Social Services Prostitution

Prostitution has always had a symbiotic relationship with the police which always extracted sexual “favors” from sex workers and prostitutes (i.e. more or less involuntary sex workers) “in return” for otherwise “looking the other way”, something which includes not protecting prostitutes from abusive criminal pimps and other exploitative middlemen such as landlords, stepfathers, boyfriends, municipal inspectors and the like.


Social workers are protectively recruited by police intelligence. Nominally is this for training purposes in what could be described as ‘applied criminology’ so as to help social workers cope with the psychological challenge of dealing with criminals whom they encounter while working.

Police intelligence training involves learning to survive in the streets in learning to operationally acquire criminal skills. Patriarchal intelligence training also includes selling sexual services in order to survive. The predominantly female social workers as others involuntarily participating police intelligence training also undergo systematic sexual exploitation on the part of the thoroughly criminal police intelligence. The original purpose was to protect them from foreign intelligence recruitment and thus protect them from becoming used as operative tools against citizens by foreign intelligence agencies.

Since police intelligence controls organized prostitution and automatically extracts 30% of all income from organized prostitution does police intelligence instruct social workers not to intervene against prostitutes as working under the “protection” of the thoroughly criminal police intelligence. The police however does not protect prostitutes against anyone since this is performed by the often but not always severely exploitative pimps. This also includes legal minors in police intelligence “protected” organized prostitution rackets.

Social workers are thus systematically instructed by their handlers in police intelligence not to intervene in cases of children and teenagers more or less enslaved in organized prostitution. This commonly involves getting 12 and 13 year-olds addicted to heroin as children in puberty are in high demand in the prostitution market.

Social services involvement in organized prostitution is however not limited to “looking the other way” as many social workers are tasked by their police intelligence handlers with recruiting vulnerable clients to organized prostitution. Since the predominantly female social workers themselves have undergone sexual exploitation as part of police intelligence training have they literally no choice but to collaborate with the thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Since whistleblowers are dealt harshly with by the patriarchal intelligence world is disobeying orders not an option for a social worker wishing to retain her job and continue to work as a social worker.

Social workers thus serve as middlemen in recruiting sexually attractive clients to police-protected prostitution rackets. This may be performed by means of sexual extortion of some kind in denying a deserving person financial assistance which she is legally entitled to, threatening to deprive her of custody of children, helping her to “get a job” as for example a waitress where she is initially sexually exploited by her boss and subsequently effectively forced to provide commercial sexual services to customers.

Since the process of drawing someone into prostitution is performed by police intelligence agents/operatives is it not obvious to the victim that this is performed in an organized and essentially routinely manner in order so as to commercially sexually exploit her. Prostitutes are also routinely deployed as honey traps by thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

A victim is usually trusting of social workers, psychologists, parole officers, defense attorneys and others in position of authority and responsibility whom she usually assumes have her best interests in mind.

However, since sex work generally and prostitution rackets in particular are so extremely lucrative does police intelligence wish to increase income by bringing in more victims into organized prostitution. Prostitutes specifically and sex workers generally are also routinely sexually exploited, sexually abused and deliberately psychologically humiliated by patriarchal police officers of all genders.

Young primping females are typically targeted by police officers in the street for ostensibly being “too hot”. The primped female will typically become sexually harassed by police officers who will “accuse” her of prostitution. She is subsequently brought to the police station where she is asked to perform fellatio on a police officers “or else face prosecution”. Almost all females in that situation obey. After the extracted fellatio is she gang raped by police officers in the interrogation room and this is standard operational routine for police coercive recruitment to police-protected organized prostitution rackets.

She can not file a police complaint and if she does (most victims do not) will she become harassed police intelligence trained psychiatric employees who will try to sexually exploit her by means of threats of unwarranted medication, psychiatric incarceration, threatening to “tell the doctor” etc; all in order to draw her into organized prostitution.

