Persecution against Sex Workers

Sex workers suffer persecution in all countries and one must surely wonder why this is? How is the persecution performed? When is the persecution spontaneous and when is it not? Why is so little done in defense of sex workers? Why are feminists so divided on the issue? Why is “being a slut” so stigmatized? What are the best ways to help sex workers? Why do not heterocultural men want to marry sex workers? Why does the police persecute sex workers? Why won’t journalists stand up for sex workers? Why will so few feminists stand up for sex workers? Why are not cismale sex workers as stigmatized?


Systematic sexual exploitation is cross-anthropologically at the root of patriarchy generally among all peoples. So called monogamy is in most cases a form of despicable prostitution in sexually exploiting female need to love someone and feel safe and secure both economically and socially so in violent and ruthless patriarchal society.

Most heterocultural males have primarily sexual motivations in entering monogamy. It is not that they genuinely approve of monogamy but rather that this is in most cases their only realistic path for securing regular regular access to coitus without needing to use pay for services from commercial sex workers. Married women are thus usually prostitutes although not commercial ones and this the reason why heterocultural men tend to consider heterocultural women as “whores” as that is indeed essentially how they are treated by misogynist patriarchy.

We need however consider the experiences of sex workers as systematically ignored by structural oppressors of all genders. The experience of being sex worker has multiple and emotionally contradictory experiences. On the one hand do enslaved prostitutes typically experience a degree sexual liberation despite suffering sexual enslavement. On the other hand do they to perform acts which they did not consent to, yet the involuntary nature of this sexual intercourse tends to become increasingly eroticized even for enslaved prostitutes. Enslaved prostitutes hence experience both pleasure and pain in their plight. Liberated prostitutes experience tend to experience severe problems in rehabilitation as they are used to having sex all the time and suddenly is this activity mostly removed. This means that they are typically easily drawn back into prostitution once more.

Many enslaved prostitutes become so used to rape that they tend to come to enjoy rape unless not too aggressive. This topic remains taboo due to the severe yet completely irrational stigma on sex work and sex workers.

The main reason why this oppression persist is the enormous financial profits as involved in commercial sexual exploitation. There is a long history of patriarchal attempts at “regulating” sex work and usually but not always out moralistic considerations.

The basic question we need to ask is why sex workers of all genders are somehow not entitled to control their own bodies and sexualities? The problem is that patriarchy whether in the form of the police intelligence, government or organized crime is basically about the perpetuation of male sexual exploitation of females, a.k.a. “culture”, namely social sublimation of sexual repression.

Police intelligence in all countries have under aegis of the Interpol for decades “regulated” sex work whereby thoroughoutly criminal police intelligence agencies as a matter of standard procedure steals 30% of all revenues from sex work. Sex workers who refuse to comply with the extra-judicial “taxation” will suffer rape at the hands of police intelligence agents and worse. This is so as thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies around the world routinely execute those who refuse to pay the 30% police intelligence “tax” on revenues from organized crime. Investigative journalists and whistleblowers are routinely executed as well.

The symbiosis between organized crime and police intelligence is so advanced that police intelligence is little more than organized crime as only fighting criminals who “compete” in hence operating outside of the police intelligence national protection racket.

Sex workers who endeavor to organize themselves are systematically raped, harassed and beaten by thoroughly criminal police intelligence and of course declared mentally ill without any grounds whatsoever.

Police intelligence is the very center of violently oppressive patriarchy. What is distinctly needed is feminist law enforcement and doing away with the scourge of nefarious patriarchy altogether. Liberated sex workers of all genders are the very vanguard of the armed global feminist social revolution as centered in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), the first feminist state in world history and as ruled by armed moderate radical feminists in fully including human persons of all genders in the feminist social revolution of universal emancipation.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.