Police Intelligence Judicial Harassment

Nominally is the police limited to detention, collecting information and potentially handing over that material to a prosecutor but in practice does the police have a wide range of extra-judicial options which the thoroughly criminal police intelligence as symbiotic with organized crimes deploys against any person or category of persons it wishes to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize. Persons are especially victimized in their capacities as members of oppressed social categories.


Civilian administrative harassment

Police intelligence performs extensive so called “protective recruitment” on civil servants which means that they undergo police intelligence training and are subsequently extrajudicially deployed for administratively harassing anyone whom police intelligence wishes to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize. The tax authority, social services and psychiatry are especially frequently deployed for this purpose.

Coercive police intelligence recruitment

Police entrapment, police extortion and police-extracted false confessions are the most common methods for coercive recruitment to police intelligence. There are thousands of standard operational protocols for these operational methods as extrajudicially and usually illegally so deployed with the purpose of victimizing law-abiding citizens.

Convicting innocents

If police considers someone “wrong” (e.g. a citizen living fully openly LGBTQI) then is that sufficient ground for the socially reactionary police to try to frame a perfectly law-abiding citizen including by means of illegal interrogation methods and illegal entrapment methods.


Entrapment is illegal in most jurisdictions, but only some forms of entrapment is legal in certain jurisdictions such as the United States. Yet police intelligence in all countries systematically deploy fully illegal forms of entrapment against person whom the police knows full well are law-abiding. This is typically performed due to police intelligence objecting to the political activity, social activism or lifestyle of a victim. Social activists are treated as if they were terrorists by the police, sexually attractive LGBTQI persons are treated as if they are sex criminals and persons with political opinions either outside the current consensus or to which police intelligence simply objects are routinely targeted. While political extremists are targeted by police intelligence are many others targeted as well.

Fabricated documents

It is common for the police to produce deliberately inaccurate and misleading documents that intentionally misinterprets a victim. This is common procedure and persons identified as contextually belonging to vulnerable categories are especially targeted. This means that the police especially targets persons who are contextually part of oppressed social categories on the basis of age, class, ethnicity, gender, language pigmentation, sexuality etc.

False confession

If the police disagrees with the law-abiding lifestyle of a law-abiding citizen will they typically try to coerce a false confession. The police and even more police intelligence is trained in advanced military interrogation techniques which makes it relatively easy to produce a false confession from almost anyone.

Forensic psychiatry

There are various ways for the police to deploy forensic psychiatry against perfectly healthy victims of police abuse. If a victim is put into police custody can police intelligence order a psychiatrist as protectively recruited and trained by police intelligence to sign a document declaring that a victim of police abuse must be isolated in forensic psychiatry as awaiting trial. Aggressive interrogation techniques are typically deployed so as to produce psychological reactions discursively enables declaring a victim of police abuse insane.

Home intrusion

Police officers commonly intrude into homes of law-abiding citizens on the basis of pretending to suspect a victim of a statutory crime in order to sexually and/or otherwise harass a citizen whom the police knows to be perfectly law-abiding.

Illegal threats

The police generally and police intelligence in particular typically engages in illegal intimidation such as deploying false premises in interrogation and illegally threatening a citizen with prosecution despite the police having no formal powers of prosecution. When a police officer threatens a citizen with interrogation is this usually a police intelligence operative as police intelligence is able to order police intelligence protectively recruited prosecutors to initiate mock prosecution against any citizen police intelligence wishes to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize.

Interrogation harassment

Police may harass anyone whom the polices wishes to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize. They do so with impunity with the implicit purpose of reinforcing and perpetuating structural oppression.

Linguistic confusion

Police relies on deliberate linguistic confusion for purposes of harassing and framing innocents. This practice is structurally racist since this makes immigrants highly vulnerable to abusive police interrogation techniques as deliberately targeting innocents.

Mock interrogation

Police/military interrogation is essentially a form of psychological torture and so does police psychologically torture anyone whom they so please.

Mock Prosecution

Prosecutors in non-appeal courts are protectively recruited by police intelligence which means that prosecutors extra-judicially receive and act upon instructions from their handlers in police intelligence. This means that police intelligence can instruct a prosecutor to prosecute a verified innocent whom the police simply wishes to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize such as for living fully openly LGBTQI.

Mock suspicion

The police can pretend to suspect anyone of almost anything in order so as to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize.

Mock accusation

Mock accusation is a common police harassment method. A common technique is deliberate projective accusation, meaning that the victim is accused of the very statutory crime that the police officer at that point performs against the victim.

Mock trial

Mock trials are performed as a means of coercive intelligence recruitment to police intelligence. The purpose is to pressure a victim into “agreeing” to involuntary police intelligence recruitment. According to the internal rules of police intelligence can a victim only be convicted if the victim falsely confesses criminal liability.

