Police and Intergenerational Intimacy

The police is really unconcerned with upholding law since they freely break the law themselves as long as not risking prosecution due to prosecutors themselves being protectively intelligence recruited by the thoroughly criminal police intelligence as since decades symbiotic with organized crime. Rather, the police considers itself as tasked by itself with the perpetuation of structural oppression of ideological hegemony in ethnocratic patriarchy.


Police officers freely sexually abuse and sexually exploit members of the public while usually running no risk of prosecution themselves unless already publicly exposed in which case cover-up might cause public embarrassment to police and prosecutors alike.

The police as the self-appointed guardians of patriarchy seek to perpetuate the structurally oppressive social and sexual ideologies of patriarchy and thus will persecute any perceived minorities of desire or gender of any kind by means of plainclothes police officers, uniformed police officers, police intelligence operatives and recruited police agents.

The police also sees itself as tasked with preventing perfectly legal intergenerational interpersonal intimacy between persons above the age of consent. While police officers regard themselves as entitled to sexually abuse and sexually exploit any number of persons of any genders or ages will they make great effort to prevent intergenerational intimacy of any kind. Persons intimately interested in yet other persons who are significantly older than themselves will become accused by the police of being “prostitutes” and persons interested in persons significantly younger persons above the age of consent will invariably become sexually harassed by the police in becoming accused of being “pedophiles”, “dirty”, “sex offenders” and the like.

Since the police habitually sexually abuse and sexually exploit members of the public are the police really unconcerned with sexual harassment and sexual exploitation as organized enslavement in prostitution operates under the protection of police intelligence but the police will generally rather seek to uphold structural oppression of cultural hegemony in ethnocratic patriarchy.

Police sexual harassment is a frequent excuse for the police to coercively extract sexual services from not only sex workers but from just about anyone else whom they seek to sexually exploit. Conventionally sexually attractive young women who speak with men significantly their seniors will typically become accused of attempting to sell sexual services; something which the police habitually uses to extract sexual favors by means of mock accusations, mock interrogation and mock threats of prosecution against young women as certainly the police have no powers of prosecution.

Conventionally sexually attractive females deemed “too sexy” by the police are habitually sexually harassed by the police who will accuse them of prostitution with the purpose of extracting sexual services for themselves.

Women who seek help from the police due to sexual assault, rape and/or domestic abuse are generally not believed by the patriarchal police which generally attempts to sexually exploit them. Sex workers are particularly vulnerable and who will become sexually harassed by the police unless they agree to gain “police protection” by means of providing free sexual services to police officers.

Since organized prostitution operates under the “protection” of the thoroughly criminal police intelligence as already for decades symbiotic with organized crime does the police not appreciate or condone competition from free sex workers refusing to provide sexual services to police officers and refusing to commit to share their income from sex work with the police and so the police will physically, verbally, psychologically and sexually harass free sex workers in order so as to make them invisible in public space and instead force them into organized criminal prostitution under the aegis of police intelligence with the police taking much of the income under a so called “profit-sharing agreement” which allows the police to gain a significant share of income from sex work while at the same under the “agreement” being able to sexually exploit individual prostitutes and individual sex workers at any time when they so please. Sex workers are typically forced into police-protected prostitution by means of police officers engaging in mock accusation and mock interrogation so as to sexually extort sex workers into providing sexual services directly to police officers as well as within the framework of organized prostitution as “protected” and sexually and economically exploited by police officers within and beyond the thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

As most police officers are sex criminals who habitually sexually abuse and sexually exploit members of the public does the police have a vested interest in perpetuating sexual hypocrisy in society so that their own crimes will thus not be exposed.

In the patriarchal police being a structurally violent, structurally criminal, structurally oppressive, structurally abusive and structurally sexually exploitative entity needs the police become supplanted by state-salaried YPJ-style feminist defense units as already in feminist Rojava and as tasked with ending structural oppression generally whether economic, social or statist. Universal emancipation needs become legislated and patriarchy needs become criminalized as part of outlawing structural oppression generally whether economic, social or statist.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.