Psychiatric Anti-LGBTQI Abuses

Ever since LGBTQI people and other purported minorities of desire were collectively stigmatized as “mentally ill” in the second part of the 19th century have police forces all over the world used psychiatry as a tool to humiliate, harass and persecute LGBTQI people.


There is always cooperation between the police and psychiatry in police constantly supplying “reports” to psychiatry. It is common for psychiatric employees to become trained civic interrogators on behalf of police intelligence with the primary purpose of “detecting and reporting sex criminals”.

Psychiatric intervention is frequently performed on the initiative of the police and the police habitually deploys psychiatry against persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles even in jurisdictions where LGBTQI people have become formally legally emancipated.

The police commences by filing partly/entirely false intelligence reports to psychiatry after which psychiatric employees who are recruited and trained police agents do contact the LGBTQI person and behave aggressively towards her as geared towards provoking unusual responses from the LGBTQI person which may subsequently be used against her by police, psychiatry and/or social services. If the LGBTQI person disagrees with the anti-LGBTQI analysis of overt LGBTQI lifestyles being “criminal” and “insane” is this treated as further “evidence” of mental illness in the LGBTQI person purportedly “being in denial”. If the LGBTQI person refuses to meet a psychiatrist due to the aggressive sexual harassment by psychiatric employees by means of tactically deployed homophobia/transphobia is the LGBTQI person legally abducted by the police and incarcerated at a mental hospital.

Psychiatric employees are commonly recruited by the police and trained by police intelligence in interrogation techniques in order so as to confuse and provoke the LGBTQI person into uttering something which may subsequently be used by the police to accuse the victim of sex crime but importantly also in order so as to provoke the LGBTQI person into social/verbal behaviors which may subsequently be claimed to constitute signs of “mental illness”. Virtually anything deviating from patriarchal/ethnocratic social norms may be intentionally/unintentionally misinterpreted as ostensibly signs of “mental illness”.

Once a psychiatric employee has become recruited by the police and trained by police intelligence is the psychiatric employee treated as other intelligence agents/operatives, i.e. as a slave without civil rights or civil liberties other than permitted by her handler. Police intelligence does not operate fundamentally differently from other intelligence agencies in habitually breaking the law as long as not risking public exposure.

Although LGBTQI people have been formally legally emancipated in most liberal democracies do the police even in those countries act under the prejudicial historical assumption that LGBTQI people generally are all “mentally ill” and “potential sex criminals”.

The LGBTQI person is brought by psychiatric employees to meet a psychiatrist who is a recruited and trained police agent. If the police tells a psychiatrist who is a police agent to declare the LGBTQI person “mentally ill” is this usually done so provided that there is plausible deniability and is typically performed on the basis of the deliberately false claim by the police that there is somehow a risk of the LGBTQI person committing sex crime. In the patriarchal mind of the police is it still a criminal offense to live fully openly LGBTQI and mock interrogation harassment by the police is typically geared towards convincing the LGBTQI person that living openly LGBTQI is “not normal”, “illegal”, “mentally ill” etc.

Once the LGBTQI person has become declared “mentally ill” is psychiatry used as a tool to ensure that the LGBTQI person will no longer live openly LGBTQI. Psychiatric staff will commonly sexually harass an LGBTQI person with homophobic/transphobic utterances as intended to force the LGBTQI person back into the closet.

If the LGBTQI person insists on living openly LGBTQI may the LGBTQI person become misdiagnosed as “sexually deviant” and may thus become incarcerated indefinitely as a purported “threat to public safety”. Once an LGBTQI person has become performatively declared “mentally ill” will few people including the courts believe the LGBTQI person if she complains about being abused and mistreated, including commonly sexually exploited by psychiatric employees.

Psychiatric medication typically alters behaviors in patients and these behavioral changes are typically used to claim that the LGBTQI person continues to be “mentally ill” as well as for the police to accuse the LGBTQI person of sex crime in disingenuously claiming that the social roles of the victim under medication are somehow “criminal”. More or less coercive “medication” against healthy LGBTQI persons may go one for years and decades and particularly so by recourse to the claim that the LGBTQI person “risks committing sex crimes if becoming mentally ill” yet this is all performed on the basis of the false claim that the LGBTQI person already being “mentally ill”.

Since these are standard covert operations of police intelligence are these conducted in a manner so as to avoid operational exposure. The police generally believes that maintaining cisnormativity/heteronormativity is part of its core mission despite certainly not being legally mandated to do so in most democracies and the police consider themselves to be entitled to use “tough methods” in order to “maintain public order”. Since prosecutors are generally trained by police intelligence with the stated purpose of detecting “terrorists” and “sex criminals” alike does the police usually run no risk of prosecution considering that the intelligence world is not subjected to the jurisdiction of civilian courts but answer only to non-transparent and non-independent secret military courts.

Psychiatric abuses against LGBTQI persons on the initiative of the police are common procedure all around the world although in liberal democracies where LGBTQI people have become emancipated is this performed more discreetly and on the initiative of police intelligence so as to avoid public exposure. Virtually anything that deviates from cisnormativity/heteronormativity may indeed be claimed to constitute “mental illness”.

