Politics of Pedophobia

Scapegoats are certainly politically convenient and deploying representations of yourselves as scapegoats may be a very smart thing to do for criminal patriarchal intelligence directors.

Non-violent illegal intergenerational sexual relations usually do not cause trauma but are nevertheless a patriarchal practice as typically involving exploitation to some degree or another.

The modern intelligence world as it emerged during WW1 was founded on sexual trickery and later also pervasive sexual exploitation. Sex and usually subsequent sexual extortion is the predominant mode of recruitment of agents, spies and operatives alike in the intelligence world. Sexuality is the weakness, indeed the Achilles’ heel of most human beings who have reached a certain level of psychological development.

One in ten of all adult males meet the diagnostic criteria for so called “pedophilia”, namely the individual sexual preference in adults for human persons below the age of 13. This means that 5% of all adults are so called “pedophiles” in the sense as qualifying under the formal diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. One out of every twenty adults is thus a “pedophile” and nearly all are men. That of course is a frightening thought for all those Western adults who themselves fear becoming sexually abused by so called “pedophiles”, however their fears as it happens are certainly justified with respect to children risking sexual exploitation.

Sexual attraction is not taxonomic and just as same-sex sexual attraction is not limited to so called gays and lesbians is intergenerational sexual attraction certainly not limited to so called “pedophiles”. This is in no way to justify patriarchal practices of pedophilia which are often highly ethically problematic in typically being exploitative to varying degrees, yet the fact is that there is no demographically representative quantitative scientific evidence proving the common, yet patently false assumption that illegal sexual acts are traumatizing as sexual acts are virtually never traumatizing while psychological violence and physical violence alike certainly are potentially traumatizing although most traumas are not lasting but temporary indeed.

Pedophiles (and especially pure pedophiles with little to no sexual interest in adults) are popular in the intelligence world for the simple reason that they are much less vulnerable to adult honey traps and are therefore considered especially reliable and therefore highly attractive as potential intelligence operatives. In fact, nearly all intelligence directors in the traditional patriarchal intelligence world are pedophiles due to pedophiles being respected as particularly reliable as intelligence operatives indeed. Nearly all pedophiles are certainly law-abiding towards persons below the age of consent as most persons who engage in illegal intergenerational sexual relations are instead male psychopaths, yet intelligent pedophiles (and especially pure pedophiles) who do break the law in these regards are considered as constituting the very best pool for intelligence recruitment. This is the reason why police intelligence hunts active pedophiles because they are considered so valuable not only as intelligence operatives but importantly also for career positions within the patriarchal intelligence world.

Sexual abuse is the norm in the patriarchal intelligence world as controlled by patriarchal intelligence directors and themselves usually being pedophiles is an important reason why they reached such high positions within the patriarchal intelligence world, including importantly in police intelligence. Criminal intelligence directors who have increasingly sought to dismantle democracy by turning it into a mere shell of itself of course find it very convenient that the general population will fear them without being able to more precisely identify them.

The fact that every intelligence operative including all intelligence directors of the intelligence world are trained seduction agents means that intelligence operatives have increasingly become treated as prostitutes, namely enslaved sex workers as controlled by the pedophile elite of the intelligence world.

Sexual subcultures of the patriarchal intelligence world are based on compulsory participation for specifically invited intelligence operatives. Marriage is frequently coercive as someone with power in the intelligence world may decide that an intelligence operative must marry him whether permanently or temporarily so and this includes marrying children of intelligence operatives without their consent.

Female intelligence directors are uncommon in the intelligence world and the few female intelligence directors in the patriarchal intelligence world are virtually always as indeed nearly all male intelligence directors in the patriarchal intelligence world pedophiles too. The fact that female pedophiles are so very rare in fact makes them in fact even more coveted as potential intelligence operatives. Hitler’s Jewish-descended psychopathic daughter and practicing satanist Silvia Hitler as born out of wedlock and who succeeded her father as the religious and political leader of the then Argentina-based Gestapo intelligence sect in 1962 did bizarrely came to lead the Israeli intelligence community between 1972 and 2016 and became the most successful female intelligence director in intelligence history in causing tremendous tragedy and suffering throughout the intelligence world.

Children of intelligence operatives in the patriarchal intelligence world automatically inherit the slave status of their parents and are sexually exploited by intelligence directors in private kindergartens, i.e. child harems popularly known as “child brothels” in the intelligence world. The children of intelligence operatives stay there nominally for purposes of “sexual intelligence training” but the most important purpose is clearly exploitation by and personal gratification of criminal intelligence directors of the patriarchal intelligence world. The child brothels are typically also used for commercial child prostitution, for intergenerational sex parties as well as for purposes of intelligence recruitment by means of sexual entrapment.

