Politics of Frankism

Political Frankism although having its roots in the 18th century Frankist movement in Poland did historically develop many branches as spreading worldwide along with European colonialism. Frankism is usually referred to as totalitarianism and Frankist modern totalitarian ideologies are pursued by means of seeking to establish and then perpetuate totalitarian rule. Although different totalitarian movements differ in their propaganda, their outward ideology and geopolitical goals is the form of governance which they seek and subsequently implement remarkably similar indeed.

A contemporary example of so called “satanist”, pseudo-religious art.

It is therefore essential to understand not only the origins, trajectory and history of Frankism but also how it politics operates. Frankism emerged in 18th century Poland in falsely claiming to be a sect of Sabbatean Judaism when in fact the origin of Frankism was in occultist (so called “satanist”) secretive religious societies which always sought to infiltrate the clerical elite within the Catholic church.

The operative mode of these religious sects within the Catholic hierarchy is that of so called “pious fiction”, namely disseminating genre, paradigm, discourse and narrative with the purpose of promoting cultural hegemony in the interest of the self-interested elite, yet as contrary to the interest of most others.

These pseudo-religious societies were always intensely hostile to Jews and were the ones who repeatedly propelled the Catholic church to persecute European rabbinic Jewry.

Frankism as a movement was an attempt to hijack Rabbinic Judaism and the eventual failure in this regard caused Frankists to change direction in terms of their activities but not in their fundamental political modus operandi of disseminating so called “pious fiction”.

Frankists feed on social discontent in specializing in hijacking legitimate social causes and democratic movements that oppose oppression of various kinds. They turn these democratic movements from agents of opposition to oppression to agents of oppression. Opposition to structural oppression is thus turned against itself in being turned into advocacy for oppression. Patriotism was inverted into Fascism and Nazism, socialism was inverted into Communism, Ba’athism, Gaddafism etc; radical feminism was inverted into gender hatred and so on an so forth. Social discontent was similarly hijacked for inverting Islam into Islamism. The case of North Korea Juche as a synthesis of Communism and Nazism clearly shows that not only are these two Frankist propaganda systems compatible but indeed very highly compatible indeed.

Frankist movements tend to disseminate anti-Jewish propaganda as a means of deflecting any potential attention from the Frankist origins of these totalitarian movements but also as an effective political tool in sublimating legitimate social discontent into hatred, prejudice and persecution.

Frankist propaganda systems rely on the originally Catholic doctrine of carno-phallogocentrism in therefore imitating Christianity. This works by producing a seemingly coherent system of discourse as attributed to a founder of discursivity who is effectively described as infallible. There are two ways of performing this, either are the works of a non-Frankist thinker hijacked and his/her thought inverted for this purpose (e.g. the works of Karl Marx) or is a living or demised Frankist political leader (e.g. Vladimir Lenin) subjected to pseudo-religious cult of personality.

There is often an ethnic component in that a Frankist organization is typically dominated by members of a particular ethnic group, in the case of the early Soviet Union ethnic Jews although this state of things did not last as Stalin emerged as the new “Teufel” of the KGB sect. The head of a Frankist sect is formally named “Devil” and the German form “Teufel” is frequently used in this regard. The fact that the persona of Abdullah Öcalan (1948-2016) become subjected to Frankist cult of personality does not however infer that such a person is the head and/or member of a Frankist sect but rather in the case of Öcalan that he was used for Frankist political purposes by Frankist members of the then PKK (now FLM) movement.

A persona used for cult of personality may thus either be a Frankist Teufel or simply a person whose works and thoughts are appropriated for this purpose. Frankists operate within and by means of intelligence agencies and they systematically try to take over democratically legitimate emancipatory thought for the purpose of inverting it into advocacy of totalitarianism.

Frankists believe in cruelty as an inverted virtue in statecraft. Frankists believe in total domestic political control as well as divide and rule in international politics. During the process of coming to power and before absolute rule is established will Frankists typically domestically pit different social groups against each other on the basis of shibboleths of oppression/discrimination such as age, citizenship, ethnicity, functionality, gender, pigmentation, religion, sexuality, subethnicity, nationality etc.

Frankist intelligence agencies thrive by means of dissemination of disinformation. In particular the Gestapo (as based in Argentina in the period of 1945-2016) specializes in spreading conspiracy theories in attributing elements of their own operational activities to thus assigned scapegoats and frequently so to rabbinic Jews, Israelis, Zionists etc. yet many other scapegoats are deployed for this purpose by Frankist intelligence sects.

The operative idea is that a people can be forced into submission by means of divide and rule whereby either a domestic social category is subjected to demonization/persecution or else is an external social category abroad assigned this role.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is an infamous forgery as produced by Frankist Russian intelligence and there is the favorite Frankist device of imperialist domination by divide and rule instead attributed to rabbinic Jews. It is thus essential to understand the purpose behind dissemination of a particular discourse of conspiracy theory as a device for deflecting social discontent as well as performing divide and rule.

Frankist elites advocate “realpolitik” and pure “realism” in international affairs and Frankist intelligence agencies specialize in taking over yet other intelligence agencies by means of advanced transnational operational networks. There is generally the view among Frankist geopolitical thinkers that national, ethnic and religious conflicts between countries serve Frankist purposes of weakening and disorienting a target country and thus enabling covert Frankist hostile intelligence takeover.

Frankist divide and rule operate 1) by means of deploying social divisions of shibboleths of discrimination/oppression, 2) by means of pitting countries/peoples against each other and 3) by means of promoting bitter hostility between rival factions within a country.

Frankist intelligence takeover operates by means of mass intelligence recruitment among elites and the recruits are thereafter enticed and even forced to join a Frankist pseudo-religious secretive society. The patriarchal intelligence world provided a highly conducive context for Frankist sects as exercise of power in the patriarchal intelligence world relies on keeping others uninformed and so the more knowledgeable the more influential since those kept ignorant can more easily become manipulated for Frankist political gain.

Frankist political sects as similar (so called “satanist”) pseudo-religious sects generally operate by means of what is now known as so called “secret intelligence communication”. This is not unique to those secretive societies as that is how elite clergy of major religious denominations generally worldwide are taught to communicate as they advance in the religious hierarchy. “Secret intelligence communication” was thus not invented by but rather adapted by the patriarchal intelligence world.

The practice of optimal secrecy within the patriarchal intelligence world facilitated for Frankist sects to wage intelligence warfare for their own selfish and imperialist purposes in pursuit of social domination, political tyranny and sexual exploitation. The intelligence practice of optimal secrecy also enabled systemic abuse and various exploitative practices to spread and so became entrenched throughout the patriarchal intelligence world.

It is precisely essential to understand how Frankist sects operate in order to be able to counteract their rather destructive activities. Although Frankist sects are pseudo-religious in character need denominations of political Frankism become rigorously studied within the framework of comparative religion so as to better understand these social phenomena in accurate scientific terms.

Frankist sects although disseminating distinctive discourses of disinformation operate in remarkably similar ways with remarkably similar purposes and remarkably similar goals. Comparative religion has long neglected the study of secretive/underground religious/pseudo-religious societies and this certainly very much needs to change. Knowledge is therefore very much essential for defending emancipation, freedom and democracy from the continuing destructive onslaught of the usually rival denominations of Frankist totalitarianism worldwide.

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