Persecution of Desire

Large-scale state persecution against perceived minorities of desire commenced on a wide scale in the second part of the 19th century as subsequent to the clinical pathologization of virtually all non-procreative sexual behaviors/desires including anal sex which was already widely legally banned as so called “sodomy”. Since intimate desire which became phallocentrically socially constructed as so called “sexuality” was deemed to be “purely procreative” was anything beyond that, including homoeroticism and masturbation branded as ostensible “pathological deviations”. This in turn was most clearly the result of the Para-Christian secularization of the Catholic notion of any sexual activity or desire thereof beyond pure procreation as ostensibly “being a sin”.


There were always three main participants in modern state persecution of intimate desire; these were legislators, psychiatry and the police. Legislators are subjected to protective intelligence recruitment and become trained intelligence operatives either before or during service in legislature which means that they habitually engage in illegal sexual activity including illegal intergenerational sex and so their participation in the drafting and approving of draconian legislation with respect to sex is simply a matter of hypocrisy as hypocrisy is indeed the very essence being an intelligence operative.

Psychiatry has always been party to persecution of purported minorities desire and psychiatry is still very much party to police-organized anti-LGBTQI persecution in all countries whether conducted openly or semi-covertly by police intelligence.

The police is a highly patriarchal body where racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia are pervasive and so the police considers it a highly prioritized mission to maintain the ideological hegemony of cisnormativity and heteronormativity in public space. In dictatorships is the persecution more open while in most democracies is it carried out more discreetly and primarily so by plainclothes police intelligence operatives.

Victim of such persecution typically wonder how fully illegal practices of police anti-desire persecution nevertheless continue even in liberal-democratic open societies. The explanation is simply that police forces are effectively controlled by police intelligence and police intelligence is as lawless and as criminal as the rest of the patriarchal intelligence world which with its now symbiotic relationship with organized crime as skilled criminals are precisely valued as intelligence operatives. The intelligence world however constantly needs more and more intelligence operatives and so practices of “protective recruitment” serve as a cover for mass exploitation by the patriarchal intelligence world in most intelligence operatives usually carrying out missions without any pay except expenses abroad being covered; missions are generally not voluntary and becoming an intelligence prostitute (seduction agent) is part and parcel of intelligence training.

Active member of purported “minorities” of desire are to varying degrees considered especially suitable as potential intelligence operatives. Doms/Dommes are generally highly valued as potential proactive agents of seduction and female subs are generally considered highly suitable as decoys, namely more passive agents of seduction who somehow make themselves socially and subsequently sexually available to the target person. BDSM dungeons are thus a common arena for intelligence recruitment and usually so by means of sex and subsequent police sexual extortion by means of mock interrogation.

LGBTQI persons are valued as potential intelligence operatives due to the relative lack of sexual inhibition as compared to heteroculture where it socially exists so as to inhibit its generally rape-like and prostitution-like character. The relative promiscuity and sexual inhibition of many sexually attractive gay males make them highly interesting as potential agents of seduction for the intelligence world. It is common for gay males to develop quite feminine (i.e. non-aggressive) genders, something which makes them especially attractive as seduction agents for not only seduction of male targets but importantly very much so also for seduction of female targets as well as as part of operational intelligence prostitution.

Sexually attractive transgender people are similarly to sexually attractive females generally widely sexually objectified in heteroculture. Gender transition makes transgender people useful as seduction agents due to the fact that they have already crossed that structurally much feared binary gender barrier as intrinsic to patriarchal heteroculture. Transgender people seeking surgical transition through mainstream domestic healthcare will typically find it difficult to get that prior to accepting intelligence recruitment as this vulnerable group is especially targeted by intelligence practices of so called “protective recruitment” and nominally so due to the actually very real risk that they could instead become coercively recruited by globalized hostile foreign intelligence agencies.

Femmes (feminine lesbians) are exploited as decoys vis-à-vis male targets a well as in proactive agent roles in the seduction of female targets. Interaction between females generally does not garner critical attention in typically being considered ostensibly non-sexual and therefore innocuous even though often being highly intimate even in public space. As most operational targets abroad are males are femme seduction agents deployed so as to gain intimate access to married couples whereby the femme agent first seduces a married woman and subsequently makes herself sexually available to the husband too by means of a threesome or menage à trois. This in turn usually very much facilitates intelligence recruitment of the husband with the aid of the wife who has at that point already become recruited.

Ten percent of all men meet the diagnostic criteria for so called “pedophila”, namely that their primary although not usually exclusive sexual preference is for an age group of human persons below the chronological age of thirteen. They thus make up five percent of the adult human population in “pedophilia” in the diagnostic sense being exceedingly rare among females. Beyond the intelligence world are thus virtually all so called “pedophiles” completely and fully law-abiding in these regards. Most sex offenders in those respects beyond the intelligence world are instead male psychopaths as these desires just as homoeroticism widely exist in the general population as well, including among women as typically sublimated in the desire for “motherhood” which as is happens enables legally permitted intergenerational physical intimacy. 6-7% of White men meet the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorders which are commonly known as psychopathy in adults while the pre-stage in legal minors is known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as 80% of teenagers diagnosed with ADHD later develop some antisocial personality disorder as well.

