Reunification of Feminism

Illegal arrest of Suffragette in London 1914.

The history of feminism is one of continuous police persecution. The suffragettes were persecuted by the police until women’s right to vote was secured in many countries in the 1920s. Even today is the idea within misogynist police intelligence that feminists are “whores” who only deserve to be raped by police intelligence operatives. At the same time does the patriarchal intelligence community consider feminists as highly suitable as intelligence operatives, meaning in the context of the patriarchal intelligence world aside from other operatives tasks, mainly intelligence prostitution.

Feminist activist Olympe de Gouge wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen in 1791 and was executed during the Frankist reign of terror in 1793.

The police was always a criminal and corrupt entity but things took a turn for the worse in 1972 when police intelligence came under control of the from 1945 Buenos Aires based international Gestapo intelligence agency. When the Interpol (the international organization of police intelligence agencies) was hijacked by Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence in 2005 did things however become even worse.

The thoroughly racist police always persecuted emancipatory movements and they continued to do so even after a community was formally and legally emancipated. During the 20th century did feminism became a battleground between the CIA (American Gestapo) and the KGB which at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union had come under mixed control of the CIA, the OPC and the Mossad.

The OPC as commanded by NOPD organized the intersectional feminist social revolution in the later 1960s and early 1970s. The Soviet Union came to regard feminism as a clear and present threat and systematically infiltrated Western feminism with the purpose of turning into a Soviet intelligence tool. The idea was to turn feminism into a Gramscian movement that would infiltrate other political movements in society while becoming so fractured that it would no longer pose a threat to the Soviet Union. This was very effective and by the early 1980s was the feminist badly fractured and unable work in unison. Feminism under significant KGB infiltration influence thus became a movement of infiltration and empty rhetorics than of content and genuine transformation. As identity politics increasingly became discredited did new identities of rival feminist submovements instead emerge. What is curious how disorganized these movements were in often not even having mass organizations. Feminism had thus become domesticated by the Frankist agenda of the KGB as in typical Frankist fashion promoting demagogic rhetoric with little content or transformative potential to speak of.

The Gestapo always regarded feminism as immense threat and always encouraged its intelligence outfits around the world to persecute active feminists and subject them to coercive intelligence recruitment. Radical feminism was during second part of the 20th century a small yet vocal part of the wider feminist movement. After the Gestapo lost control over police intelligence to MB intelligence in 2005 did the Gestapo take an increasing interest in hijacking feminism and they did so by seeking to take over radical feminism and turn it into a fascist hate movement.

Feminism thus once more turned into an international battleground for intelligence warfare and this time between the Gestapo and MB-controlled police intelligence agencies around the world. The Gestapo managed to take over much of the feminist movement in sharp competition with MB controlled police intelligence. Feminism became almost infamous due to many feminists having been coercively recruited by the MB and MB controlled police intelligence agencies. The open collaboration with the MB led to a rapid rise in antifeminism as organized and promoted by the Gestapo through its partial/full control over various national intelligence agencies.

However, already in 2004 did the OPC on executive orders from NOPD decide to become the world’s first feminist intelligence agency. The problem for feminist leaders was that they in parallel became coercively recruited by multiple intelligence agencies something which by that time had become the norm in the patriarchal intelligence world. The OPC was well aware that feminism was an international intelligence battleground and so decided to go undercover within much of the feminist movement

By 2018 had the OPC in having in 2017 been enlarged into the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation mostly liberated the global feminist movement. Many non-national feminist intelligence agencies had by that time been established within the TEVEL including FEMINIST INTELLIGENCE as led gender science genius, Professor Judith Butler of Berkely, an elite OPC intelligence operative for many decades.

The armed feminist social revolution in Northern Syria meant the establishment of the first feminist state in world history, the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, the DFNS. It needs be added that the DFNS as the neighboring KRG was founded by NOPD through by the NOPD-commanded Mossad with international support from the NOPD-commanded OPC. The NOPD commanded YPJ/YPG feminist militia morphed into the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an effective extension of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The NOPD-commanded SDF as equipped with feminist military doctrine crushed the DAESH Frankist reign of terror in Syria and Iraq, something which led to an immense interest in national militaries around the world in feminist battle doctrine. The Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM) and more commonly known as the wider “PKK movement” thus came to train special forces of former prostitutes whom the FLM had liberated in covert commando operations around the world. The nucleus of the FLM was the YPJ, the Women’s Defense Units as mostly composed of liberated former prostitutes became a model for the worldwide FLM. Israel stationed nuclear weapons in DFNS-KRG in 2017, something which helped catapult the NOPD-commanded FLM into a major global player.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.