Sexual Minor Judicial Processes

Intelligence operatives are usually quite incompetent unless having personal motivation for performing a particular covert operation.

Sexual judicial processes as also involving sexual minors is a topic as anthropologically surrounded by taboo, shame and honor culture in Western societies. A Critical Theorist must however shy away from no subject no matter how controversial if s/he genuinely endeavors to be socially engaged with contemporary society.

Sexual judicial processes are distinctive in the sense that there is typically lack of technical evidence other than fictional, ostensible or actual statements by those actually or purportedly involved. Credibility is hence a major factor in these legal processes and it is common for the police to make strenuous efforts to extract false confessions in order so as to ensure conviction.

Those who watch American police television series are well aware how corrupt and criminal the American police arn and police forces in other countries are not in any sense better but are in fact in many countries far worse and especially is dictatorships and less economically developed countries.

The FBI has created a carefully designed propaganda image of itself in FBI television series which is very far removed from reality. The FBI is a police intelligence agency and FBI agents are all trained intelligence operatives which means that they normally do not fall under the jurisdiction of civilian courts unless very highly publicly exposed in mainstream media. National police forces in other countries are typically trained by the FBI and nearly all operate with FBI methods as the FBI is considered world-leading among domestic police intelligence agencies.

FBI-trained police national intelligence agencies usually have names such as the “National Police Forces”. Despite names indicating being simply central national police forces are these police intelligence agencies whose police officers are partly, mostly or entirely trained police intelligence operatives as varying between different countries.

The name “national police” is therefore misleading since these are police intelligence agencies and this is essential to understand as intelligence operatives usually cannot be prosecuted in civilian courts but only in secret military courts. Police intelligence secret internal courts are internally referred to as “military courts” despite in many countries (including in established liberal democracies) since long no longer obeying supervisory military legal jurisdiction.

Police intelligence in established democracies and in many non-democracies hence refuse both military jurisdiction and civilian jurisdiction. As other patriarchal intelligence agencies do they freely commit operational crimes according to the principle that this is ostensibly “acceptable” as long as not risking detection and/or exposure. Since there is no independent judicial supervision over the patriarchal intelligence world, including police intelligence; have crime. corruption and symbiosis with organized crime long become increasingly pervasive indeed in police intelligence specifically and the patriarchal intelligence world generally.

A major contributing factor is also the practice in the patriarchal intelligence world of recruiting highly skilled criminals as intelligence operatives, something which created very strong ties with organized crime since mobsters who are simultaneously intelligence operatives in practice enjoy immunity from prosecution and will in most cases not be bothered by the police in any way. Police intelligence in having become symbiotic with organized crime is therefore highly involved in profiting from particularly human trafficking, drug trafficking and mass economic crime.

Patriarchal intelligence agencies are patriarchal sexual hierarchies as based on perceived categorical vulnerability to honey traps. The rare pure pedophiles in deemed much less vulnerable to adult honey traps than other adult human beings were thus promoted to top leadership positions in the Mossad as beginning in the 1950s and this organizational model was increasingly emulated in virtually all intelligence agencies worldwide.

Children of intelligence operatives are automatically considered as “born into” intelligence agencies and are therefore considered as belonging to the intelligence agency of their parents even if never having been recruited themselves. As beginning in 1972 were intelligence operatives around the world increasingly enslaved with the main exception of the BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) in Germany and the OPC (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) in the United States. This also meant that children of intelligence operatives also became enslaved.

Honey traps have two main forms. The first type involves “romance” and the target person is thus voluntarily recruited as facilitated by romantic infatuation after which the seduction agent “disappears” as the recruited agent is subordinated to an intelligence handler. The second type of honey traps involves implicating the target person in a sexual situation which leaves the target person vulnerable to intelligence sexual extortion. Training to become a seduction agent (i.e. an intelligence prostitute) is a major element in intelligence training since honey traps are the main form of intelligence recruitment of non-formal intelligence recruitment.

Honey traps are the main operational method in the patriarchal intelligence world and police intelligence is no exception. Formal intelligence recruitment is usually conducted by some kind of security department, security function or security officer of an employer. Informal intelligence recruitment is normally performed by means of honey traps and subsequent sexual extortion and that is how things are in police intelligence as well.

Pure pedophiles are highly valued in the patriarchal intelligence world and that is why police intelligence actively hunts for pure pedophiles. Most child pornography worldwide is produced by commercial enterprises as wholly owned by intelligence directors of intelligence agencies of the patriarchal intelligence world. The exploited children are for the most part children of intelligence operatives.

