Persecution in Democracy

dictatorship-2672043_1280Is it legal for intelligence operatives to commit crimes? The answer is absolutely no. However, military laws permits doing many things which are not permitted under civilian law. The patriarchal intelligence world operates under its own rules which are unlegislated and only fall under the jurisdiction of civilian courts once there is significant public exposure. The patriarchal intelligence world thus operates under the assumption that it may commit crimes as long as not risking significant operational exposure.

This is precisely how all recidivist criminals operate, namely continuing committing crimes as long as not risking getting caught. Intelligence operatives are trained in virtually all criminal skills including obviously avoid getting caught. The patriarchal intelligence world as it developed since 1972 is simply state-funded organized crime and so it is no wonder that the patriarchal intelligence world eventually became virtually symbiotic with organized crime.

The intelligence world was until the coming of modern totalitarianism dominated by men from aristocratic families and persons born into aristocratic families are still highly valued as potential intelligence operatives. The aristocratic etiquette in the intelligence world ensured that breaking laws for operational purposes did not degenerate into organized crime. Most European noble families were nominally Christian, yet members of European noble families were only rarely sincerely devout Christians.

Rather were European nobles frequently members of secretive and semi-secretive religious societies of which Freemasons are the most well known and as all constituting surviving Median Judaism in Europe. There were also competing occultist societies as today usually described in Eurocentric parlance as so called “satanists” despite certainly not believing in a supernatural Christian devil although many of their adherents did.

These occultist societies dominated the courts of Russia and Prussia while secretive religious societies of surviving European Median Judaism dominated at most other European princely, royal and imperial courts. Anti-Jewish hatred was rare at the courts of Europe where Anti-Jewish prejudice was despised as “contemptible vulgarity”. Relations were usually highly amicable between rabbinically Jewish noble families and nominally Christian noble families whose members upon reaching adult age were usually initiated into secretive societies of surviving Median Judaism in Europe.

Nobility is a positive (i.e. non-coercive) eugenic practice of breeding for high intelligence and virtuous personality but is also the art of treating others exquisitely well. Yet learning the good manners of nobility is not especially difficult and will for most only require a crash course spanning over a few hours. Members of princely/royal/imperial families were raised to become unselfish in not lacking anything and therefore becoming educated to devote themselves to improve the lives of others. Members of aristocratic families were raised with similar goals although they as everyone else had to devote themselves to economic issues, something which monarchs and their relatives did not need to worry about since everything was taken care for them by aristocratic members of the court.

This is the environment where the European intelligence world developed and so aristocrats were trusted with sometimes breaking rules/laws for operational purposes as crime was only very rare among members of European noble families. There are several explanations for this. First were antisocial personality disorders rare among members of European noble families due to careful eugenically endogamous breeding practices in only ennobling men with exceptional personal qualities into the noble class and therefore also the breeding pool of nobility. Second is crime generally rare among persons with higher levels of IQ and so is crime rare even among high IQ psychopaths. Third was European nobility an honor culture of exquisite behaviors and aristocrats who turned criminal were simply executed in being perceived as the very antithesis of nobility. Fourth were members of European noble families raised with dignity and self-respect and so did dignity, self-respect and honor become central to the self-conception for most members of European noble families.

European aristocrats were thus persons who could be trusted not to venture into crime, treason and destructive occultist societies and as gentlemen/lady intelligence operative could be trusted with some leeway in terms of breaking rules and even sometimes violating laws for operational purposes as they were trusted as persons of honor who in virtually all cases would not even remotely consider becoming self-serving recidivist criminals.

Nominally Christian European nobility was largely a closed gene pool and for the most part did no one at the princely/royal/imperial courts care as to who was the biological father of a child born into a noble family as long as the biological father was himself nobility whether by birth or by ennoblement. European courts were polyamorous clubs where everyone was free to have sex with anyone irrespective of gender and age as long as not having sex with non-nobles as this effectively prevented the spread of STD (sexually contagious diseases) within the noble class.

The “rules” of the patriarchal intelligence world although codified were never legislated under secret military laws but rather relied on trusting intelligence operatives with acting with fully noble intentions indeed. However, with the rise of modern totalitarian political movements did the anything but noble underground destructive occultist religious societies gain increasing influence in the intelligence world where nobility became increasingly marginalized.

The “leeway of judgement” which intelligence operatives who were members of the noble class was trusted with was turned into systematic abuse as the patriarchal intelligence world descended into full-scale organized crime as it was increasingly taken over by members of highly organized destructive underground religious societies whose core communal ritual practices were child sexual abuse and animal sacrifice.

