Politics of Forensic Psychiatry

Institutions of forensic psychiatry do for all practical purposes constitute a branch of police intelligence, meaning that the various pervasive problems of corruption and crime due to lack of public transparency and external judicial accountability in police intelligence directly and indirectly has a significant impact on forensic psychiatry as well.


The practice of protective recruitment has been much abused by the patriarchal intelligence world as ostensibly “protective” recruitment became increasingly arbitrarily deployed for almost any purpose deemed “necessary”.

Moderate disobedience by intelligence agents and intelligence operatives (elite agents) alike is typically punished by means of a few weeks in a mental hospital. This is typically sufficient for making almost any agent/operative become completely obedient and fully enslaved due to the fear of renewed incarceration and torment of unwarranted medication. While this is clearly abuse of power is this justified in the patriarchal intelligence world by recourse to claiming that are no other effective enforcement mechanisms aside from execution. It is typical for defenders of all kinds of institutionalized abuse to claim that ostensibly there are no alternatives. The problem with critics of institutionalized abuse is that they rarely offer effective and functional alternatives, something which serves to make their often valid and important criticism ineffective and hence the importance of conceptual, social and technological innovation indeed.

Forensic psychiatry is deployed by police intelligence in cases of persons deemed valuable by the patriarchal intelligence world and so execution is therefore deemed out of question. It is not uncommon for para-military secret courts of police intelligence to “sentence” uncooperative and/or disobedient persons to psychiatric incarceration in a mental hospital of forensic psychiatry. This is not performed out of any medical considerations whatsoever but rather in order so as exercise command and control over agents, trainees and operatives alike by means of instilling intense fear. Since all institutions of forensic psychiatry are fully subordinate to police intelligence are employees there subject to the much abused practices of protective recruitment. Ordinary psychiatry receives instructions from forensic psychiatry as commanded by police intelligence.

While it is well-known to historians that the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, the Stasi in East Germany and the KGB in the Soviet Union systematically abused psychiatry for political purposes did this become increasingly universally practiced throughout the patriarchal intelligence world from 1972 and onwards. Although political psychiatric abuse existed long before that as operationally pioneered by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany did this become the established norm in the Western intelligence community already in the early 1980s.

There are several types of secret para-military courts as operated by police intelligence; these are distance trials, mock trials and show trials. Distance trials protects the anonymity of the members of the court and are strictly secret proceedings. Mock trials are intended to pressure a person deemed valuable to “accept” coercive intelligence recruitment. Mock trials usually take place in a regular court building but with intelligence operatives pretending to be members of the court. Show trials are intended to discredit a public persona. Show trials in contrast take place with genuine court officers who are have become trained police intelligence operatives under protective recruitment. Evidence, process and verdict are manipulated as a matter of standard operational routine. In all cases is the purpose to subordinate and enslave a person deemed valuable to the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world which since 1972 has become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime.

Since mental hospitals of forensic psychiatry are effectively run by the thoroughly criminal police intelligence is there in practice no recourse to justice for victims and so they have little choice but to subject themselves to the criminal diktats of police intelligence in order so as to secure release from this from of undue detention.

Police intelligence in all countries use both psychiatry and forensic psychiatry as political tools in order so as to discredit and neutralize whistleblowers, leakers, internal critics, disobedient agents/operatives/trainees and just about anyone expressing public criticism about abusive police intelligence practices. There is notably little to no public discussion even in liberal democratic open societies about systemic abuses in psychiatric clinics and mental hospitals of psychiatry and forensic psychiatry respectively and this is due to the patriarchal intelligence world jealously “protecting” this most feared tool of enforcement of command and control in the lawless patriarchal intelligence world as since 1972 increasingly symbiotic with organized crime.

Aside from psychiatry in many ways being a pseudo-science of unscientific physiognomy is this abuse of power carried out by government employees and so have victims little to no recourse to justice as they are effectively forced to accept coercive intelligence recruitment which as it happens invariably includes intelligence prostitution as intelligence operatives mostly operate by means of sex for honey traps, sexual infiltration etc. while on missions.

Not only is it common for psychiatric staff to sexually exploit affected members of the public under the guise of their pseudo-judicial authority, but psychiatric staff as protectively recruited and intelligence trained as police agents by police intelligence furthermore do so as a means of intelligence recruitment. This is so as sex is the most common form of intelligence recruitment in the intelligence world. A person sexually abused by psychiatric staff will not be believed but will typically rather literally become punished by becoming forced to consume even heavier redundant medication with resulting torment from side effects.

As the side effects of heavy psychiatric medication are essentially a form of torture is this an effective means for inducing compliance by means of instilling fear in trainees, agents and operatives alike. A person resisting coercive intelligence recruit is still deemed to be a ‘trainee’ in the terminology of the patriarchal intelligence world despite the person certainly not in any way having accepted participation in intelligence training.

Distance courts as operating covertly can sentence a person to any kind of psychiatric abuse whether whether in psychiatry or forensic psychiatry and there is no pretension in police intelligence that these systemic abuses take place for any kind of medical reasons. The participation of the prosecuted person is not even required and victims of mock trials, show trials and distance trails are typically denied proper legal representation and generally any semblance of due process. Victims are typically assigned a legal representation who is either a police agent or else simply an intelligence operative as tasked with pretending to be a lawyer.

Since the patriarchal intelligence world does not accept any kind of external criticism are abusive conditions in the patriarchal intelligence world not discussed in the media even in liberal democratic open societies. Critical investigative journalists become subject to police intelligence “protective recruitment”, a fate that has increasingly befallen more and more journalists not only in dictatorships but in liberal-democratic open societies as well.

There are abuses, including institutionalized abuses in the intelligence world as indeed elsewhere in society. The fact that abuses and systemic abuses by the patriarchal intelligence world are not publicly discussed to any significant extent even in open societies is due to the fact that there is no transparency and no external judicial accountability within the patriarchal intelligence world, something which has allowed for abuses to become systemic and institutionalized in the patriarchal intelligence world since 1972 having become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime and treasonous affiliations with enemy intelligence agencies.

There is absolutely no valid reason whatsoever to cover up abuse anywhere by anyone whomsoever other than of course due to mere “convenience”. The patriarchal intelligence world does not like investigative journalists which means that these will typically suffer the fate of coercive “protective” recruitment in subsequently becoming ordered by their intelligence handlers to focus on other fields of journalism. This is the reason why investigative critical journalism is very rare indeed. Abuses everywhere must be aired publicly irrespective of authority and level of power of the abusers, including in psychiatry, in the judicial system, in public administration and in the generally corrupt and criminal police.

No one must be above journalistic scrutiny and so there is no choice but to liquidate the patriarchal intelligence world by means of global intelligence warfare until the world has become fully liberated from this scourge of organized crime. We must however carefully distinguish between victims who were forced to commit criminal acts and the real perpetrators who must be liquidated in accordance with military law in every country worldwide. Global cleaning operations must continue until the world has been liberated from this blemish on the name of humanity.

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