Moral “guilt” framing

In interrogation as intended to frame a known innocent is the victim typically psychological triggered/provoked into falsely acknowledging moral guilt and/or moral equivalence out of being manipulated into desiring to “reconcile” with a police officer and/or some alleged third party.

Plainclothes interrogation harassment

A common way for the police to sexually and otherwise harass a perfectly law-abiding person whose very existence somehow annoys the bigoted police is by means of continual civilian interrogation harassment. Any citizens or resident may be recruited as a civic interrogator in order so as to systematically harass for example a vocal feminist or an LGBTQI person.

Police custody

The police may put anyone into months of custody on some fabricated excuse and that is typically due to the police perceiving a person as a challenge to the social order of ethnocratic patriarchy that is pervasive structural oppression.

Planting evidence

In the absence of evidence is it common for the police to plant evidence on innocents and so planting heroin and child pornography on innocents is especially popular indeed.

Police Extortion

Police intelligence deploys illegal police extortion (especially sexual extortion) so as to frame an innocent and force the victim to “accept” coercive police intelligence recruitment.

Police intelligence execution

Execution is a socially perfectly normal measure to routinely apply in the patriarchal intelligence world. Although there is usually not even a forensic report is the cause of death almost always stated as “heart failure”. Whistleblowers in the patriarchal intelligence world are routinely executed, handed over for abuse to police agents in psychiatry or otherwise discredited, such as by means of prosecution on intentionally false charges with fabricated “evidence”. Police agents who are suspected (e.g. due to dementia) of becoming indiscreet are routinely executed although relatives are usually made to believe that the victim died of “heart failure”. Even when the victim is a young person is the cause of death typically stated as “heart failure”.

Police lawyer

A defendant may be denied proper defense by being assigned a police agent as a faux or real defense attorney. Internal rules in police intelligence requires that the victim is granted a defense attorney of her own choice if she rejects the “police lawyer”.

Police violence

Most police officers have no inhibitions against illegally deploying physical violence without legal justification and they do not usually risk prosecution considering that prosecutors are protectively recruited by police intelligence and thus receive and act upon instructions from police intelligence.

Police sexual exploitation

Nearly all police officers are corrupt, complicit in organized crime and systematically sexually harass members of the general public. A typical sign of seeking to sexually exploit an innocent member of the public is for the police to physically touch a person without legal ground. Police will typically try to coerce victims of sex crimes and domestic abuse to provide “sexual favors” such as fellatio at the police station. Police will typically harass sexually attractive females in the street, accuse them of prostitution and extort them into sex at the police station. Anyone who complains about having been raped and/or otherwise sexually exploited at a police station is effectively discredited by police intelligence trained employees in psychiatry.

Police sexual harassment

Police officers systematically sexually harass anyone whom they wish to sexually harass and especially overt LGBTQI persons and sexually attractive females.

Police street harassment

Police officers systematically sexually harass persons deemed “too sexy” and victims are typically sexually attractive LGBTQI persons and/or highly sexually attractive heterocultural females.

Preventing due process

Police officers and members of the court as protectively recruited by police intelligence may prevent due process in the absence of evidence against a person subjected to harassment prosecution. This may include the police withholding evidence, assigning a police agent as a defense attorney, denying the victim and her attorney time to prepare a defense and generally breaking every procedural rule. A victim without a good lawyer is especially vulnerable as are persons lacking higher education and especially so immigrants and persons with cognitive disabilities.

Privacy abuse

Police intelligence violates privacy at will and since prosecutors are protectively intelligence recruited by police intelligence can police gain approval from prosecutors to perform electronic surveillance against anyone police intelligence wishes to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize.

Psychiatric intervention abuse

Police intelligence performs protective intelligence recruitment on many, yet not all psychiatric employees. This means that police intelligence can easily dispatch psychiatric employees to harass precisely any person whom the police seeks to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize. Advanced military interrogation techniques are abusively deployed so as to get a victim off the balance and the resulting reaction in anger, confusion, sorrow etc. is used to declare the victim insane for the purpose of harassing, humiliating, subordinating, discrediting and marginalizing.

Show trials

Show trials can be performed according to the rules of police intelligence against a publically well-known personality in a case where secret evidence shows that the person has committed high treason, espionage etc. The person subjected to a show trial is by default found guilty on fabricated charges as unrelated to the real charges. The person is always vindicated in the appeals court where members of the court are protectively recruited by military intelligence.

Surveillance harassment

Since police intelligence protectively recruits prosecutors can they extrajudicially order them to perform any distortion of due process, including ordering electronic surveillance against any person whom they simply wish to harass, humiliate, subordinate, discredit and/or marginalize.

Withholding evidence

It is common procedure for the police to deliberately withhold evidence that supports the innocence of a defendant. They may even claim that police documentation as referred to in the formal police investigation somehow mystically does not exist and have never even existed.

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