As these destructive covert religious societies came to dominate the imperial courts of Germany and Russia did this also highly influence how aristocratic elites in Germany and Russia treated peasants who suffered severe proto-totalitarian mistreatment. These are thus the two countries where modern totalitarianism first became dominant in Nazism and Stalinism simply being continuations of the destructive covert religious societies which dominated the imperial courts of Russia and Germany. As totalitarian ideologies were merely fig leafs for covert sectarian rule did the Soviet and Nazi regimes systematically endeavor to marginalize and destroy any competing elites which meant that members of noble families were most tragically disproportionately victimized.

The Gestapo as first based in Berlin and later in Buenos Aires; subsequently the Moscow-based KGB and ultimately the until 2017 Riyadh-based international Muslim Brotherhood intelligence agency as now headquartered in Ankara specialized in taking over countries by means of mass intelligence warfare. As modern totalitarian ideologies are simply fig leafs for promotion of covert sectarian rule did intelligence agencies promoting totalitarian ideologies increasingly infiltrate and take over the intelligence world and so seduction agents were increasingly turned into sexually exploited enslaved intelligence prostitutes.

Intelligence agencies thus increasingly turned into tools for persecution of minorities and dissenters from societal consensus. This was originally the role of the police and with the establishment and training of police intelligence did these practices increasingly become covert and insidious indeed. This meant that the police even in liberal democratic open society could persecute any person or community as long as this was performed “discreetly” (i.e. covertly using police intelligence operatives) and if detected could a victim become very effectively discredited by becoming accused of being delusional. Indeed was psychiatry as a tool for “discreet”, (i.e. covert) intelligence persecution pioneered by the Gestapo. Once the Gestapo in East Germany was transformed into Stasi did these practices increasingly spread to the Soviet bloc as well and increasingly to the intelligence world generally.

Intelligence psychiatric abuse was long justified as an exceptional measure to avoid execution of valuable intelligence operatives but its use became increasingly common as a way to coerce and frighten intelligence operatives into utter and complete submission. This of course was as far removed as one can imagine from the noble ideals of honor, dignity and self-respect that once dominated the Western intelligence community.

From having been a community of patriotically devoted, primarily elite gentlemen agents with an ambitious honor code did the patriarchal intelligence world increasingly turn dystopian as intelligence agencies promoting totalitarian agendas of covert sectarian rule increasingly came to predominate in virtually all intelligence agencies worldwide excepting the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) in Germany and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) in the United States, both of which never engaged in standard enslavement of its intelligence operatives and at least endeavored to retain the noble standards of the pre-totalitarian intelligence world.

As intelligence agencies of liberal democratic open societies were increasingly heavily infiltrated by intelligence agencies promoting totalitarian agendas did the the increasingly intelligence trained police become a tool for “discreetly” (i.e. covertly) persecuting anyone whom they simply wanted to pretend to “suspect” and subsequently enslave them as coercively recruited intelligence operatives as this is still justified by recourse to so called “protective recruitment”.

Police intelligence agencies in established liberal democracies were trained by Israel between 1962 and 1972 when these came under control of the Buenos-Aires based Gestapo and this remained so until 2005 when Ankara-based AKP/MB intelligence took control over police intelligence in most liberal democracies.

The intelligence community in liberal democracies is tasked with persecuting totalitarian enemies of open society but as police intelligence of liberal democracies came under first Gestapo control and thereafter MB control did police intelligence instead increasingly turn into a tool for totalitarian agendas of covert sectarian rule.

Communities that suffer “discreet” (i.e. covert) police intelligence persecution in liberal democracies are especially targeted for exploitation as intelligence prostitutes as intelligence operatives typically only rarely kill but rather infiltrate and recruit by means of sex. Communities targeted for intelligence persecution in liberal democracies include sex workers, virtually all ostensible minorities of desire, certain ethnic communities such as Jews, Kurds and Romanis; social activists including especially environmental activists, animal rights activists, promiscuous LGBTQI persons and active feminists. Active members of the ex-populist neoconservative political parties of Western Europe do suffer intense harassment by police intelligence. Members of social elites of all kinds (including nobles) are targeted for intelligence recruitment under the rubric of “protective recruitment”.

Police intelligence then turns the coercively (nominally “protectively”) recruited persons into enslaved intelligence tools for ever-expanding abusive practices of “protective intelligence recruitment” as increasingly having subverted and indeed strategically threatened open society and liberal democracy alike.

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