Optimal Transparency

Record of FBI surveillance against John Lennon

Transparency is the best antidote to abuse as abuse indeed thrives in the absence of transparency and how can there be accountability without transparency? This certainly opens the question as to how freedom of information can be extended in the digital age so as to prevent any and all abuse of every kind.

First needs all government record become published online irrespective of having been documented on paper or digitally so. This includes records of intelligence archives and records of police archives which need become available online. Almost no government documentation deserves to be kept permanently secret.

Second needs the private sector commence operating with optimal transparency. This means that physical currencies need all become fully abolished and supplanted with one single global electronic currency. All economic transactions whether major or minor need become immediately and instantly published online and automatically so, including detailed information parties to transaction and what was traded and with what sums. Freedom of information needs become practiced by private corporations as well so that all its documentation become public record online and automatically so that all corporate documents are indeed instantly published online. If they have something to hide, then surely needs it be exposed!

Third needs all authorized security cameras broadcast online around the clock. If thoroughly corrupt and criminal “law enforcement” can be trusted with this documentation then so why can’t the public? All recordings of security cameras are stored in police intelligence digital archives and so that needs become made fully available to the public as well.

Fourth are security cameras as broadcasting online needed in private homes. But will will this not infringe on privacy? Yes it will but the alternative is continued toleration of structural oppression. Transparency needs be brought to homes by broadcasting around the clock from from every private home. This needs became broadcast in real time around the clock and the video recordings should also become stored as a public record online. While this may sound drastic is this necessary in ending patriarchal oppression of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and so on.

Fifth needs the history of the Internet as stored by every major intelligence agency be made freely available to the public. Even content of closed websites needs to be made available to the public after five years.

Sixth needs email communication become public record after two years. This too may sound drastic but again if someone has anything to hide then surely needs it be exposed!

Seventh needs copyright become limited to commercial value, meaning if it does not have any significant commercial value then should there be no copyright. Thus if someone economically benefits from someone else’s intellectual property, then that surely proves that there is economic value and therefore copyright infringement.

Eight needs civil society become fully transparent with all their records whether as documented on paper or digitally so and subsequently all published online.

Ninth needs all medical records whether archived or active become published online in real time. Names of patients need be kept confidential while names of healthcare staff and all other information including geographic location needs become automatically published online and instantly so. This will serve to quite effectively prevent medical abuse while exposing historical abuses as all historical medical journals as far back as stored in intelligence archives need become fully and freely accessible to the public online.

Tenth is online video surveillance needed in all parts of public space including in all indoors public space which surely needs security surveillance no less than private homes so as to expose abhorrent practices of structural oppression of every kind.

Eleventh needs the real names of all intelligence operatives and intelligence agents become fully published online in order so as to protect operatives/agents from becoming abused by their handlers. Their professional records, personal biographies and aliases from past operations need become published with detailed documentation from each and every past intelligence operation. Secrecy must therefore be kept to the very, very bare minimum.

Twelfth needs all intelligence records of all phone calls be made public online. If someone has anything to hide so then surely needs it become exposed. Intelligence agencies have stored recordings of all phone calls made since the 1940’s and in some countries go recordings back even further.

Thirteenth needs all digital text/chat messages be made public online after only two weeks.

Fourteenth needs delivery of paper letters end altogether in becoming fully digitized and every citizens granted an official email adress with an email carrier of choice and with the personal email adress as legally tied to that person. The email address of the recepient will however only become available to the sender if and once a response is sent back from the recipient. This will however make everyone contactable as with a phone directory.