Police Intelligence Trafficking

Forms of international criminal trafficking of every kind are closely integrated and are furthermore operationally symbiotic with police intelligence agencies around the world.

The legal right to asylum from persecution is an essential one and so needs be protected from various threats against it. The right to asylum from persecution also requires an immigration policy of ethical clarity so that asylum seekers will always be given preference over other types of immigrants beyond titular repatriation immigration. It is also essential to point out that immigration is one of many issues that are subject to the democratic jurisdiction of the voting public and its elected representatives.

The scope and extent of immigration is therefore a fully legitimate political issue for democracy to discuss, debate, consider and reconsider indeed. This means that there are more than one or two democratically legitimate political positions as regards immigration policy.

The right to asylum from persecution is an essential matter of dignity of personhood and is hence sacral. Refugees need protection and they should primarily be protected in neighboring countries as it is eminently unreasonable that they should become subject to human trafficking for the purpose of reaching distant countries other than their own.

Political asylum from persecution is an essential matter as political refugees require not only protection but also freedom indeed. Liberal democracies need focus their immigration policy in three directions beyond titular repatriation immigration. The most important group are asylum seekers who are bona fide supporters of open society and liberal democracy and who suffer persecution in their own countries. They need importantly be offered the opportunity of applying for political asylum on embassies and consulates of abroad. The second most important group are their immediate relatives however defined who nevertheless should *not* themselves be able to claim further “family unification” for additional relatives. The third category is constituted by migration between liberal democracies who decide to institute more or less free migration between themselves and their respective citizenries.

A generous asylum policy is essential unless of course this would threaten the welfare and security of the state’s existing citizens such as by means of ethno-religious conflict and/or hostile minoritization of a country’s citizenry.

As Interpol police intelligence agencies have become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime since 1972 and since 2005 effectively subordinated to Muslim Brotherhood AKP intelligence in Ankara did the now thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies develop a vested interest in promoting illegal immigration for criminal financial gain.

The FBI in the United States constantly run media campaigns with usually coercively “protectively recruited” journalists as deployed against elected representatives of the Republican party and one main purpose is to “protect” continued illegal immigration which the thoroughly criminal FBI (US federal police intelligence) have been heavily financially and logistically invested in for decades now. The situation is similar in Western Europe where the IBs deploy usually coercively “protectively recruited” journalists in order to demonize and ostracize neoconservative opposition political parties for continued financial gain from illegal human trafficking. Whistleblowers are either summarily executed by police intelligence, coercively recruited by police intelligence  under nominal “protective recruitment” policy or discredited by standard operational means.

Today’s immigration to economically highly developed Western countries is in fact almost entirely based upon illegal immigration by means human trafficking. Human trafficking in migrants as not only protected by but very much operated, coordinated and organized by senior police intelligence operatives is very much integrated with sexual trafficking and drug trafficking which police intelligence agencies are no less heavily invested in. Since prostitution in every country is operated under the protection of the police on the basis of so called “profit-sharing” is it perfectly logical for the police to be heavily invested in cross-border sexual trafficking as well. Drug trafficking in being performed in close integration wi to human trafficking is highly extremely profitable and so trafficking generally is together with mass economic crime the main source of criminal revenue for thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies.

We need clean up immigration policy by putting an end to criminal trafficking generally whether in drugs, prostitution, labor, migrants or threatened species as all forms of illegal trafficking is heavily integrated indeed in being performed by senior police intelligence operatives as authorized at the highest levels of executive decision-making in police intelligence agencies. Since police intelligence controls border guard national agencies by means of practices of so called “protective recruitment” is it not particularly difficult (to put things mildly) for police intelligence performing international trafficking intelligence operations to continually penetrate national borders.

In order so as to put an end to international illegal trafficking of every kind is it therefore essential to eliminate police intelligence agencies themselves and indeed clean up the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world generally. Patriarchy (including the patriarchal intelligence world) is an essentially criminal institution as founded on ethnocracy and the social normalization of structural oppression generally and so in ending ethnocratic patriarchy needs the corrupt and patriarchal system of injustice become supplanted by a feminist system of justice as already in feminist Rojava (West Kurdistan and North Syria), the first feminist state in world history.

Focus in immigration police needs once more be on the right to political asylum from persecution and the immigration of immediate families of those granted political asylum and so all other forms of immigration from non-democracies to democracies need be effectively closed down. This is best done by letting asylum seekers apply for political asylum on consulates and embassies in their own countries.

As “family reunification” has become an effective cover for human trafficking in coerced marriage, sexual exploitation and prostitution has “labor immigration” similarly become an effective cover for human trafficking in vast exploitation of bonded labor. Enslavement in prostitution and the drug trade are furthermore highly symbiotic indeed. The victims of police intelligence human trafficking operations have no recourse to formal justice whatsoever since the police is on the side of their criminal oppressors and so fully ending patriarchy is thus essential for defending the essential right to political asylum from persecution indeed.

Global feminist social revolution in strict abidance with existing law is hence of essence indeed for defending emancipation, freedom and democracy generally including the essential right to political asylum from persecution indeed. We the sisterhood “with balls” of diverse genders and sexual anatomies in global feminist social revolution.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.