The Mossad intelligence hiercharchy did not only involve placing pure pedophiles in top leadership positions due to their lesser degree of vulnerability to adult honey traps, but intelligence directors of patriarchal intelligence agencies maintain child harems (colloquially in the intelligence world known as child brothels). These were established with two main purposes. The first purpose was to ensure very considerable sexual access for intelligence directors in order so that they would not be vulnerable to child honey traps either. The second purpose was to train children of intelligence operatives from an early age to become skilled seduction agents (i.e. intelligence prostitutes). In practice are child harems also very much used for commercial child prostitution, production of child pornography and elite intelligence operatives of the patriarchal intelligence world are obliged to participate in sex parties at the child harems of intelligence directors of patriarchal intelligence agencies; sex parties which are all carefully video recorded for potential sexual extortion against participating adult intelligence operatives.

As both intelligence operatives and their children were increasingly reduced to enslaved intelligence prostitutes did commercial prostitution become increasingly important in the increasingly criminal patriarchal intelligence world. Intelligence recruitment is typically required for landing a record contract and so pop music stars therefore are reduced to the status of enslaved intelligence prostitutes and become economically exploited in “celebrity prostitution” in intelligence brothels, a particularly lucrative form of commercial prostitution in the patriarchal intelligence world.

The patriarchal intelligence world does not abide by sex laws and parents having sex with their own children is simply the social norm among trained intelligence operatives throughout the patriarchal intelligence world. The patriarchal intelligence world opposes and harasses sexual emancipation movements for the simple reason that honey trap intelligence recruitment including operational sexual extortion for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment are premised on sexual hypocrisy and antiquated sex laws. Deliberately video-recorded intergenerational sexual interaction is also a powerful means of exercising command and control over enslaved intelligence operatives by means of deliberate and systemic sexual extortion.

Commercial child pornography as produced by enterprises wholly owned by intelligence directors of the patriarchal intelligence world is popular and widely consumed by a mostly non-pedophile audience around the world. Users are rarely bothered by the police unless highly publicly exposed in the media or targeted for coercive intelligence recruitment. Police intelligence thus simply have no interest in disturbing most consumers of child pornography. Child pornography police units are typically rather small, manned by police intelligence operatives who are pure pedophiles and are focused on headhunting for fellow pure pedophiles and not just any pure pedophiles but those deemed suitable for career positions in the patriarchal intelligence world. It should be pointed out that 10% of all adult men meet diagnostic criteria for pedophilia and nearly all are sexually law-abiding towards sexual minors whom they interact with although child pornography is widely consumed worldwide by pedophiles and non-pedophiles alike.

Since child sexual abuse specifically and sexual abuse generally are pervasive to the patriarchal intelligence world, including in police intelligence; have police intelligence obviously no interest in protecting children from sexual exploitation since most sexual exploitation of children in economically developed countries and economically developed subsections of less economically developed countries takes place as institutionalized in the patriarchal intelligence world to the full inclusion of police intelligence.

Yet as pure pedophiles are considered highly valuable as future intelligence operatives and potential intelligence directors alike does police intelligence actively hunt for pure pedophiles and mostly so by means of profiling “interesting” users of child pornography as produced by enterprises wholly owned by intelligence directors of the patriarchal intelligence world (including police intelligence) in economically and sexually exploiting the enslaved children of enslaved intelligence operatives indeed.

Not only is headhunting for pure pedophiles operationally performed by police intelligence but judicial processes involving fictional, ostensible or actual intergenerational sexual relations are directly managed by police intelligence as well. Prosecutors are protectively recruited by police intelligence in all countries and defense lawyers in cases of fictional, ostensible or actual intergenerational sexual relations are virtually always police intelligence operatives as well. The purpose of the process is to lure the target person into police intelligence recruitment by means of police sexual extortion. Police intelligence operatives conducting interrogation (including intelligence defense lawyers conducting undercover informal interrogation) will typically try to extract a false confession and then deploy sexual extortion while offering the target person impunity from prosecution if “agreeing” to police intelligence recruitment. It is also standard procedure for intelligende lawyers to seduce a defendant as part of the client-lawyer relationship and then use that for sexual extortion purposes against a defendant in coercively recruiting a defendant police intelligence.

Due to the fact that police intelligence is charge is “evidence” fabricated as a matter of police standard procedure and the target person is usually fully unaware that the real documentation exists in police archives; documents which can be requested by a defense attorney but are otherwise not available. While a police intelligence defense attorney will refuse to request such illegally withheld documentation from police archives are there no obstacles for a regular defense attorney for doing so. Target persons are however nearly always unaware that withheld documentation is available in addition to the forged “documents” as “produced” by police intelligence.

