Religion in the Intelligence World

Karla LaVey became the founder and “Devil” of the First Satanic Church in the United States. (Image by Palnu)

The era of secularism and its ideological hegemony of the false consciousness in historical materialism created the illusion of religion being simply collective delusion. This of course was simply European imperialism in disregarding evolved traditions of knowledge in so many human cultures around the world.

Academia has almost consistently failed in its study of secretive religious societies, including with respect to what is known in Eurocentric parlance as so called “satanism”. These religious societies as typically devoted to aggressively self-serving anti-social behaviors do exist in many societies around the world, including not least in Africa where the number of such sects is very high indeed. Rather than fearing what was known in many traditional cultures as “demonic possession” did they instead embrace it.

In modernity did such religious societies take an intense interest and active part in the development of what became the patriarchal intelligence world, including in the emergence of totalitarian political movements as totalitarian ideologies were devised and designed as thin official veneers for the establishment of “satanist” sectarian rule such as in the Stalinist Soviet Union, in Nazi Germany, in Ba’athist Iraq and in the Juche North Korea.

In taking advantage of the legal protections with respect to what is known as freedom of religion as afforded by secularism did “satanist” sects successfully focus on infiltrating, influencing and commanding the patriarchal intelligence world and so ritual infant sacrifice became the norm among elites of the patriarchal intelligence world in period from 1972 to 2016.

“Satanist” religious sects engage in worship of what they believed to be extraterrestrial “devils” and “demons”. Due to satanist sects having being widely protected by the patriarchal intelligence community have these sects been difficult to penetrate for anthropologists, sociologists and scholars of comparative religion.

There are different types of satanist sects, the most influential ones invented, designed, devised and promoted a number of totalitarian ideologies; including Ba’athism, Communism, Eritreanism, Gaddafism, Islamism, Kahanism, Konyism, Juche, Nazism and Slorcism. There are influential and active covert “satanist” sects in other political movements as well as particularly influential within libertarianism and radical feminism in promoting selfish antisocial behaviors.

Islamist intelligence agencies are of course nominally Muslim, yet do not operate substantially differently from other patriarchal intelligence agencies in certainly not being operationally limited by Islamist interpretations of Sharia to any significant extent as Islamist intelligence agencies are controlled and commanded by “satanist” sects whose only outwardly Muslim leaders consider believing Muslims to be easily duped fools in not being aware of the “satanist” founding and origin of Islam itself.

Ritual animal sacrifice and ritual sexual abuse are central to the religious practices of “satanist” sects around the world and their top elites all practice ritual infant sacrifice with subsequent grilling and ritual “satanist” meals. This is considered an utmost delicacy within the leaderships of “satanist” religious sects as overt infant sacrifice was indeed common in the ancient world.

While there are indeed overt “satanist” denominations in the United States such as the Church of Satan as founded by Anton LaVey and the First Satanic Church as founded by his daughter Karla LaVey are most “satanist” denominations either secretively underground or acting under official front organizations such as religious denominations or political organizations, e.g. the LaRouche movement.

The head of a “satanist” religious sect is usually known as a “Devil” and many Western contemporary “satanist” sects do in the tradition of the Gestapo “satanist” intelligence sect use the German “Teufel” for “Devil”. Members of the next level of leadership in often heading a national branch of an international “satanist” sect are known as “kings” and queens” respectively. Below them are other “satanist” leaders known as “high priests” with local “satanist” leaders known as simply “priests” and sometimes “demons”. Non-Western “satanist” sects typically have more or less similar hierarchies and corresponding titles for different positions of leadership.

Organized crime is often crypto-”satanist” in as other “satanist” sects being committed to selfishly aggressive pursuit of abusively exploitative exercise of self-interested power. Modernity provided tremendous opportunities for “satanist” sects which had hitherto mostly acted by means of secretive religious societies within and outside of official traditional organized religion. There are also “satanist” sects within the business world whose members promote not only each other’s careers but also promote selfish social aggression as well as abuse and exploitation as ostensibly “legitimate” business practices.

The Vatican has throughout its existence been in a state of intense internal rivalry between the Crypto-Judaist covert practitioners of Roman Median Crypto-Judaism and their Anti-Judaist “satanist” rivals within the Vatican. In modern times did this intense rivalry become globalized by means of the worldwide reach of the CDF Vatican intelligence community. The Gestapo intelligence sect as having emerged out of a Prussian military intelligence agency indeed had its historical origins in organized “satanism” within the CDF.

Modernity have seen both intense rivalry between different “satanist” sects including the WW2 major armed conflict between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, yet also increasing collaboration to the point of convergence between “satanist” sects worldwide as culminating in the formation of a “satanist international” in 2017 as headquartered in Ankara, Turkey and which includes overtly different types of “satanist” sects including the political, religious, business and crime main types of “satanist” religious sects worldwide.

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