Physiognomy of Semiotic Contamination

The cross-anthropological phenomenon of culturally perceived semiotic contamination is present in human cultures worldwide, yet is typically considered natural, evident, obvious and unquestionable when hegemonically appearing in one’s own contemporary culture.

Cross-anthropological, physionomistic practices of attributive “semiotic contamination” violates the dignity of idiosyncratic personhood.

It is most interesting how we are able to instantly spot the unreason inherent in semiotic contamination as intrinsic to cultures and eras other than our own but when semiotic contamination hegemonically appears in our own cultural hegemony does it typically remain entirely or almost entirely uncritiqued.

Nazi Germany propaganda disingenuously claimed that Ashkenazi Jews were inherently “inferior” to the German genetic majority despite the NSDAP regime having been fully aware that all available psychometric indicators such as intelligence quotient and frequency of antisocial personality disorders instead supported German “genetic inferiority”. Of course, who is deemed “inferior” and “superior” is entirely dependent on which group is compared to which group and so such facile assertions of so called “inferiority” and “superiority” are unscientific as intended to legitimize and reinforce practices of structural oppression under cultural hegemony.

The point however is rather that Crypto-Frankist Nazi Germany very effectively politically deployed the rhetorical device of semiotic contamination in claiming that Ashkenazi Jews contaminated the German gene pool. Many have later wondered why not any members of the persecuting majority voiced dissent against the persecution against German Jews. The explanation is that semiotic contamination is a most effective device indeed for political suppression as anyone vocally opposing culturally hegemonic semiotic contamination will herself risk persecution.

This is true in liberal democracies as well where police intelligence systematically persecutes perceived and/or actual members of purported minorities of desire. The police does not really care if the ostensible minority is legally emancipated or not as living fully and openly feminist and LGBTQI is structurally perceived as semiotic contamination by the severely bigoted patriarchal police.

The police in being the most criminal of all professions is essentially unconcerned with upholding law but rather sees itself as tasked with perpetuating cultural hegemony, including every form of ethnocratic structural oppression.

Let us bring a comparison with a form of semiotic contamination as existing in some cultures in the very major island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. There is hence the notion that females are dangerous sperm thieves and that males are deprived of their virility when ejaculating into a cavity of a body of a female. While this hermeneutics of gender would be recognized as evidently absurd outside of New Guinea is this perceived as “obvious” and “self-evident” in cultural context.

Notions of semiotic contamination are often associated with reproduction and/or interpersonal physical/psychological/sexual/social intimacy, yet this is not necessarily so. E.g. may or may not “offending someone” become considered as semiotic contamination as depending on cultural, subcultural and social context.

A perceived or actual victim of crime is often considered as semiotically contaminated by herself and/or by others and a person convicted of crime whether innocently or not is subsequently typically considered semiotically contaminated as well. A person diagnosed with a medical condition is considered as semiotically contaminated as are typically persons perceived by others as not abiding with structural oppression of cultural hegemony.

While then performative attribution of semiotic contamination is entirely phantasmatic is the performative attribution of the state of semiotic contamination very much real as a social practice of anthropological performativity. The performative act of attributive semiotic contamination thus occurs by means of practices of performative ethnocratic/patriarchal physiognomy, meaning assigning certain status to certain bodies with the explicit purpose of perpetuating structural oppression in ethnocratic cultural hegemony.

Physiognomy is the practice of reading bodies as texts and making various inferences therefrom. Physiognomy is one of those fields of academia which became appropriated by intelligence science as parts of its appropriated exclusive epistemological domain. All fields of science are plagued by non-science, in fact is the history of science one long series of non-science as particular assertions by academia tend indeed to become increasingly discredited with time.

Physiognomy in intelligence science is deployed in order to teach intelligence trainees how to appropriately read bodies of others in order to discover their true intentions as operational deception tends to be very much central to intelligence missions. Intelligence physiognomy is thus a branch of intelligence psychology in teaching intelligence trainees how to elude, survive and outsmart hostile operational deception. It is easy however to outsmart intelligence physiognomy by means of deploying the epistemology of intelligence physiognomy against itself since its hermeneutics is ridiculously banal and patently physionomistic indeed.

Intelligence physiognomy is thus another example of pseudo-science in physiognomy. This is obviously not to imply that all insights of intelligence physiognomy are wrong and false but rather that physiognomy needs become re-established as a strict natural science in academia on the basis of neuropsychology and intersectional gender science.

Shibboleths of discrimination/oppression (age, class, ethnicity, functionality, language, pigmentation, sexuality, subethnicity etc.) are examples of performatively attributive physiognomy whose underlying purpose is to ensure the perpetuation of structural oppression in cultural hegemony.

Apophatic epistemology, namely the intelligence practice of preventing scientific academic inquiry in order to police the epistemological privileges of intelligence science and thus keep the general public uninformed is unscientific, antidemocratic and reprehensible indeed. The problem is furthermore that intelligence science is deployed by the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world for purposes of systematically committing crimes against innocent non-combatant citizens and especially so for purposes of coercive so called protective recruitment.

Undoing physionomism is at the very core the ethico-political teleology, indeed epistemological eschatology of emancipation, freedom and democracy. There is a high degree of correlation between quality of information as available to the voting public and the quality of democratic decisions. Apophatic epistemology as disseminated by the patriarchal intelligence world is not merely unscientific but is furthermore a most severe threat to open society and liberal democracy.

Intelligence archives whether physical or digital need be opened to the reading public and scholars of academia alike. Intelligence archives need be published online so that these will be instantly available and searchable through internet search engines. Intelligence science and academic science have much to learn from each other although each has its rather severe structural shortcomings.

It needs be internalized that freedom of information and freedom communication are essential for emancipation, freedom and democracy. Intelligence secrecy needs be reduced to a bare minimum in order so as to make sure that criminal intelligence practices will not once more threaten open society and liberal democracy indeed.

Finally need we understand the natural science of of perceived semiotic contamination. Semiotic contamination refers to ethnocratic hermeneutics of projection/introjection, namely neurological contact between brains of two or more persons, as usually known as subconscious communication. In fully discrediting ethnocratic/patriarchal claims about semiotic contamination is it essential for neuropsychology to extensively study the natural science of conscious/subconscious neuropsychological contact between persons.

Not only needs prejudice be undone by means of sharing of knowledge, but epistemologically accurate identification and ethico-effective undoing of prejudice is furthermore a scientific task of tremendous ethico-political significance indeed.

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