Physical Warfare

The intelligence world is known to the general public mainly through intelligence propaganda literature and popular mass culture of film and television. Yet little is disclosed to the general public about scientific aspects of intelligence warfare and almost nothing is disclosed about the special covert military technologies as pervasively deployed in urban terrains of intelligence warfare.

Hypnosis is a standard element in intelligence seduction.

Intelligence warfare by its very nature is designed to avert detection and especially detection from the general public. The reason for this is the intelligence world practice of optimal secrecy whereby keeping the general public uninformed in practice is deemed more important than keeping adversaries uninformed.

This is mainly due to the fact that patriarchal intelligence agencies operate by entirely different legal standards than surrounding society and have thus since 1972 gone increasingly criminal in having become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime. In order to avoid prosecution in civilian courts is it thus generally deemed essential to avoid public exposure as regards operations methods and intelligence military technologies.

The intelligence world is to many mainly known through the James Bond film series. What few understand however is how extremely realistic these films are. Intelligence warfare is extremely high tech and is mainly fought by means of charm, seduction and sex. Physical warfare military technologies are however pervasively deployed in intelligence battlefields. No one would deny that most human beings are affected in terms of mood by physical weather conditions such as sunshine, rain, wind, temperature and other meteorological parameters. Physical warfare technologies are designed to influence and alter a current psychological condition of an enemy intelligence operative and thus influence her/his operational behavior in a spatial battlefield of intelligence warfare. These technologies are extremely advanced in their ability to influence behaviors of adversary intelligence operatives into behaving in ways which they themselves had not intended in e.g. falling into a honey trap.

As a comparison let us look at a technology that is readily available in the general market. There are devices available for purchase for ordinary citizens that produce sounds that are inaudible to human ears yet are intended to scare away non-human animals such as rodents. Humans as other Animals are however cognitively affected by many different kinds of physical conditions and not only audible ones and this is indeed extensively studied by intelligence science for purposes of developing ever-more advanced physical weapons military technologies.

Although not considered a physical warfare technology in predominant intelligence science is intelligence seduction actually a form of physical warfare in the sense of deploying advanced means as intended to influence the psychological mood of an operational target person. Neurological interpersonal contact is established by means of projection and so is learning to refrain from operational introjection a core operational element in intelligence warfare.

Neurological interpersonal contact is usually described as so called “magic” in traditional cultures yet there is literally nothing that can not be studied and understood by science with appropriate and adapted methodologies although the intelligence world traditionally guards against any and all academic encroachment into fields of science as deemed as being in the exclusive epistemological domain of intelligence science.

The most successful intelligence operatives are highly skilled in successfully projecting their own will and desire respectively. Physical warfare military technologies similarly perform machine-to-human physical impact as intended to cause introjection in altering the physical state of the operational target person.

While all intelligence agencies have access to and deploy physical warfare military technology is the fact that the general public is kept uninformed due to the capacity of intelligence agencies for deploying these technologies for harming civilians such as by means of abusive and exploitative practices of coercive so called “protective recruitment”.

The intelligence world practice of deliberately keeping the public uninformed about matters that are already widely known in the global intelligence world is abhorrent to put things mildly and a crime against democracy and civil rights indeed.

Intelligence agencies in being military and paramilitary organizations should first and foremost defend citizens and residents against crimes of war by intelligence agencies against civilians. This means that citizens need be taught the requisite skills of e.g. avoiding intelligence hijacking. Many human beings have experienced pathological infatuation generally and “unhappy love” specifically specifically. So called “unhappy love” is the experience of remaining involuntarily neurologically attached to another person. While intelligence “romance” is a form of intelligence hijacking are there other forms of intelligence hijacking as well. The purpose is always to enslave a target person by means of induced neurological symbiosis to varying degrees.

The primary tools in intelligence hijacking are powerful interpersonal projection, physical military warfare technologies as well as operational hypnosis. Operational hypnosis is prominently deployed in intelligence seduction and once a target person has been made vulnerable to operational introjection is hijacking performed, including against adversarial intelligence operatives. Once an intelligence operative of a patriarchal intelligence agency is discovered to have been hijacked is he automatically executed by his/her own colleagues. These are standing operational orders in the patriarchal intelligence world.

The practice of post-hijacking execution is however quite unnecessary as an hijacked intelligence operative can be successfully rehabilitated in bunkers with the aid of psychologists. Rehabilitation in bunker systems with the aid of psychologists is successful because staying in a bunker interrupts neurological contact and after a few weeks can the rehabilitated operative become relocated, provided with a new identity in a different geographic location and thus in nearly all cases become fully liberated from past intelligence hijacking. This is essentially not that different from recovering from unhappy love.

It is thus essential to inform the general public about the nature of intelligence warfare generally and physical warfare specifically in order so as to protect civilians from harm in intelligence warfare. War crimes are indeed the norm in patriarchal intelligence warfare as civilians are routinely operationally targeted in ways that constitute war crimes under the international laws of wars and so is judicial accountability prevented by means of keeping the public uninformed about the nature of physical warfare specifically and intelligence warfare generally.

Protecting civilians is a primary legal duty in all forms of warfare and so must the laws of war become implemented in intelligence warfare as well. Making sure that the general public becomes informed is thus essential to bringing accountability to bear on the lawless and thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world indeed.