Protective Intelligence Recruitment

The TEVEL as an international umbrella organization helps countries protect their citizens by means of transparency, minimal secrecy and optimally moral conduct.

Protective intelligence recruitment is nominally the practice of “protecting” citizens from enemy intelligence recruitment by voluntarily or coercively recruiting them to domestic intelligence agencies. Protective recruitment may be done formally and usually through the employer or informally so and usually by means of sex and typically subsequent sexual extortion.

However, as intelligence agencies worldwide have long competed in thoroughly infiltrating each other does this mean that intelligence agencies around the world exercise direct and indirect control over each other to a significant degree. Protective recruitment as so far practiced is thus an illusion as protective recruitment often has the opposite result in causing increasing foreign influence over domestic affairs.

In established democracies is protective recruitment performed by two opposing forces: 1) MB intelligence which since 2005 indirectly controls police intelligence in most democracies such as the FBI and the IBs in Western Europe and Israel and 2) the TEVEL namely the former Mossad (which became heavily infiltrated by the Argentina-based Gestapo) and TEVEL’s pro-democratic allies worldwide in the intelligence world in democracies and non-democracies alike. In having become an international intelligence organization is however TEVEL no longer an Israeli intelligence agency in thus having grown far beyond that.

The battle between thus competing practices of protective intelligence recruitment by MB-controlled police intelligence on the one hand and TEVEL intelligence on the other is expressed in pervasive domestic intelligence warfare between the indirectly MB-controlled police and the TEVEL-allied military in most democracies. The battle thus goes on between police intelligence on the one hand and military intelligence on the other and as this conflict could be construed as a global extension of Israel-Hamas conflict (Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the MB) has this globalized conflict grown increasingly severe and bloody indeed.

Competing protective recruitment has thus in practice become a global battlefield between Israel and the now Ankara-based global MB intelligence. Protective recruitment has thus lessened rather than increased domestic control. Israel is widely seen as the world leader in intelligence training and so letting Israel do intelligence training and perform protective recruitment has become something of an Israeli export industry. While Israeli intelligence has always engaged in extensive political action abroad has Israel been extremely restrictive and careful indeed in not exploiting outsourced protective recruitment for purposes of influencing the domestic politics of partner countries. As both these functions are now performed by the TEVEL international intelligence organization has Israel been relieved of a painful conflict of interest.

The international TEVEL is a new type of intelligence organization as committed to the rule of law, to optimally moral conduct as well as to optimal transparency. The international TEVEL is both horizontally organized (i.e. in terms of sovereign states) but also vertically so. This means that most tasks within the TEVEL are performed by highly specialized global intelligence agencies while intelligence operatives fully retain national loyalties and national affiliations. The horizontal-vertical model for international intelligence cooperation is very much facilitated by optimal sharing of information and the mutual minimized withholding of information. International cooperation in intelligence affairs is thus increasingly supplanting detrimental international competition of mutual intelligence infiltration.

Peace is not merely a lofty goal for international affairs but peace needs increasingly become attained in global intelligence affairs as well. Yet this requires fully discrediting all forms of totalitarianism worldwide as well as restoring the rule of law in the intelligence world. The international TEVEL is a non-imperialist framework for intelligence cooperation which reduces friction between states, helps restore power to the people and minimizes enemy influence such as from the Ankara-based global MB intelligence.

Protective recruitment and subsequent intelligence training needs importantly be performed openly, transparently and without coercion as well as in ways that will strengthen freedom, emancipation and democracy rather than tragically weakening and undermining them.