Political Ideology of Intelligence Culture

The intelligence world is different in many ways from the surrounding human world. It differs in its conception of law, its approach in terms of access to knowledge, it differs in how it understands so called “human nature” and it differs substantially in terms of cosmology or Weltanschauung in German. The following describes the anti-democratic culture of the intelligence world as it developed in the 20th century and beyond.

The antidemocratic intelligence culture has a mechanical conception of human beings.


Cooperation is seen as a tool serving the goals of power and control.


Democracy is regarded as a useful noble myth behind which powerful intelligence directors may exercise power without transparency, scrutiny or accountability.


Education is regarded as indoctrination/enslavement in the service of the powerful.


Freedom is seen as being about having as much sex as possible and hence the sexual slavery that is pervasive to the intelligence world where all intelligence operatives are trained seduction agents and this is seen as preferable to the “illusory” freedoms of liberal democracy.

Human nature

Human beings in the cynical intelligence conception of so called “human nature” are weak and vulnerable due to being prone to temptations of sex, money and prestige as well as being slaves of fear and pain. Humans are thus seen as essentially weak beings who can be made strong by becoming turned into tools for others for yet others.


Ideologies, religions, philosophies, nationalisms etc. are seen as tools for the political ends of wealth, control and power.


The patriarchal conception of justice in the intelligence world is that justice is whatever the powerful decide.


It is believed that access to knowledge should be limited as much as possible in the intelligence community as knowledge is power and so is maximum secrecy advocated.


The intelligence world does not regard itself as bound by legislation of the surrounding world, neither national law nor international law. The predominant conception is that power and law are the same.


The purpose of human life is seen as pleasure & power whether one’s own pleasure & power or serving the pleasure & power of others.


Love is seen as selfish sexual desires for sex and power and so love can be exploited for controlling and influencing others.

National interest

The national interest in the conception of the intelligence world are the interests of the powerful, namely whatever the powerful determine.


Politics is seen as an area for the powerful to dominate everyone else by control, deception, illusion and divide & rule.


Power is defined as being able to make others fear pain as well as control their access to pleasure.


Human beings are seen as slaves of their sexual desires and so sexual incentive structures in this conception of things can make human beings agree to do virtually anything. Sexuality is regarded as a zoological instinct that is simply useful for controlling others.


The intelligence world sees the world as being in a state of perpetual chaos & struggle and so the intelligence world believes that its task is to control this chaotic environment that is humanity.

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