Persons who are caught by the police in engaging in illegal intergenerational sexual relations are rarely prosecuted and when prosecution occurs is this usually due to public exposure which makes cover-up difficult. Most persons convicted are in fact innocents who were subjected to sexual extortion by psychopathic young persons. In fact, persons who engage in illegal intergenerational sex are warmly welcomed in the intelligence world where they can expect promising careers in potentially even becoming intelligence directors. Although most persons who engage in illegal intergenerational sex are non-pedophiles who are typically male psychopaths are they too warmly embraced in the intelligence world where they will have plenty of opportunity to sexually exploit children of intelligence operatives and indeed abuse and/or seduce any child with full and complete impunity since intelligence operatives enjoy immunity from prosecution in civilian courts unless already publicly exposed and so illegal intergenerational sex, including raping children is not considered a crime by the secret military courts of the patriarchal intelligence world. The most common way to avoid attention is to simply recruit the exploited child into becoming an enslaved child intelligence seduction agent.

Parents who fear that “pedophiles” will rape their children are actually justified in their fears because an intelligence operative is perfectly at liberty to rape any child and the only instance where this may be considered a crime by the secret military courts of the patriarchal intelligence world is when there is lasting physical harm and so intelligence operatives are specifically trained to rape children, teenagers and adults alike in ways so as not cause lasting physical damage.

Sexual subcultures generally are considered valuable pools for intelligence recruitment due to the lack of sexual inhibition as sexual inhibition very much prevails in heteroculture yet pedophiles and especially pure pedophiles are given preferential treatment due to them being considered not only especially valuable as potential intelligence operatives but importantly also as potential future intelligence directors if they prove themselves as intelligence operatives.

Police intelligence therefore not only hunts pedophiles who break the law with respect to intergenerational sex but also so called “political pedophiles”, namely law-abiding pedophiles who publicly come out as pedophiles in advocating legislative reform with respect to sexual legislation. Indeed, anyone daring to publicly and critically so discuss the subject of intergenerational intimacy involving persons below the age of consent will be treated by police intelligence as a “political pedophile” and hunted as such until coercively recruited by means of police sexual extortion. This is so despite most of persons having historically discussed those issues in public certainly not having been pedophiles as leading French intellectuals including Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault signed a petition in 1977 demanding decriminalization of informed consensual intergenerational sexual relations generally. Yet police intelligence has brought a reign of fear in society in systematically harassing (i.e. persecuting) anyone daring to critically discuss those issues in public.

How can it be then that pedophile intelligence directors controlling police intelligence persecute not only active pedophiles and political pedophiles but also any non-pedophiles daring to discuss those issues in public? The first answer is that once coercively recruited by means of police sexual extortion are pedophiles given preferential treatment in training for career positions in the patriarchal intelligence world as non-pedophiles are considered and treated as second class citizens of the intelligence world. The second answer is that criminal intelligence directors of course want to keep their privileges which are based on secrecy and continued sexual hypocrisy outside of the intelligence world as a prerequisite for continued illegal practices of sexual entrapment which are the main modus operandi in intelligence recruitment generally.

Today’s patriarchal intelligence world is essentially symbiotic with organized crime as skilled criminals are generally also considered highly suitable as potential intelligence operators considering that intelligence training is largely about learning to acquire criminal skills of murder, prostitution, fraud and theft.

Intelligence directors of the patriarchal intelligence world systematically criminally enrich themselves immensely and mostly so by means of trafficking in humans and drugs, by mass economic crime and by means of the thriving global child pornography industry which is almost entirely owned, controlled and operated from within the intelligence world. Online child pornography is in turn an important means of luring persons into intelligence recruitment as a form of online sexual entrapment.

Intelligence operatives are tightly controlled by their handlers, including especially by means of pervasive, indeed systemic and institutionalized sexual extortion. All enslaved intelligence operatives are obliged to participate in intergenerational sex parties where all sexual interaction is video recorded. The recorded videos may subsequently become deployed by the police if an intelligence operative does not obey his handler.

The powerful and criminal directors of the patriarchal intelligence world thus paradoxically it may seem oppose legislative reform with respect to intergenerational intimacy despite virtually all being pedophiles themselves.

However, this makes legislative reform even more important as freeing the enslaved agents and operatives of the intelligence world will crucially become very much enabled by legislative reform with respect to intergenerational intimacy as part of repealing antiquated and inherently prejudicial sex laws generally and supplanting them with legislation criminalizing structural oppression generally including physionomistic discrimination as well as respecting personhood generally and irrespectively so of social context.

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