Special Interests Intelligence Agencies

The public knows little about the workings of industrial lobby groups and as to why and how they are so immensely influential. How can what purports to be small organizations, albeit immensely well-funded ones be able to so fundamentally harm the public interest and so systematically so?


Major private corporations run their own intelligence agencies which usually go under the name of the “Security Department”. These intelligence agencies are generally thoroughly criminal in operating under the aegis of thoroughly criminal police intelligence. The existence of these so called “security departments” is well known although their criminal activities are far less well known to the general public.

What is completely unknown however to the general public is that major industrial lobby groups are non-governmental intelligence agencies as set up by corporate intelligence agencies in close coordination with thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Police intelligence agencies in all democracies have in past decades increasingly coercively “protectively recruited” members of parliament in all liberal democracies. Protective recruitment of members of parliament is in most democracies traditionally the responsibility of military intelligence agencies although these tasks have now been taken over by national democracy protection intelligence agencies as operating under NOPD with the task of protecting emancipation, freedom and democracy.

Police intelligence increasingly uses their illegal coercive “protective recruitment” of members of parliament for pressuring them how to vote and otherwise how speak and act in parliament. Lobby intelligence agencies thus are backed up by thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies. Professional industrial lobbyists are themselves usually trained intelligence operatives with usually double training in both military intelligence and police intelligence.

Lobby intelligence agencies thus operate with full protection from police intelligence and police intelligence has rather effective extra-judicial means to ensure compliance from members of parliament who resist pressure from Lobby intelligence agencies. Such members of parliament suffer constant harassment from police intelligence and frequently suffer police mock interrogation where they typically are accused of being “pedophiles” but other bogus accusations are also common and particularly economic ones.

Israel’s longtime bravely neoconservative (i.e. Straussian) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has for for years suffered systematic Israeli police intelligence harassment and the “interrogation” sessions which typically last five hours of course never lead to any conclusion but are solely intended to publicly humiliate a particularly courageous and prominent member of the House of Zvi.

Prime Minister Netanyahu as other members of the House of Zvi grew up with a protected identity. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s first language is Badinani Kurdish and Hebrew is his second language and his mother was born in the House of Adiabene, otherwise known as the Barzani tribe. Most members of the Israeli government either belong to the House of Zvi and some belong to the House of Adiabene as do Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s Minister of Justice. All have for years suffered constant harassment by Israel’s thoroughly criminal police intelligence agency, the thoroughly criminal Lishka, (Lishkat HaModi’in) the Israeli Information Bureau. It needs be emphasized that these Israeli cabinet ministers are NOPD intelligence operatives as tasked with defending democracy. NOPD was originally an Israeli intelligence agency but became an American elite military intelligence agency in 1962 and is tasked with protecting democracy everywhere. The Israeli intelligence community as a whole is commanded by NOPD as headed by Israel’s semi-secretive second hereditary head of state, a.k.a. Operative 002. The Lishka is in contrast a foreign intelligence terrorist organization which takes direct orders from AKP intelligence in Ankara.

Lobby intelligence agencies systematically bribe members of parliament and it is certainly difficult for political candidates to turn down offers of political donations. Political parties in all liberal democracies are today primarily funded by industrial Lobby intelligence agencies as backed up by thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies.

Industrial Lobby intelligence agencies have systematically by illegal means alone sabotaged the breakthrough of electrical cars. Industrial Lobby intelligence agencies have systematically by illegal means alone sabotaged the breakthrough of virtual reality. Industrial Lobby intelligence agencies have systematically by illegal means alone sabotaged the vegan industrial revolution. These three technological revolutions would completely halt global warming. It needs be emphasized that there is scientific consensus as to the utmost severity of the threat of global warming although some corrupt scientists are paid to say otherwise by industrial Lobby intelligence agencies.

Lobby intelligence agencies represent a dying economy which is being superseded by a new economy where talent is the main economic resource and this thus means the end of commodity fetishism. Lobby intelligence agencies actively seek to harm the future of humanity and they do so with open eyes out of simple greed.

Karl Marx was no doubt wrong about most things and of course we know that in hindsight. However he was right about quite a few things including some issues as relating ethics as well as to the trajectory of economic history. What we now see is a gargantuan shift in the course of economic history whereby an old economy which ruins the planet is rapidly becoming supplanted by a new economy where mind is king.

Industrial lobby intelligence agencies act on behalf of thoroughly criminal police intelligences agencies which in turn receive orders from AKP intelligence in Ankara though the Lishka in Tel Aviv. These terrorist organizations are anything but legitimate participants in democracy. They systematically corrupt and subvert democracy and have increasingly reduced democracy to a mere facade for plutocracy. This is not exactly government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Industrial Lobby intelligence agencies are terrorist groups and enemies of open society who are systematically complicit in police intelligence crimes against our elected representatives. We the peoples have no reason whatsoever to accept this order of things.

Industrial lobbyists therefore need be prevented from establishing or maintaining any and all contact with elected representatives. Industrial lobbyism therefore must be outlawed under military law since members of parliament themselves hardly would dare pass such a law. The national offices for democracy protection such as the OPC in the US and the BfV in Germany need to invest considerable resources in protecting elected representatives, cabinet ministers and others from illegal acts of various kinds from these foreign terrorist organizations as ultimately commanded from Ankara.

Only private citizens should be legally permitted to provide financial contributions to political candidates and to members of parliament. Thus sums should be very small as crowdfunding is the only legitimate way to accept campaign contributions. 50 USD should be the maximum amount that a citizen could provide to either a candidate running for office or an elected representative. Political parties are so corrupted by the money from industrial Lobby intelligence agencies that they have increasingly become reduced to hollow phrases with little to no actual political content. What is rather needed is a completely new electoral system that would obviate the need political parties altogether.