In cases where sexual relations between persons below and above the age of consent are fully consensual will police intelligence deploy police intelligence operatives who are trained social workers or trained psychologists in order to fabricate a case by tutoring the sexual minors involved into offering a usually stereotypical literary narrative as fabricated by police intelligence. Once tutored into the police narrative is a fabricated video-recorded interview produced. Sexual minors are typically coerced into providing false witness by means of sexual intimidation by police intelligence operatives (including threats of police rape) as police intelligence operatives are free to sexually exploit sexual minors without risking any legal consequences whatsoever. Such interrogated sexual minors are typically coerced into providing sexual favors to police intelligence operatives involved in the case as it is extremely common for police officers to extort members of the general public into provide “sexual favors” such as fellatio at police stations around the world.

A person sentenced to prison for illegal sexual relations on the basis of “documents” as fabricated by police intelligence will eventually be offered release by a parole officer in return to for accepting recruitment to police intelligence. Parole officers are in fact highly involved in recruiting convicts to police intelligence.

Most persons who are in prison due to having been convicted of illegal intergenerational sexual relations vehemently claim innocence and the reason is simply that they are innocent. They have typically refused police intelligence recruitment after having having eluded police intelligence honey traps as typically involving sexual minors (usually female sexual minors) in operational roles who have been recruited as seduction agents by police intelligence. An intelligence child prostitute may also serve in an operational role as nominally a stepchild. Intelligence recruitment of children invariably takes place by means of sexually exploiting them and that is so throughout the patriarchal intelligence world, including in police intelligence.

Target persons will typically trust a defense attorney in not understanding that defense lawyers in those cases are simply intelligence operatives of police intelligence and so there is zero professional confidentiality and the intelligence lawyer (who may or may not be a trained lawyer) will always encourage the defendant to “make a deal” in accepting “recruitment” in falsely claiming that the defendant stands no chance in court. It is also common to deploy intelligence psychologists to gain the trust of a target person and subsequently use manipulative psychological methods of covert interrogation against the target person in order to manipulate the victim into verbally incriminating herself. Target persons are unaware that any practicing clinical psychologist may serving as an intelligence psychologist as well and so there is zero confidentially in the relationship.

Sexual judicial cases without technical documentation rely heavily on actual or attributed claims of those involved and so verdicts typically come down to the credibility of the defendant. This of course is preposterous since innocents are hence frequently convicted on account of their psychological appearance, something which is distinctly to the detriment of members of structurally oppressed groups of persons. In police intelligence headhunting operations do they however as operational routine withhold technical evidence such as from phone tapping, security cameras, bugging, police video cameras and police photography as primarily intended for the purpose of extorting a target person into intelligence prostitution.

Police intelligence is perfectly well aware that intergenerational sexual relations are not more traumatizing than other sexual relations, namely not traumatizing at all although sexual violence as physical violence and psychological violence are usually temporarily traumatizing indeed and may even become permanently traumatizing. If however a defendant points out to police interrogators that quantitative scientific studies in no way support the intergenerational sexual trauma hypothesis will that invariably be interpreted as admission of criminal liability. This is typically a contributing a factor in coercively diagnosing a defendant with pedophilia whether a defendant is a pedophile or not. Neither sexual predisposition nor criminal liability can obviously be gleaned from scientific positions and political opinions but since police intelligence is involved are these legal cases prepared in a highly corrupt manner indeed.

Police intelligence in being a thoroughly criminal institution is also opposed to emancipatory movement of every kind in heavily infiltrating and persecuting social activists in essentially treating them as if they were terrorists. Social activists are considered highly suitable as potential intelligence operatives and are thus especially targeted for coercive recruitment operations by police intelligence.

So called “political pedophiles”, namely openly self-identified pedophiles who advocate open public discussion and reform of sex laws will typically become targeted for persecution by police intelligence as these are usually pure pedophiles who are considered especially suitable for potential leadership careers in the patriarchal intelligence world. Yet, even non-pedophiles broaching those issues in e.g. discussing them in Facebook groups will become targeted for persecution in police intelligence headhunting operations.

Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and many other prominent French intellectuals signed a famous petition in 1977 for reform of sex laws with respect to intergenerational sexual relations, yet were not “suspected” of “being pedophiles” as this was prior to the age of aggressive police intelligence headhunting operations to identify and recruit so called “pure pedophiles” to intelligence leadership careers in the patriarchal intelligence world.

It is clear that investigative science journalism and investigative intelligence journalism are very much essential to exposing sexual exploitation and institutionalized abuse in the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world (including fully so in police intelligence). The patriarchal intelligence world simply needs become liquidated in accordance with current military law in freeing its enslaved victims, ending its abusive and exploitative practices, restoring the honor and dignity of its victims in implementing universal emancipation in also outlawing structural oppression whether economic, social or statist under international law.

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