The virtually universally law-abiding population of so called “pedophiles” are surrounded by extensive contemporary popular mythology. It is thus falsely claimed that persons meeting diagnostic criteria for “pedophilia” (no less than one in ten of all men) somehow lack inhibition in those regards and therefore risk committing sex crimes. There is of course no basis whatsoever for those assertions and the widespread claim according to which illegal sex such as non-violent rape and illegal intergenerational sex are traumatizing lack all demographically representative quantitative basis although associated psychological abuse and physical violence may be highly traumatizing indeed. Many studies involving samples of college students in the United States including in the form of PhD dissertations have consistently disproved this pervasive popular myth. This of course is in no way to condone patriarchal practices of sexual exploitation of persons below the age of consent as tragically being pervasive to the patriarchal intelligence world.

So called “pure pedophiles”, i.e. “pedophiles” with little sexual interest in adults are considered the most coveted of all for intelligence recruitment as they are considered the most reliable of all intelligence operatives in being virtually immune to adult honey traps. Almost only “pure pedophiles” are thus selected for leadership careers as intended for them to potentially become intelligence directors. The practice of intelligence directors maintaining covert child harems (colloquially in the intelligence world known as “child brothels”) as composed of children of intelligence operatives is nominally for “sexual intelligence training” in training children into becoming intelligence operatives, including intelligence prostitutes. However, this is also justified by means of the perceived “need” for providing intelligence directors with so much intergenerational sexual access that they will become virtually immune to intergenerational honey traps as well.

As intelligence agencies widely penetrate each other by means of various standard operational means of coercive recruitment is it considered prioritized to protect the upper echelons of patriarchal intelligence agencies from hostile intelligence recruitment and so headhunting for so called “pure pedophiles” as carried out by police intelligence is therefore justified by recourse to national security in pedophile rule in the patriarchal intelligence world being considered essential to preventing national intelligence agencies from becoming hijacked by rival intelligence agencies whether domestic or foreign ones.

Since the specially recruited, trained and politically powerful directors of the patriarchal intelligence world enjoy extensive privileges in engaging in mass sexual exploitation (including owning and operating the thriving global child pornography industry) and typically also operating large-scale organized economic crime and engaging in trafficking in humans and drugs and doing so with full impunity have they an intrinsic interest in the maintenance and perpetuation of public pedophobia so that the public will fear the dangerous, invisible “pedophiles”. Child intelligence operatives are today widely deployed as intelligence prostitutes for sexual entrapment purposes of intelligence recruitment and so pedophobia is highly useful indeed for the intelligence world for purposes of police sexual extortion as leading to coercive intelligence recruitment. Sexual exploitation of persons below the age consent is in fact rare in society outside of the intelligence world where it in contrast is not only widespread but pervasive indeed.

Police intelligence hunts especially for “pure pedophiles” in subsequent to intelligence training offering them promising criminal futures in leadership careers of the patriarchal intelligence world. Psychiatry with police and prosecutor approval continue to target anyone even “suspected” of having an intergenerational sexual orientation towards to persons below the age of consent and they are tasked to do so as part of police intelligence headhunting operations.

The mere ostensibly “suspicion” by the police in the police filing regular intelligence reports to psychiatry is sufficient for declaring someone mentally ill as antipsychotic medication is recognized as inhibiting the so called “sex drive” and so false diagnosis is thus widely deployed by psychiatry with full police and prosecutor approval and as actively encouraged by police intelligence in their permanent headhunt for purported or actual “pure pedophiles” despite the fact that virtually all so called “pedophiles” (including pure pedophiles) are strictly law-abiding in those respects and with no risk of crime whatsoever as most sex offenders in those respects beyond the intelligence world are instead simply psychopaths as such sexual attraction is widespread indeed in the general population at all ages. Formal diagnosis of pedophilia is rare and the police filing a report to psychiatry on the basis of a person being gender non-conforming is typically sufficient for entirely extra-judicially stigmatizing a victim as ostensibly but not actually “mentally ill” and a ostensibly but not actually a “threat to public safety”.

Psychiatry is in turn widely deployed as a means of coercive intelligence recruitment in psychiatric staff who are recruited and trained intelligence operatives sexually exploiting “patients” and thus drawing them into intelligence prostitution. Since these crimes are of a structural nature is there typically little risk of public exposure considering that this is organized by police intelligence and fully approved by prosecutors as all prosecutors are recruited by police intelligence under the expanding practice of “protective recruitment”.

Intelligence operatives furthermore fall outside the jurisdiction of civilian courts as intelligence operatives are subject to secret military courts only except in cases of public exposure already being a fact. This means that violating law for operational purposes is accepted in the intelligence world as long as not risking public exposure. Psychiatry along with other government agencies, including especially the tax authority, the social services and the police are widely deployed by police intelligence for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment and usually so by means of seduction and extortion.

Since becoming a seduction agent (i.e. intelligence prostitute) is part and parcel of training for becoming an intelligence operative are purported minorities of desire especially targeted for coercive intelligence recruitment. Feelings of shame due to being abused and exploited is however an important element in exercising command and control over enslaved intelligence operatives. The fact that the psychology of sexual shame is especially prevalent among purported minorities of desire tragically also make them far more vulnerable to coercive intelligence recruitment and subsequent abuse, exploitation and enslavement in the lawless patriarchal intelligence world.

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