Once the healthy LGBTQI person has become stigmatized as “mentally ill” will the police systematically run illegal entrapment operations in order so as to find an excuse for which to threaten the LGBTQI person with prosecution, despite the police having no powers of prosecution. The LGBTQI person is systematically subjected to provocation interrogation harassment in public space and nowadays also in social media, all with the purpose of extracting an unfounded “acknowledgment of wrongdoing” which is subsequently used against the LGBTQI person by the police so as to sexually extort the LGBTQI person.

Police subcultures are highly similar to criminal subcultures due to the fact that police officers are culturally and socially strongly influenced by criminal subcultures in daily interacting with career criminals. As police officers tend to be racist, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic and transphobic do they target minorities such as LGBTQI people by means of systemic profiling which means that any person with an overt LGBTQI lifestyle may become indefinitely branded as inherently “suspect”.

Most police officers are corrupt in habitually taking bribes and so in being criminals themselves do they simply not mind “framing” law-abiding persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles who in the the eyes of the police are “perverts” and police intelligence will use recruited and trained agents of the police, to the individual inclusion of individual criminals, individual shop employees and individual government employees (including importantly in psychiatry) in order so as to systematically sexually and otherwise harass persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles. In dictatorships is this typically performed quite openly as backed up by law while in democracies where LGBTQI people have become emancipated is this mainly performed by means of covert operations by police intelligence.

The police generally deploys the method of accusing persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles of being “mentally ill” and inherently suspect “sex criminals”. Since the police is legally entitled to “suspect” whomever they please are mock suspicions typically deployed so as to smear LGBTQI persons and justify systematic anti-LGBTQI police sexual and other harassment, including by deploying public sector employees who have become recruited and trained as police agents for the purpose of crime prevention and particularly so those in social services, psychiatry and the tax authority.

Psychiatry is thus merely one of multiple tools at the disposal of police intelligence so as to compel an LGBTQI person to cease living openly LGBTQI in public space. The police generally expects sexual favors from sex workers and the police generally treats LGBTQI persons as if somehow being sex workers and mock interrogation is typically performed with the task of psychologically coercing an LGBTQI person into providing sexual services to the police and typically so in the context of interrogation by means of victim becoming effectively coerced to perform fellatio on a male police officer. This is even far more commonly performed against sexually attractive females who will typically become psychologically coerced to perform fellatio on male police officers in order so as to “avoid further trouble”.

Ever expanding globalized intelligence warfare requires more and more intelligence combatants and as a trained intelligence operative is a seduction agent and a professional killer alike is s/he expected to be ready to seduce and/or kill anyone anywhere as part of a covert intelligence mission. Persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles are one of multiple categories of persons from which intelligence recruitment is typically especially performed. Persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles are however generally coercively recruited and psychiatry, police, social services and prosecutors are commonly used as tools by the domestic intelligence community in order so as to coercively compel an LGBTQI person to “agree” to intelligence recruitment.

If however intelligence training (which starts already during coercive recruitment operations) fails to produce the intended results are victims habitually turned over to psychiatry where they are convinced of not having been victimized at all by the police and agents of the police alike but rather of ostensibly having simply been “mentally ill”. Psychiatry is also used as a purportedly “humanitarian” alternative to execution as execution is very commonly practiced in the intelligence world and the forensic files virtually always state “heart failure” and the like as cause of death. Psychiatry and execution are indeed deployed against whistleblowers and disobedient intelligence operatives/agents alike.

Although intelligence operatives are trained to become both functionally bisesexual and genderfluid are the loyalty and silence of intelligence operatives and agents alike maintained by systemic sexual extortion. This is ensured by means of sexual entrapment during the process of coercive recruitment, by operational sexual practice during intelligence training as well as by means of video recorded participation in illegal sexual activities as part of intelligence sexual subcultures.

Although almost anything is sexually permitted in the intelligence world as long as not causing lasting physical harm does the intelligence world virulently opposes emancipation of perceived minorities of desire beyond the intelligence world. This is so because the both coercive recruitment and loyalty/silence of operatives/agents are assured by means of systemic sexual extortion and so gender equality and further emancipation of purported minorities of desire does practically speaking threaten the political control that intelligence agencies exercise over operatives and agents alike.

The lawless intelligence world in which crime is very common and generally condoned as long as avoiding public detection includes reprehensible practices of sexual exploitation, including by psychiatric employees against LGBTQI persons. Since intelligence directors at the top of the hierarchy of intelligence “handlers” habitually enrich themselves in ways partly/entirely illegal and sexually exploit intelligence operatives/agents of all genders and ages are feminism and LGBTQI struggle effective means to help curb the systemic abuses in the intelligence world. Once sex laws substantially change will this importantly help facilitate the liberation of tens of millions of intelligence slaves in countries around the world and will furthermore help end reprehensible standard practices of intelligence recruitment in standard, routine deployment of sexual extortion.

Subjecting persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles to systemic humiliation by police, social services, psychiatry and others is thus considered pivotal to the maintenance of the socio-sexual patriarchal reign of fear in society that is indeed essential to the perpetuation of practices of mass enslavement and mass exploitation in the lawless intelligence world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.