Physiognomy of Desire

What does it mean to become emotionally trapped in intense desire for androgenic patriarchal scumbags in the full knowledge that acting out those desires entail profound risk and danger in legal terms? Females are thus in a similar position to that of law-abiding pedophiles who know that it is not ethical for them to lure children into “keeping secrets” and that they themselves would risk everything in their lives were they to act on those desires of theirs. This is the desire of fear. We must not stop at that analogy however but explore indeed how carnal desire generally is structured by fear of physionomism.


Now imagine the young adult male who visits a sin center such as a bar or a nightclub. There sits three young adult females of similar age who went to the same senior high school as the young adult male. The encounter is different now however in that there is explicit sexual interest from virtually all participants in the nightclub, including the bouncers who rape female guests in a special rape room as euphemistically referred to as “the office” with the purpose of coercing them into organized prostitution under the “protection” of thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

What are the emotions of female participants in the heterocultural nightclub? Well, they are not permitted to contact male guests or they will become accused of being “prostitutes”. Yet they are in fact expected to sit impassively primped and wait to become contacted by heterocultural scumbags who are only there for sexual exploitation. A female who is daring and contacts males will find herself under threat of expulsion and will be offered the alternative of “talking at the office”. She will be considered a slut (the clinical term is nymphomaniac) and this in the view of pervasively sexually abusive patriarchy is “legitimate” reason to gangrape her in THE RAPE ROOM and subsequently bring her into prostitution.

Males are expected to purchase vast amounts of beer for the purpose of molesting the females who sit in the nightclub as if it were a brothel, indeed waiting for the “customers” to approach her in highly drunk and therefore unattractive condition. Males who are simply interested in getting to know females without any binding expectations are branded as “casanovas” and are THROWN OUT BY the bouncers for being polite, friendly and respectful. The excuse among bouncers is that the socially talented males only paid the entrance fee and do not purchase any significant amount of alcohol. Why then are they thrown out? They are referred to as “unfair competition” in making scumbag guests jealous in ostensibly “taking the good-looking girls from other guests”.

This is how totalitarian heteropatriarchy is aggressively enforced and this how it is performed according to HIGHLY SPECIFIC BINDING EXTRAJUDICIAL GUIDELINES as provided and enforced by thoroughly criminal police intelligence. It needs be emphasized that bouncers are trained police intelligence rape agents (i.e. intelligence operatives as specialized in intelligence rape) as tasked with coercively recruiting both categories of socially, psychologically and sexually liberated persons. Those who irrespective of gender are able to make contact despite the patriarchal terror are considered suitable as intelligence pimps. This is what this practice is about, namely coercive intelligence recruitment. The daring males too are also invited into THE RAPE ROME (“the Office”) at the threat of expulsion as all intelligence operatives are trained to act functionally bisexual. This coercive and severely oppressive practice reduces males to effective “johns” (i.e. “buying drinks” to females) and females are reduced to effective prostitutes as males are often expected to pay through purchase of beer for even talking to females in the club.

Females in the nightclub dare not act on their desire for men due to pervasive and justified fears of rape, enslavement in prostitution, physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse and of course generally sexual molestation. Females are not so much themselves obliged to drink in the club as they themselves are the goods nefariously “provided” there, “the content indeed”.

Why do persons of all genders in heteroculture live in pervasive fear of verbally expressing their own sexualities? There is of course the fear of becoming stigmatized as slut and sleaze respectively as well as structural semiotic contamination, namely sublimated structural subconscious fear of venereal disease. But beyond these and many other important explanations is the fact that heteroculture is a reign of terror which instills collective fear of becoming innocently accused by the police of prostitution and sexual harassment respectively as depending on the gender of the brave person as brave persons are specifically targeted for intelligence recruitment. IT IS QUITE NOTEABLE THAT GUESTS IN LGBTQI NIGHTCLUBS USUALLY DO NOT EXPERIENCE SUCH PERVASIVE FEARS.

The threat is in every arena both in public space and in social media as thoroughly criminal police intelligence operates everywhere in using illegal police intelligence extortion for purposes of sexual extortion into police intelligence intelligence recruitment and thus police intelligence prostitution as well. There are only two options, either live couple sexual misery or become an intelligence prostitute as anyone proactively within the realm of law seeking anything beyond those two tragic options will face comprehensive police intelligence sexual harassment under the heteropatriarchal reign of terror.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.