Shop Prostitution

What is shop prostitution? How is it performed and what are its methods? Which establishments are used for performing shop prostitution? What is its business model? Why is it so extremely profitable? Why do shops, supermarkets and cafés typically hire perceivedly highly sexually attractive female students with typically bleached hair? Why is there a conspiracy of silence around the matter?


Prostitution is the nefarious practice of patriarchal commercial enslavement of gynogenic persons perceived as youthful and sexually attractive yet certainly not limited to persons fitting this description. Prostitution takes many forms and has become increasingly “luxurious” since NOPD commenced a major international campaign to sanitize the global prostitution swamp in 1994. While this approach helped increasingly improve working conditions for victimized persons did the luxurization lead to increasing demand and purchasing commercial sexual services came to be seen as increasingly acceptable due usually partly enslaved sex workers seeming happy and content and certainly TENDED TO enjoy themselves sexually despite the humiliating servitude. Of course as the rabbis of the Talmud would put it, there are good things in bad phenomena and bad things in good phenomena.

The NOPD sanitization of the global prostitution industry led to the emergence of what is known as the Blonde Brothels (BB) as conceptually developed by NOPD, with standardized working conditions and standard beauty standards with the purpose that customers would become overwhelmed by fatherly erotic feelings and therefore treat the more or less enslaved sex workers well. BB beauty standards include temporary body tanning, either blonde wigs or blonde intelligence morphing, neon-colored makeup and no body hair whatsoever.

Blonde Brothels thus developed into the predominant form of prostitution in the 1994-2016 period as prior to NOPD-commanded covert major YPJ/FLM major commando rescue operations of more or less enslaved sex workers worldwide. But it was certainly far from the only form of luxury prostitution as non-luxury prostitution almost disappeared as thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies began to systematically covertly execute street junkies including in particular prostituted junkies.

Global intelligence war between partly Mossad controlled and entirely NOPD-commanded military intelligence agencies and entirely Gestapo controlled police intelligence agencies commenced in 1972 with the demise of Operative 001 (the first serving NOPD) and further intensified when Muslim Brotherhood intelligence captured the Interpol in 2005. Global intelligence world war did however break out in 2016. Until 2017 did the Mossad and the Gestapo uneasily fight side by side in uncomfortable partnership but this changed when NOPD (Operative 002) decided to declare total war on the Gestapo. The Gestapo innumerable times tried to reach some kind of diplomatic arrangement but was instead increasingly eliminat by the NOPD-led TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation as formed that very year.

The global intelligence warfare led to increasing coercive intelligence recruit of young persons and beautiful young females increasingly became coercively recruited as early as in kindergarten. The public was completely shielded from awareness of any kind since even person deemed as “potential whistleblowers” in the patriarchal intelligence were almost automatically executed.

Shop prostitution has long been a common form of luxury prostitution with luxury prostitution referring to well-kept beauty standards and reasonably good treatment of enslaved sex workers. It is common for stores, cafés and supermarkets to employ usually sexually attractive female students. Every visitor with a discerning eye will quickly identify that most employees in those establishments are young sexually attractive women and that the majority have bleached hair.

These establishments have a standard procedure for police intelligence “protective recruitment” into prostitution. The usually young female person is invited to an interview and this includes legal minors below the age of consent as seeking part-time employment. The young female undergoes an interview during which she is seduced by the female interviewer. In the middle of the sexual intercourse do males enter and enslave the female interviewee in prostitution by means of gangraping her. These are intelligence operatives and she is enslaved by means of standard intelligence hypnosis which is the standard form for formal intelligence recruitment.

This is no casual gangrape and is carefully choreographed by the rape agents who are carefully trained and experienced for performing this kind of operation. The experience is not intended to cause her suffering but rather to be extremely sexually arousing in realizing the typical female fantasy of becoming gangraped. The purpose is to dominate her sexually so that she out of sheer sexual arousal will “consent” to becoming a shop prostitute.

How does shop prostitution operate? The female becomes the sex slave of the owner or manager of the establishment who usually keeps at least one of them at home as a sex slave. The enslaved female employee is instructed to make herself socially and sexually available to customers and follow home any customer who makes advances in this regard and accept any proposal for dating. She is strictly instructed to not inform the customer that she is a shop prostitute but rather to go along with whatever any customer suggests. Prior to sexual intercourse is she obliged to inform the customer that he has to pay for the sex. This procedure is of course highly devious and is typically used for purposes of police intelligence illegal entrapment for purposes of coercive police intelligence recruitment.

A shop prostitute nearly always serve in a Blonde Brothel as well. She is paid for her distinctly involuntary sex work in both the Blonde Brothel as well as for her prostitution as related to her paid shop work. She is not extremely well-paid for her sex work but she is not underpaid either. She is obliged to provide sexual services for free to the owner and managers of shop, including serving as a sex slave in their homes. It needs be emphasized that perceivedly sexually attractive younger females working in shops, cafés, supermarkets and the like virtually always became shop prostitutes. They are able to finance their studies and many (in fact the majority) voluntarily work far more time than required for purposes of formal terms of police intelligence sexual enslavement in order so as also fund plastic surgery. They are forced to work in the Blonde Brothel for a minimum number of hours every week, usually at least five hours each week although this may vary by week as depending on for services among customers. She is specifically not reimbursed for serving temporarily or even permanently as a sex slave in the home of an owner or manager.

How then was this kept secret? Even perceived “potential exposure” leads to near automatic execution in the patriarchal intelligence world. Persons wishing to become whistleblowers became increasingly commonplace in the patriarchal intelligence world as it became increasingly repressive and they were nearly always immediately executed and this included journalists who tried to write about it. Police intelligence was tasked with protective recruitment of journalists already in 1962 and journalists were typically perceived as highly suitable as potential intelligence operatives.

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