Sexual Exploitation in the Judiciary

Prosecutors and judges of civilian non-appeal courts of law are subjected to compulsory protective intelligence recruitment by police intelligence. Military intelligence does in contrast protectively recruit prosecutors and judges in all appeals courts.

The lofty social ideals of the Roman Godess of Iustitia (a.k.a. Lady Justice) needs become realized by supplanting the corrupt patriarchal judiciary with a new feminist system of justice as already in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), the first feminist state in world history.

Protective recruitment for prosecutors and judges involves becoming trained as intelligence operatives (elite agents). Intelligence training in the patriarchal intelligence world has many aspects, including learning to survive in the streets and within the criminal world. An intelligence operative on a mission in a hostile country who runs out of money is supposed to survive by prostitution and also infiltrate enemy society by means of sex. Patriarchal intelligence training has many sexual aspects in for example learning operational bisexuality, learning to survive as a sex worker in the streets, learning seduction skills as well as learning to practice almost every so called paraphilia with a heavy emphasis on sexual training by means of systematic sexual exploitation of legal minors who are children of intelligence operatives.

Prosecutors and judges are not only protectively recruited but are also sent on covert intelligence missions. Protective recruitment was instituted so as to protect citizens in important roles from enemy intelligence recruitment. The purpose of compulsory protective recruitment of prosecutors and judges was thus to protect due process from becoming undermined by enemy intelligence infiltration and so the purpose was certainly not to undermine due process.

From 1972 until 2016 did the intelligence world generally and police intelligence in particular become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime. This was primarily due to the practice of intelligence services recruiting skilled criminals as intelligence operatives. Originally was this meant to divert criminals from crime and turn them into patriotic civil servants but as beginning in 1972 did this take on an entirely different meaning.

Intelligence operatives normally enjoy immunity from prosecution unless publicly accused of crime in mainstream news media in which case they may be prosecuted and even convicted.

The intelligence world was originally one of aristocratic ideals of devotion to honor, integrity, patriotism as well as fidelity to a revered majesty. The emergence of modern totalitarianism meant that aristocratic ideals were increasingly supplanted by criminal rules. Intelligence services have always operationally broken law, but not for personal gain but rather in selfless service to high ideals in intelligence warfare.

Legal immunity from prosecution historically emerged as intelligence operatives were all members of nobility with commoners serving as ordinary agents. Since members of princely, royal and imperial courts in different countries of Europe had much contact with each other and frequently married across borders were members of nobility of all genders dispatched to gather information and politically influence foreign princely, royal and imperial courts.

As the intelligence world in the 1972-2016 period increasingly descended into criminal activity of every kind did it become taboo to behave aristocratically with noble standards of social behaviors as derived from gynocentric court etiquette. Formally was it claimed that operatives exhibiting nobility in social behavior compromised their own covert roles but in actual practice was this about the new criminal intelligence elites trying to crush and humiliate the old aristocratic elites in the intelligence world.

It was never intended that prosecutors and judges would act as politicized intelligence operatives in ordinary civilian legal proceedings of courts of law but this in fact became the outcome of the pervasive criminalization of the intelligence world in the 1972-2016 period.

Being a casanova and being a femme fatale were aristocratic ideals of the aristocratic intelligence world. This developed from the sexual subcultures of princely, royal and imperial courts as intelligence operatives were tasked with infiltrating, influencing and gathering information in yet other princely, royal and imperial courts of foreign countries. Being a criminal was considered the very opposite of nobility and hence could nobles of the aristocratic intelligence world be trusted with the confidence of legal immunity from prosecution.

Prostitution has always been symbiotic with the police in the neighborhood cop looking the other way in return for the neighborhood prostitute providing him with regular sexual favors. As police intelligence became increasingly criminal as beginning in 1972 did human trafficking (in prostitution, in refugees and in labor) along with drug trafficking and major economic crime increasingly come under the control of police intelligence which subsequently only sought to prosecute those acting outside of the criminal protection rackets of police intelligence as based on so called “profit-sharing”.

Being an agent of seduction has always been a central part of being an intelligence operative, yet as beginning in 1972 were intelligence operatives including nobles increasingly reduced to the status of brutally enslaved prostitutes.

Since almost every intelligence operative was turned into an intelligence prostitute did intelligence handlers gain extra-judicial authority to supervise and perform sexual exploitation of agents and operatives alike. This meant that not only did operatives and agents become sexually exploited in intelligence brothels but established brothels generally were turned into intelligence brothels.

An intelligence brothel has several purposes. These are 1) serving as venues of coercive intelligence recruitment operations by means of subsequent sexual extortion whether by police officers and/or by others. 2) “Sexual training” purposes for intelligence operatives. 3) Post-operational relaxation for intelligence operatives and 4) incentivizing operatives and agents alike by providing them with regular free brothel access (for operatives usually once a week and for agents usually once a month). In particular are heroin-addicted legal minors (as usually beginning at age 12 or 13) as commercially sexually exploited in intelligence brothels especially popular among agents and operatives alike.

Serving in an intelligence brothel is a compulsory feature of intelligence training in the patriarchal intelligence world. Compulsory service in an intelligence brothel is furthermore how time between operative missions are usually spent for the elite among intelligence operatives. This is rationalized as “sexual training” but is actually simply cynical enslavement and brutal exploitation.

Prostitution in the sense as enslavement in sex work is as far as possibly removed from the sophisticated gynocentric court etiquette of the sexual subcultures of princely, royal and imperial courts of the not so far removed historical past.

Prosecutors and judges of civilian non-appeal courts are all trained police intelligence operatives and do fully participate in sexual exploitation in intelligence brothels; including in sexual exploitation of children of intelligence operatives, in sexual exploitation of heroin-addicted legal minors and in sexual exploitation generally of agents, operatives and commercially enslaved prostitutes.

Judges and prosecutors of civilian non-appeal courts commonly perform intelligence recruitment mission by means of seducing defendants and thus recruiting them as agents and potential operatives to police intelligence, including in formal police intelligence mock trials where a targeted innocent is subjected to a para-military police mock prosecution for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment to police intelligence.

It is abundantly clear that the rot in the patriarchal judiciary has become so severe that the entire judiciary needs become supplanted by a new feminist system of justice as already in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), the first feminist state in world history. Feminist social revolution is indeed the answer to the systemic corruption of patriarchal scumbags.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.