Public Sector Intelligence Extortion

fingerprint-649818_1920The practice of protective recruitment has been much abused by the patriarchal intelligence world for unrelated operatives purposes in abusing employees of the public sector as tools for coercive intelligence recruitment.

Protective recruitment was once devised so as to prevent hostile intelligence agencies from abusing citizens. As the patriarchal intelligence world became increasingly symbiotic with organized crime from 1972 until 2016 did it also turn increasingly hostile to citizens in no longer acting in the interests of individual law-abiding citizens.

Protective recruitment has become increasingly widespread in both the public and the private sector to the degree that it has become impossible to pursue a career for leadership purposes without agreeing to become an intelligence prostitute which is for the most part what being an intelligence operative/agent is about in the patriarchal intelligence world as terrorized by Frankist intelligence sects.

Citizens and residents alike are dependent on decisions by government employees for various purpose in order so to lead their lives as they wish. This means that government employees are mobilized for effectively extorting citizens into accepting intelligence recruitment into thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence agencies as terrorized by Frankist intelligence sects.

A woman seeking artificial insemination is in some jurisdictions required to undergo psychiatric examination. This of course victimizes women generally and lesbians specifically as no man is required to undergo psychiatric insemination as prior to performing insemination. Once she consents to this procedure may psychiatric employees who are trained police intelligence operatives threaten her with psychiatric incarceration unless she consents to coercive intelligence recruitment. The psychiatric staff may furthermore rape her and once she complains will this provide ultimate evidence of the fabricated intelligence charge of insanity as deliberately intended to put pressure on her so as to compel her to “accept” intelligence recruitment into a criminal patriarchal intelligence agency, meaning in other words becoming an intelligence prostitute and sexual property of a Frankist intelligence sect. It is very common for lesbian women to be denied artificial insemination on account of refusing coercive intelligence recruitment.

A lone mother may be contacted by the social services and is told that she is accused of not caring for her children. She is told that unless she agrees to participate in course of child rearing will she be deprived of custody of her children. She of course has no choice but to consent. Once in the self-help group is she seduced by another woman who it laer turns out is a madam, a female pimp. At that point does she lose her job and is told by her landlord to vacate her apartment. She is in a sexual relationship with the madam who offers to let the woman and her children live with her. Once there is she psychologically manipulated into having sex with male visitors, first as part of “friendly” group sex and at that point do her children become part of the sexual interaction as well. The woman has nowhere to turn and unless she agrees to prostitute both herself and her children will she be accused of sexually abusing her own children. This is the beginning of intelligence training as beginning with extortion by a public servant and ending up in commercial prostitution as leading to intelligence prostitution.

A citizen or resident in some kind of dependency towards the state may thus easily become subjected to coercive intelligence recruitment as leading to intelligence recruitment. A business owner may thus become extorted by employees of the tax authority into coercive intelligence recruitment. A person refusing intelligence recruitment may thus be declared “insane” and will if persisting in declining intelligence recruitment become threatened with psychiatric incarceration. Any government agency may be used by criminal police intelligence for extortion purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment and that is what happens every day as operative routine in the patriarchal intelligence world.

Since citizens and residents are unaware of this taking place have they few opportunities to defend themselves from the rapacious patriarchal intelligence world. It needs be pointed out that most victims are young women and children and that this takes place systematically. If a person complains about being harassed by an intelligence agency is the person declared mentally ill by a secret ostensibly “military” kangaroo court which declares the victim “insane” on account of “having failed” in intelligence training which she certainly did not consent to participate in.

She of course is not even aware of having been “convicted” by a kangaroo court as her children are put into foster care and not entirely incidentally is sexual abuse pervasive in most such homes. She is seduced by a psychiatrist who turns her over to a criminal prostitution network which “will tell the doctor” unless she cooperates in sexual enslavement. She of course has lost everything and does not understand that this is the initial stage of enslavement in intelligence training.

These practices are standard procedure in the patriarchal intelligence world as operated by Frankist intelligence sects. She has no recourse to justice since thoroughly criminal police intelligence operates everywhere in the public sector. They operate in the private sector as well and it is very easy for the police to make sure that a victim loses her job and home with the purpose of drawing her into commercial prostitution as leading to intelligence prostitution.

It is clear that these nefarious practices must end as feminist social revolution is no less needed in the intelligence world than elsewhere in society. This requires liquidation of these evildoers under military law for military law must become enforced onto what was once a patriotic world of noble ways of femme fatales and casanovas which after 1972 became increasingly reduced to mere organized crime. The military law is already established and so now needs it be applied in restoring law and order.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.