB (Hebrew Lishkat haModi’in) which in turn receives direct instructions from MB/AKP intelligence in Ankara to which MB intelligence generally relocated after being ousted from Riyadh along with other Sunni Jihadist intelligence agencies in 2017. The IBs including the Lishka (all founded by the Mossad in 1962) and closely associated police intelligence outfits in other democracies were commanded by the Argentina-based Gestapo from 1972 until 2005 when these were hijacked by AKP Turkish intelligence.

Members of the NTF are not allowed to resign from NTF service as long as deemed operationally useful and NTF operatives who insist on resigning are routinely executed as execution does indeed remain common throughout the intelligence world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.