Police Psychiatric Abuse

recycle-1767735_1280Psychiatry is one long history of systemic abuse and the victims virtually always remained silent. Who are today’s victims of systemic psychiatric abuse? Why are they still silent and why do we not hear about them in the media?

In order to make the individual victims come forward need we first identify categories of persons who strongly tend to be victimized in systemic psychiatric abuse.

There is a symbiotic relationship between police intelligence and psychiatry in that psychiatry relies on so called “reports” from police intelligence for the purpose of performing “psychiatric intervention” which means that the police systematically files partially or entirely false “reports” in orders to target whomever they wish to target due to perceived social deviation. The “reports” are typically deliberately full of errors in order so as to convince psychiatry to target someone whose very visibility in society is regarded as a semiotic threat to pervasive structural prejudice of ethnocratic-patriarchal cultural hegemony.

All diagnostic criteria for identifying “insanity” is based on identifying perceived deviations from various social norms of structural oppression of age, functionality, gender, ethnicity etc. For example can perceived “deviation from social norms of one’s own culture”, “using too much makeup” or “seeming to young for one’s age” become used by psychiatry to stigmatize a person as ostensibly “insane”. Almost any culturally perceived social deviation can be labeled as “insanity” and the police will effectively dispatch psychiatry to harass and abuse almost any person whose existence is deemed by the police to contravene structural oppression in cultural hegemony.

The police itself is a thoroughly corrupt institution as nearly all police officers in all countries take bribes on the basis of “profit-sharing” with professional criminals. Psychiatry itself is due to its relationship with police intelligence a thoroughly corrupt institution as it is rather common for psychiatric staff members to become trained by the police as part of the so called “cooperation” between police and psychiatry. In practice does police intelligence deploy psychiatry as a tool to discredit anyone whom the police sees as challenging cultural hegemony and its social order of pervasive structural oppression.

Police intelligence has various illegal means at its disposal to deploy in order to “neutralize” persons perceived as threats to the perpetuation of structural oppression in cultural hegemony. Illegal entrapment operations, deliberate extraction of false confessions, coercive recruitment to police intelligence and systemic psychiatric abuse on the initiative of police intelligence essentially have the same purpose of removing visibility, perpetuating structural oppression and enforcing cultural hegemony.

Since prosecutors are long since subjected to protective recruitment by police intelligence do they receive instructions from their handlers in police intelligence, meaning that there is no recourse to justice for victims of police crimes unless the police offenders have already been highly visibly exposed in the media.


Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) whether or not diagnosed with ASD are almost routinely misdiagnosed as “insane” by psychiatry. Persons on the autistic spectrum are typically socially stigmatized as “eccentric” and will therefore commonly become the subject of false/tainted “reporting” by the police to so called “police partners” in psychiatry and are subsequently subjected to so called “psychiatric intervention” on the basis of structural misdiagnosis of  structural misunderstanding of autistic people.


All kinds of societal elites have in recent decades become increasingly subjected to “protective recruitment” by police intelligence. They are subsequently operationally exploited including in intelligence prostitution as being a prostituted agent of seduction have become the main part of being an intelligence operative. When coercive intelligence recruitment and/or coercive intelligence training fails is the “failed” trainee routinely handed over to psychiatry where the trainee is eventually “convinced” by means of psychiatric stigma that it was somehow all an illusion. Disobedient intelligence operatives are routinely abused by psychiatry in the patriarchal intelligence world.


Already the suffragettes were systematically persecuted, sexually harassed, discredited, publicly ridiculed/humiliated and subjected to incarceration due to simply asking for women to be given the right to vote. The intense hatred within the patriarchal police against feminists is literally enormous as the police regards feminists as “sluts” for the police to rape, sexually abuse and sexually exploit. To be an active feminist is for the police still the very definition of so called “insanity” and so the police will instruct their partners in psychiatry to harass, abuse and exploit active grassroots feminists.

Gender benders

Persons who do not conform with stereotypical binary genders have been subjected to psychiatric abuse since the second part of the 20th century. Any highly visibly sexually attractive person who is seen as being non-conforming to binary genders will be targeted by the police in every country for persecution. Police intelligence has a symbiotic relationship with psychiatry which relies on so called “reports” from the police for “psychiatric intervention” and the reason is always that “others” are purportedly “offended” by fully law-abiding sexually attractive non-binary gender expression in public space.


Immigrants with ambiguous legal status are especially targeted for sexual exploitation by the police and if anyone complains about it is psychiatry dispatched to punish the complainer. Illegal immigrants can of course be deported merely for refusing to provide “sexual favors” to police officers.

