Police Intelligence Medical Abuse

Police intelligence systematically deploys medical abuse and threats of medical abuse as levers to coerce victims into police intelligence recruitment and thus also into intelligence prostitution which bizarrely is the primary albeit not sole “operational” activity in the patriarchal intelligence world. Thoroughly criminal police intelligence systematically abuses medical professionals so as to effectively coerce victims into intelligence prostitution.


Specific groups are targeted for intelligence recruitment and these are primarily elites of every kind as are various minorities. The latter are mostly actual/perceived members purported minorities of gender/desire, persons with neuropsychiatric disabilities and convicted persons as convicted on actual or fabricated evidence.

Transsexuals are routinely denied sex reassignment surgery unless they not only agree to intelligence recruitment but also complete intelligence training. This is the main reason why it takes years to gain approval for sex reassignment surgery.

Autistic persons are considered especially suitable for training in so called covert intelligence communication and are therefore systematically targeted and since autistic persons tend to be difficult to convince is psychiatric abuse the primary tool as deployed by thoroughly criminal police intelligence against this category of citizens. Autistic persons are routinely labeled mentally ill and this is systematically performed on instructions from police intelligence secret “courts”. The typical method is to use psychiatry to enslave victims by means of drugging the victim, seducing the victim and then somehow luring/coercing/extorting the victim into commercial prostitution as leading to intelligence as well. Autistic persons are known to be very difficult to voluntarily recruit and so is psychiatric coercion systematically performed for illegal intelligence recruitment purposes. It is systematically claimed that autistic persons who lead active lives need be “preventively medicated”.

LGBTQI persons who try to live openly and transparently are systematically harassed by plainclothes police intelligence agents. The view in police intelligence is that members of perceived minorities of desire must stay in the closet and police intelligence will do everything possible to force visibly LGBTQI persons back into the closet by means of systematic plainclothes police harassment. Psychiatry is also systematically deployed for the purpose of forcing visibly LGBTQI persons back into the closet. Visibly LGBTQI persons are then systematically coercively recruited into thoroughly police intelligence by means of police intelligence threathening further medical abuse and subsequently becoming subject to enslavement in intelligence prostitution.

Merely “suspecting” someone of being a so called “pedophile” is enough for psychiatry as ordered by secret police “courts” to coercively medicate a person until the person is recruited into police intelligence. Pedophiles and especially so called pure pedophiles are considered especially suitable as intelligence operatives due to them typically being far less vulnerable to adult honey traps. Of course, sexual abuse of children is normative and institutionalized in thoroughly criminal police intelligence and so persecution of imaginary and actual “pedophiles” is simply a front for intelligence recruitment on the part of thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Here again is the excuse of extra-judicial “preventive medication” systematically deployed

Persons with ADHD, including but not limited to psychopaths (80% of teenagers with ADHD develop psychopathy as adults) are also considered highly suitable as intelligence operatives due to being less burdened by various irrational emotions which in many operatives do pose serious operational impediments. Since most criminals are psychopaths are highly skilled criminals considered potentially very suitable as intelligence operatives. A common method for recruiting criminals is to abuse forensic psychiatry in extorting victims into police intelligence recruitment.

Lesbians who wish to receive insemination as part of the public healthcare systems are typically required to undergo psychiatric examination as if being lesbian generally or lesbians wishing to become parents were somehow signs of insanity. The sole purpose of this procedure is to threaten lesbians with psychiatric incarceration unless they agree to illegal recruitment into thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Persons refusing police intelligence recruitment may furthermore become denied health care as well as of other social and economic rights which they entitled to under law.

It needs be underscored that public sector employees as acting illegally on behalf of thoroughly criminal police intelligence do not do so on their own volition but are forced to commit crimes as part of their involuntary involvement in thoroughly criminal police intelligence. It is thus essential to recognize the chain of victimization and thus eliminate the real criminals in full compliance with military law.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.