In nearly all cases however is she simply contacted by social workers on behalf of the police. Any mention of her having been raped and otherwise sexually exploited by police officers will get her in trouble with police intelligence recruited psychiatric employees but most victims of police sexual abuse will not tell anyone about it since most victims remain completely silent on the subject.

Once in touch with a police intelligence trained social worker will the social worker deploy varying standard operational means with the purpose of drawing her into organized prostitution. Social workers seducing an intended victim is a common method as predominantly female police intelligence trained social workers as intelligence operatives generally have been trained to operate as seduction agents, meaning intelligence prostitutes.

Although most victims are female are males targeted as well. Sexual extortion is a common method. For example may a male victim become seduced by a female social worker and the police will near automatically accuse him of raping the social worker in case he does not participate in the police intelligence “protected” prostitution scheme. Child/teenage prostitution of legal minors of all ages are part and parcel of police intelligence “protected” prostitution rackets and a social worker will typically seduce a vulnerable child/teenager and will subsequently threaten to “tell her parents” unless she “cooperates” with the prostitution scheme.

A social worker may sexually exploit a legal minor by “providing him with shelter” in her own home or more formally providing the victim with “a new family”. Foster homes routinely sexually exploit legal minors in their care and usually with the purpose of drawing the legal minor into prostitution on behalf of thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Foster homes are usually highly abusive environments and this is essentially sexual slave trade since the victim is coerced to live in a new home where she usually systematically suffers psychological abuse and sexual exploitation. The legal minor has actually been sexually enslaved in her having been forced by police intelligence recruited social services to live in a sexually exploitative foster home. Sexual, physical and psychological abuse/exploitation in foster homes are well-documented, yet this is not coincidental since the purpose of foster homes from the perspective of thoroughly criminal police intelligence is to draw a victim into prostitution by means of systematic sexual exploitation.

If a victim complains is s/he routinely discredited by police intelligence whether by being accused of sexual misdemeanor, being deliberately abused by psychiatry on behalf of police intelligence or even suffer execution by police intelligence due to being branded as an actual or potential whistleblower.

Social workers routinely sexually exploit sexually attractive clients, including legal minors of all ages. This is performed routinely, both spontaneously and as part of police intelligence missions for the purpose of drawing a victim into police “protected” highly organized prostitution rackets.

In cases where recruitment does not work is it common for social services to deny a victim financial assistance to which is entitled. After the meeting with the social worker and thus having been denied financial assistance will she typically “encounter” a police intelligence trained seduction agent whom she imagines is “Prince Charming” but is actually a police intelligence trained pimp. She may also encounter a friendly female offering to “help her” but the ostensibly “friendly” female is actually police intelligence trained madam seeking to draw the victim into prostitution.

Most intelligence agents/operatives are unpaid and this is so in police intelligence as well as agents/operatives are supposed to themselves make a living whether by prostitution or otherwise. Agents/operatives are instead compensated by means of participation in police intelligence controlled sexual subcultures. It is also common for police intelligence to dispatch a prostitute to knock on the door of a social worker or other police intelligence recruited civil servants as “reward” for “efforts” on behalf of police intelligence. While structural sexual exploitation is part of the subculture of social services are social workers themselves victims of police intelligence sexual exploitation and those still considered sexually attractive are systematically sexually abused by police officers and treated as prostitutes themselves.

Social services are generally highly effective in terms of their officially assigned tasks and are essentially tools of the thoroughly criminal police intelligence as symbiotic with organized crime. Police intelligence is interested in upholding so called “order” (namely the patriarchal order of systematic sexual exploitation) while being entirely uninterested in upholding law as police intelligence benefits on a vast financial scale from “profit-sharing” schemes with organized crime whereby the police and police intelligence “protectively recruited” prosecutors will systematically protect organized crime as operating under the aegis of thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

It is clear that the thoroughly corrupt social services are part of the problem rather than any solution to anything and thus need become fully abolished and supplanted by organized and diverse feminist empowerment of persons of all ages and genders.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.