Politics of Female Desire

Everyone is severely limited in expression and performance of sexuality in public space under the tyranny, spell and terror of profoundly nefarious heteroculture. Patriarchy in every human culture is about inventing, perpetuating and developing social devices of male control over female sexuality. Culture is sublimation of repression of sexuality as arising from patriarchal control and therefore also distortion of CARNAL DESIRE. Females in PUBLIC SPACE who express their own intrinsically erotic nature are in constant risk of sexual violence from patriarchal scumbags, including particularly from the evildoers of thoroughly criminal police intelligence.


Why does police intelligence perform systematic sexual harassment against highly sexually attractive persons of all genders and sexual orientations in public space? First because police intelligence is thoroughly criminal and corrupt and criminal police officers seek to sexually abuse persons who are openly sexually attractive in public space despite there being nothing illegal about it. As police intelligence is symbiotic with organized crime do they systematically attempt to drag highly visibly sexual persons in public space into organized prostitution by means of coercive police intelligence recruitment. They do so by means of systematically sexually abusing visibly sexually attractive persons at police stations. The main groups targeted are young primping females, visibly LGBTQI persons and free sex workers.

The main purpose of police sexual harassment is however to extrajudicially enforce sexual repression so to perpetuate oppressive patriarchal suppression of the repressed domain of the feminine by means of systematically suppressing feminine semiotic markers which may lead to male loss of control over phallus. Patriarchal enforcement of sexual repression is precisely about enforcing continued repression of the semiotic domain of the feminine.

Females in Para-Christian society do not have much options sexually, 1) they can participate in socially “normative” heterocultural bondage relationships of reproductive prostitution, 2) they can participate in thoroughly sexist so called “minority sexual subcultures” 3) and then there is the option of participation in lesbian culture which is very highly dangerous considering that police intelligence hunts lesbians for turning lesbians into intelligence prostitutes. Lesbian culture is even more underground than gay culture because lesbian couples tend to be hyper-feminine in contrast to the more commonly known butch/femme lesbian relationships. Lesbians couples typically avoid makeup and sensual clothing so as to avoid public anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment as organized by thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

There is no question that heteroculture is a sheer abomination, indeed nothing natural at all but simply despicably misogynist structural oppression.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.