Police Anti-Activist Persecution

Police forces around the world specialize in persecuting social activists. Why this is so and how it is carried out are important questions to delve into as the police essentially treats social activists as if they were terrorists and systemically subjects them to miscarriage of justice.

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The police has always been criminal in every country in extracting protection money, planting evidence and committing other crimes but since 1972 have police intelligence agencies become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime.

In understanding the relationship between police forces and social activists need we first distinguish between the ordinary police and police intelligence which have different concerns and priorities.

As virtually all police officers themselves are criminals whom themselves habitually break the law are nearly all police officers beyond recent graduates from police academy essentially unconcerned about upholding the law. What then is the priority of the police as the police themselves sees it? They will explain that crime will always exist and that their task is simply to uphold “order”. What then does “order” mean from the perspective of the police? “Order” for the police means upholding patriarchal ethnocracy, in other words perpetuating structural oppression in human society.

Police intelligence in countries around the world have since 1972 become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime due to having increasingly recruited highly skilled professional criminals as intelligence operatives. Police intelligence shares the ordinary police conception of the purpose of the police as upholding “order”, i.e. as referring to perpetuating structural oppression in patriarchal ethnocracy. For police intelligence does this however have a further purpose, namely upholding the facade of “justice” as a cover for police intelligence symbiosis with organized crime.

Social activists are perceived as a threat by both the ordinary police and by police intelligence. Social activists tend to be opposed to the very “order” of structural oppression in patriarchal ethnocracy which the police regards itself as tasked to uphold.

Social activists sometimes break the law but that is not the real issue for the police itself as police intelligence persecutes social activists irrespective of whether they deliberately commit slight infringements of law as acts of ethical courage or whether they are strictly law-abiding indeed.

For the police are social activists a threat to their collective reactionary vision of “justice” as perpetuating structural oppression in ethnocratic patriarchy. For police intelligence is ethical courage a severe threat to their very substantial revenues from “protecting” organized crime. 30% of revenues of police “protected” organized crime goes directly to police intelligence under so called “profit-sharing” agreements. Police intelligence therefore believes that it “needs to” protect itself from independent civic investigation by investigative journalists and social activists alike.

This is done by means of (in democracies “discreetly”) persecuting investigative journalists and social activists by means of for this purpose deployed plainclothes police agents. It is almost impossible for citizens to legally protect themselves from illegal undercover police investigations because how can the victim prove that these are police agents and not ordinary citizens since the plainclothes police agents do not wear police uniforms?

It is difficult to prove that a police investigation is illegal unless it leads to a trial and even then might the police try to circumvent accountability by withholding evidence on the assumption that no one will presume that the withheld evidence even exists.

In practice is the police practically speaking free to persecute whomever they wish to persecute for any extrajudicial concern of theirs. Why is this so? Members of courts of law are required to accept protective intelligence recruitment. Members of non-appeal courts are protectively recruited by police intelligence while members of appeal courts are protectively recruited by military intelligence. In practice however are a members of appeal courts subject to dual “protective recruitment”, namely both legally by military intelligence and illegally by thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

This means that thoroughly criminal police intelligence is able to distort investigation, process and verdict whenever it so wishes with no supervision, no transparency and no accountability.

Social activists and investigative journalists are threats to the pervasively criminal activities of police intelligence so these threats must from the perspective of police intelligence become neutralized one way or another. The main methods are public discreding by means of mock charges, verdicts on the basis of planted evidence and for this purpose tasked false witnesses, psychiatric abuse by psychiatric employees as trained by police intelligence as well as intelligence execution. The average life expectancy is far below the average for journalists and in part so very due to the common practice by police intelligence even in liberal democracies of habitually execute journalists seen as threats to police intelligence organized crime. There are other reasons as well and mainly so due to health issues as relating to the stressful lifestyles of most journalists.

Police intelligence execution usually takes place after a secret police kangaroo court issues a secret verdict as ordering execution. The most common methods for intelligence execution are 1) glock ‘n pillow, namely killing the persons while the person is asleep by means of putting a pillow on the head of the victim and shooting the victim in the head of with a small gun with usually a silencer. 2) Execution by poisoning easily avoids detection since the thoroughly criminal police intelligence controls forensic medicine by means of compulsory protective recruitment. 3) There are also covert intelligence methods of physical warfare as deployed to for example trigger heart breakdown. 4) Execution by arranged “accident” is commonly deployed including particularly running over a victim with a car, truck, bulldozer or other vehicle.

In most cases other than arranged accidents is no forensic report issued and if there is a forensic report is the cause of death in “non-accident” cases systematically fabricated and in most, yet not all cases stated as heart failure. Police intelligence was set up up with a supervising function and after police intelligence agencies around the world from 1972 refused to obey the military supervisory jurisdiction of the secret military system of justice have police intelligence acted with zero accountability with internal police courts (which were originally military courts) being little more than kangaroo courts with zero external supervision and being fully at the service of the criminal purposes of thoroughly criminal police intelligence which fully and entirely controls them.

If police intelligence deems the victim useful in becoming turned into a police intelligence agent or police intelligence operative (elite police agent) will they deploy every method at their disposal so as to one way or another recruit the victim to police intelligence. A full book detailing a very large number of police methods for coercive intelligence recruit is found here.

Both police intelligence and military intelligence have in liberal democracies since 1962 been tasked with protectively recruiting some employees of psychiatry with the purpose of keeping a watchful eye over psychiatry and protect it from falling into the hands of the KGB, the then immensely powerful Soviet global intelligence agency. In rare cases was psychiatry used against whistleblowers by psychiatry but this increasingly came to be deployed by intelligence agencies worldwide so as to enslave operatives/agents and keep them submissive and obedient. This was pioneered by the Gestapo in the 1930s, was adopted by the KGB after the end of WW2 and became standard procedure in Western intelligence agencies in the 1980s.

Public discrediting is most effectively performed by the police as commanded by police intelligence in fabricating evidence and engineering false witnesses in accusing a victim of sexual misdemeanor. Since patriarchal intelligence agencies recruit, sexually exploit and run legal minors as intelligence agents is it especially effective to try to discredit someone of being a so called “paedophile”. Sex with children, including with legal minors below the age of consent is considered “legal” for intelligence operatives and intelligence agents alike by the patriarchal intelligence world. Pedoscare thus serves as a convenient police intelligence camouflage for pervasive criminal sexual practices of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation within the patriarchal intelligence world.

The danger of social activist and investigative journalist lies in their conscience and sense of ethical honor and so must any such person deemed a threat by police intelligence become neutralized by becoming falsely tainted as “a criminal” so as to ruin the victim’s credibility in challenging the structurally abusive practices of structural oppression in patriarchal ethnocracy. Police intelligence practice of deliberately falsely stigmatizing a known innocent as “criminal” is performed with the purpose of discrediting the honor and credibility of that person and so prevent civic accountability and civic transparency as deemed threatening to extremely profitable activities of thoroughly criminal police intelligence.