Legal minors

Since prosecutors are routinely protectively recruited by police intelligence are police whether intelligence trained or not essentially free to to sexually exploit vulnerable members of the public including legal minors both above and below the age consent since the police officers run zero risk of prosecution unless first exposed in the media. Using psychiatry against legal minors is considered especially effective and is in fact done routinely so. The threat of psychiatry is particularly effective as a coercive means of continually extracting “sexual favors” from socially vulnerable legal minors, including immigrant legal minors with ambiguous legal status.

Purported minorities of desire

It does not make much difference if a purported minority of desire is formally legally emancipated or not because the police will persecute them anyway and instruct their so called “partners” in psychiatry to harass, abuse and sexually exploit anyone perceived as “visible” and especially for the purpose of coercive recruitment to police intelligence as leading to intelligence prostitution. LGBTQI people are still routinely stigmatized as “insane” for leading overt LGBTQI lifestyles in countries around the world. This is so in every country although police intelligence operates somehow more discreetly against LGBTQI people in countries where LGBTQI people have been formally legally emancipated. The mere “suspicion”, “accusation” or deliberate libel by police intelligence of someone purportedly being a so called “pedophile” is enough for psychiatry to indefinitely medicate that person with anti-psychotic medication with the implicit purpose of fully illegally inhibit the sex drive. This of course is not only abusive and completely extrajudicial but is furthermore absurd since 10% of adult men meet diagnostic criteria for the clinical diagnosis of pedophilia and virtually all are law-abiding in those respects.


Academics who venture into fields of science and technology as monopolized by the intelligence world risk attempted intelligence recruitment, first voluntary recruitment and if not successful also coercive recruitment. If however coercive intelligence recruitment and subsequent coercive intelligence training fail is psychiatry usually automatically dispatched by police intelligence to “intervene” against the scientist. The standard accusation is that of ostensible “pseudo-science”, the peculiar Para-Christian notion of apophatic epistemology according to which certain issues must not become investigated by secular science.

Sex workers

The police has an ambiguous attitude towards sex workers. On the one hand are they “fun” to sexually exploit for police officers at any time a police officers of any gender so wishes and of course without any reimbursement for the sex worker except the police officer looking the other way. On the other hand is the very existence of sex workers perceived as a threat against ethnocratic patriarchy and so sex workers must not be visible and independent but must rather become invisible and controlled by pimps on the basis of “profit-sharing” whereby the pimp will share the income from the exploitation of the enslaved sex workers with police officers. Sex workers that refuse to “cooperate” in becoming economically exploited in prostitution are “dealt with” in becoming declared “insane” and subsequently typically sexually exploited by psychiatric staff. The police will simply dispatch a false “report” and that is enough for psychiatry to declare a sex worker “insane” as being a sex worker is not considered “normal” by ethnocratic patriarchy and is therefore sufficient basis for “suspecting” the sex worker of being “insane”.

Social activists

Social activists are seen by the police as a tremendous threat to the upholding and perpetuation of pervasive structural oppression in cultural hegemony. The police will attempt to coerce false confessions by means of illegal entrapment operations, mock interrogation, raping and otherwise sexually exploiting social activists and if nothing else works will the police dispatch their “partners” in psychiatry to harass, abuse and sexually exploit the social activists in question.

Substance abusers

Female substance abusers are especially targeted for exploitation in prostitution and since there is a symbiotic relationship between police and prostitution are sex workers whether or not enslaved as prostitutes expected to provide the police with “sexual favors” at any time. It is particularly easy for the police to deploy psychiatry against this vulnerable category of persons.

Victims of rape and domestic abuse

Women who report having been beaten at home or raped will typically face mock accusation and mock interrogation by the police in order for them to provide “sexual favors” to police officers. Psychiatry will be dispatched by police intelligence to discredit almost any woman who complains about having been sexually harassed and/or sexually abused by police officers.


The police is a thoroughly corrupt institution in nearly all police officers in all countries taking bribes as so called “profit-sharing” in crime and police intelligence is furthermore symbiotic with organized crime. The police engages in systematic sexual exploitation of anyone whom they simply wish to sexually exploit. Journalists engaging in investigative journalism with regard to systemic police crimes will typically become coercively recruited by police intelligence. Whistleblowers are neutralized one way or another and the main means are 1) police intelligence coercive recruitment by means of (usually) sexual entrapment with subsequent police sexual extortion, 2) public discrediting by police intelligence operations and/or 3) police-instigated psychiatric intervention. Psychiatry is indeed a most effective means of discrediting, demoralizing and effectively neutralizing whistleblowers regarding police crime.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.