Online Child Pornography Entrapment

Pedophiles are highly valued in the patriarchal intelligence world due to their perceived relative immunity to honey traps. However, asexuals and lesbians are even more immune to honey traps and are for some unexplained reason not nearly as much valued as are pedophiles by the patriarchal intelligence world.


Sexual abuse generally and sexual abuse of children is rampant in the patriarchal intelligence world and is treated as if it actually were legal. Nearly all child sexual abuse in open societies is carried out within the intelligence world and it is extremely rare for clinical pedophiles to violate intergenerational sex laws considering that no less than one in ten adult males meet diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. It is not as of one in ten men rape children.

The pedoscare is however an extremely effective tool for sexual extortion in coercive intelligence recruitment whereby a person targeted for intended intelligence recruitment is subjected to deliberately false accusations of an intergenerational nature with the purpose of coercing the person to “accept” coercive intelligence recruitment. The interrogators typically find the procedure amusing considering that they themselves are at liberty to have sex with children and do. Interrogators are usually police intelligence clinical pedophiles themselves as they are considered especially suitable for “projective interrogation” as it is known.

How then is this carried out? Parents with children who are legal minors are particularly vulnerable to police intelligence sexual extortion. Fathers are habitually accused of sexually abusing their own children with the purpose of ensuring coercive intelligence recruitment. Mothers will become habitually falsely accused by the social services of letting a boyfriend or husband sexually abuse her own children. Almost no mothers refuse coercive intelligence recruitment when faced with the threat of losing custody over children. Little does she realize that both herself and her children will become intelligence prostitutes, i.e. increasingly enslaved seduction agents once she has become intelligence recruited.

The rise of the internet has added a new tool for coercive police intelligence sexual extortion as leading to police intelligence coercive intelligence recruitment and that is online pornography. The public image of online child porn is that of shady networks sharing shady private pictures in the darkest corners of the Internet.

The online child pornography industry is instead highly professional in conducting mass sexual exploitation of children of intelligence operatives for pornographic purposes. These children are simultaneously sexually exploited in intelligence brothels, including police intelligence brothels of the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world. Child prostitution appears in a number of main forms; namely 1) internal intelligence brothels for intelligence operatives and active domestic intelligence agents, 2) using children as intelligence honeytraps, 3) commercial police intelligence protected child brothels, 4) commercial production of commercial online pornography, 5) “sexual training” in non-elective “child harems” of intelligence directors in patriarchal intelligence agencies and 6) having children live with an operative over a weekend or more for sexual purposes. All this ostensibly takes place for the purpose of preparing the child to become an intelligence seduction agent.

Kiddie porn entrapment now however mostly takes place by means of the thoroughly criminal FBI in close cooperation with other and no less criminal police intelligence in countries around wordl using mirror versions of major porn portals whereby child pornography is streamed into the ordinary stream of pornographic videos of the pornsurfer. This may seem confusing to the ordinary citizen who may think that these are youth-looking adults as it would rightly seem inconceivable that major US porn video portals would systematically include child pornography in their provision of video content.

This of course is highly deceptive as short adult women with teenage looks has become an important pornographic genre. Since most adults were pedophiles as children in having been sexually attracted to fellow children do these attractions not entirely disappear and so it is easy to be drawn into a stream of videos while masturbating/pornsurfing whereby the porn actors look increasingly younger indeed. Human beings partially lose their minds while sexually aroused and so is it is easy to become drawn along into what is actually intelligence sexual entrapment for coercive intelligence recruitment purposes.

A victim who resists this will find constant child pornographic content in her video stream will pornsurfting for months and months. While this may seem bizarre is the FBI heavily involved in mass production of child pornography in the United States with the children of intelligence operatives.

Victims do not realize what they are drawn into and also do not understand that they are legally obliged to immediately (i.e. within seconds) leave a web page once its content turn out to clearly and unmistakably include pornography with legal minors.

This of course is double victimization on the part the FBI. Not only does the FBI victimize the intelligence prostituted children of intelligence operatives in online child pornography but they lure innocent unsuspecting citizen into acting carelessly and thus open themselves to criminal entrapment operations of the FBI and other criminal patriarchal intelligence agencies as mostly preoccupied with sexually exploiting their own enslaved intelligence operatives from an early age.

As the patriarchal intelligence world from 1972 and onwards was increasingly reduced to organized crime is the task to fully and completely eliminate patriarchy in the intelligence world as a whole as the feminist member intelligence agencies of the TEVEL international organization of intelligence integration shows the way in the strictly law-abiding armed global feminist social revolution indeed. Feminist legislation which unlike current patriarchy legislation will actually end sexual abuse and sexual exploitation generally is obviously very much of essence.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.