Patriarchal Police vs. Ethical Courage

Police intelligence and intelligence agencies generally use various criteria for selecting persons for intelligence recruitment, both nominally “voluntary” intelligence recruitment and coercive intelligence recruitment.


Elite agents are referred to as intelligence operatives and one of the main criteria for prospective intelligence operatives is already exhibited courage. This is one important reason why police intelligence invests large resources in targeting and persecuting social activists under the guise of “protective recruitment”, “prosecutor-approved surveillance”, “covert operation”, “secret investigation”, “threat to public order”, “national security”, “risk of crime”, “protecting confidentiality”, “preventing exposure of operational methods” and similar pseudo-legal excuses.

Social activists and other persons who exhibit moral/ethical courage belong to the categories targeted by police intelligence due to apparent courage. They are also targeted due to police intelligence concern that they might expose police intelligence organized crime operations in society and are thus coercively recruited to police intelligence by means of standard illegal operational methods as deployed by the patriarchal intelligence world.

The paradox is that ethical courage is not appreciated at all in the patriarchal intelligence world where whistleblowers are automatically silenced using varying standard operational means, meaning either execution or else discrediting such as by police intelligence psychiatric abuse, public sexual scandal on fabricated charges and/or luring the person to believe in conspiracy theories.

Persons of courage are important, vital and necessary in human society yet police intelligence regards them both as potential threats to police-protected organized crime as well as being potentially highly useful for intelligence operations.

Originally in the 1960s was police intelligence in liberal democracies tasked with protective recruitment of social activists due to the fear that they would otherwise become recruited by the KGB. Potential foreign intelligence recruitment is certainly always a threat, yet abusive “protective recruitment” by domestic police intelligence is a far greater threat indeed to innocent citizens.

Police intelligence in since 1972 having become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime did become an increasingly severe threat to liberal democracy and open society as whistleblowers are precisely essential to the health of liberal democracy and open society alike. Yet of course police intelligence does not want their increasingly expanding illegal operations to become exposed and therefore do persecute social activists by varying illegal means such as by administrative harassment by civil servants as themselves “protectively recruited” by police intelligence, by seemingly normal-looking police intelligence mock trials, by systematic honey traps and subsequent sexual extortion, including illegal extortion interrogation by police intelligence operatives in police uniform.

Police intelligence persecution against citizens practicing ethical courage does not not only constitute miscarriage of justice but is furthermore a severe threat against open society and liberal democracy as all citizens ought rather become educated and trained to practice ethical courage as a social norm and civic obligation indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.