Politics of Police Intelligence

The general assumption among the general public is that the police is committed to upholding the law when in fact the police is a reactionary social force as controlled by police intelligence and committed to maintaining any present reactionary ideological hegemony, meaning that their purpose as they see it is to maintain structural oppression of every kind even if the police in the process “feels” that it “needs to” break the law itself.

The patriarchal and lawless intelligence world (including police intelligence) enjoys immunity from prosecution in essentially constituting organized crime and so needs become fully dismantled by means of domestic and global feminist intelligence warfare.

The police have many other tools at their disposal than merely investigating crime in preparation for potential prosecution. This is due to the fact that police forces generally have their own intelligence branch which as all intelligence agencies are not bound by civilian law but rather answer to secret military courts only. Police intelligence therefore is tasked with fighting crime yet is itself not bound by official legislation.

As with other intelligence agencies is there virtually zero transparency as to its activities and the intelligence world generally is not controlled by national political leaders who themselves are often trained intelligence operatives and thus take directives from their own intelligence handlers. Police intelligence is not separate from the rest of the intelligence world and since they are not bound by civilian law is police intelligence as the intelligence world generally essentially lawless in secret military courts serving as enforcers against disobedient intelligence operatives in not really having any pretensions with respect to justice and impartiality.

Police intelligence therefore is simply a tool for the essentially criminal patriarchal intelligence world and the police itself is controlled by police intelligence as a police leadership career requires intelligence training indeed. Intelligence training simply means learning every useful criminal skill including professional murder, prostitution, break-in and fraud. The formal purpose of intelligence training for police officers is for the police to learn how to infiltrate criminal environments. Yet as intelligence trained police officers are not bound by civilian law are they in practice able to commit crimes at liberty as long as not doing so in a manner risking public exposure.

The police therefore have more tools at their disposal than the official ones. This includes deploying illegal operational methods including deploying intelligence seduction agents of all ages for purposes of illegal sexual entrapment. Police intelligence is generally the main gateway for domestic coercive intelligence recruitment beyond the professional sphere and members of sexual minorities and skilled professional criminals are indeed considered highly valuable as potential intelligence operatives.

Coercive intelligence recruitment is generally performed by means of entrapment (usually but not solely sexual entrapment), mock interrogation and by making a legal offer (“offering a deal”) in varying contexts such as offering a convicted murderer release on probation provided that he signs onto intelligence recruitment. Prostitution has a symbiotic relationship with the police which systematically sexually exploits sex workers with complete impunity and in the intelligence world is every intelligence operative a trained agent of seduction, i.e. an intelligence prostitute.

Since police intelligence is above the law and is generally controlled by yet other intelligence agencies whether domestic or foreign ones have they no commitment to the rule of law and the upholding of law. As skilled criminals are valued as intelligence operatives even in police intelligence has this meant the development of not not only lawlessness but also the emergence of criminal subcultures in the intelligence world (including in police intelligence) as especially involved in human trafficking and highly organized economic crime.

Most police officers in all countries are corrupt and take bribes, yet usually do not risk prosecution unless publicly exposed considering that prosecutors are generally recruited and trained by police intelligence. Police officers of all genders widely participate in sexual exploitation of especially female victims of crime, LGBTQI persons, sex workers, socially vulnerable children and migrants such as asylum seekers. Mock interrogation is generally deployed with the purpose of extracting sexual favors as well for the purpose of coercive intelligence recruitment.

Feminists like to use the term ‘patriarchy’ in describing social structures of male supremacy yet patriarchy is actually formally organized in the form of police intelligence whose main purpose is indeed maintaining every form of structural oppression. Patriarchy as a social institution exists in many human cultures and the purpose is always for males to establish customs, practices and structures which leave females little choice but to offer sexual favors against their own will. This can be observed in virtually all human cultures and the purpose is always the same. Police intelligence as the domestic gateway to the general domestic intelligence community is thus about the perpetuation of practices of systemic sexual exploitation throughout society and primarily so by males against females. Since societal elites are increasingly often recruited and trained as intelligence operatives under so called “protective recruitment” are they therefore in enjoying immunity from public prosecution essentially free to engage in sexual exploitation provided that they do so discreetly as they are always protected by the corrupt military courts.

Police intelligence will therefore harass anyone perceived as a threat to their own illegal social privileges and the patriarchal social order in general. Law enforcement is highly ineffective (a small proportion of crimes are ever resolved) and that is due to most police officers being corrupt but importantly also because of the symbiotic relationship between police intelligence and organized crime.

Feminist social revolution in order to be effective thus requires naming patriarchy and overturning its power structure which is police intelligence. Unless we do that will the feminist social revolution not succeed since police intelligence is committed to protecting privileged sexual exploiters throughout society. Keeping sexuality part of the private sphere is thus essential for pervasive practices of sexual exploitation in the intelligence world to continue. For this reason do police intelligence all over the world more or less openly persecute (i.e. systematically harass) the LGBTQI community, sex workers and various perceived minorities of desire. The police is also very aggressive towards social activists whom they physically, psychologically and sexually systematically abuse. Social activists are usually coercively recruited by police intelligence by means of mock interrogation and (usually sexual) illegal entrapment operations, all formally justified under “protective recruitment” so as to protect from hostile foreign intelligence recruitment.

We need understand that patriarchy is not merely a description of certain forms of structural oppression but is a highly organized entity indeed. What is essential thus is to dissolve the patriarchal intelligence world generally and supplant patriarchal intelligence agencies with smart, lean and highly specialized intelligence agencies with maximum transparency and as led by committed feminists.

The patriarchal police itself is so corrupt and criminal that the best thing to do is to simply dissolve and supplant the patriarchal police with feminist law enforcement as in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria), the first feminist state ever in world history. The patriarchal and lawless intelligence world (including police intelligence) is essentially organized crime and need be treated as such and so hence the essential need for waging feminist intelligence warfare domestically and globally in dissolving the violently oppressive, patriarchal intelligence world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.