Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Ivankatrump (1)The people of America paid a most heavy price in liberating Western Europe from Nazi totalitarianism and subsequently defending it against Communist totalitarianism.

In 1950 on Israel’s initiative was the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV) established so as to always safeguard liberal democracy from threats posed by enemies of open society. In 1958 was a similar body created in the United States and this time too on Israel’s initiative in order so as to make sure that enemies of open society would never be able to usurp liberal democracy for anti-democratic purposes. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) is along with the BfV unique in the traditional intelligence world in never having enslaved its intelligence operatives as well as being committed to abide by law.

If you are American and seriously run for the federal Congress or state Congress will you probably become protectively recruited by the OPC without coercion and the OPC will train you in politics, fundraising and public relations along with you becoming a James Bond style elite intelligence operative. Intelligence training in the OPC is voluntary and an intelligence operative is able at any time to retire from active service. If you seriously run for president and sincerely support the values of freedom and representative government will you become sponsored in terms of training and become protectively recruited by the OPC which will give you full support in every way for you to be able to compete against the other OPC candidates. Every US president since John F. Kennedy has been elected with the aid of the OPC which is strictly non-partisan.

America suffered considerable enemy intelligence infiltration from both the Gestapo (including from 1945 and onwards after the Gestapo relocated from Berlin to Buenos Aires) and the KGB which at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union was largely controlled by the then Argentina-based Gestapo. While the FBI and the CIA fell under significant Gestapo influence did the OPC largely succeed in remaining independent and faithful in service to democracy and open society.

The examples of the American OPC and the similarly ethical and democratically faithful BfV in Germany clearly shows that every democracy needs its own empowered Office for the Protection of the Constitution in order so as to curb abuses and crime in the intelligence world and defend liberty from threats posed by enemies of society. As the OPC managed to protect the central institutions of democracy including the Supreme Court, Congress and the White House did the OPC succeed to a significant extent in protecting American democracy from the significant threat as posed by international totalitarianism; including after the FBI in 2005 was taken over from the then Buenos Aires based Gestapo international intelligence agency by the then Saudi-based Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood political Jihadist international intelligence agency which is now based in Ankara, Turkey to which the Gestapo also relocated after a year in North Korea after having evacuated Argentina in 2016.

The OPC in having for decades fought intelligence wars against totalitarianism now faces the challenge of cleaning the American intelligence community from the influence of foreign totalitarian intelligence agencies. Past difficult challenges have included handling US presidents whom it turned out were intelligence agents of one or more foreign intelligence agency whether friendly or hostile. As the FBI similar to the closely associated Information Bureaus in Western Europe and Israel (the IBs control the police in those countries) now serve the creeping agenda of the MB is the challenge to end those enforced processes of Islamization and liberate the FBI from hostile foreign influence. The CIA remains under strong influence by the now Ankara-based Gestapo and as both the MB and the Gestapo now are Ankara-based does America certainly face a united enemy of increasingly embattled forces of totalitarianism, including al Qaida which too now is headquartered in Turkey. The CIA and the FBI are today essentially criminal organizations as thus largely controlled by foreign totalitarian intelligence agencies now headquartered in Muslim Brotherhood Turkey. Most of the rest of the American intelligence community has been liberated by the OPC by means of intelligence warfare and now is the challenge to wage major intelligence war so as to fully liberate the FBI and the CIA as well.

No country must be allowed to remain under or fall under the control or even influence of totalitarianism as totalitarianism must be defeated everywhere and so must not be given a haven anywhere on this planet. America as the center of freedom in the world needs obviously clean itself from this nefarious foreign influence and not least so as in order so to be able to help defend other free nations which as it happens all heavily depend on America, meaning in practice the OPC as currently (2017) led by Ivanka Trump, a committed feminist and an influential role model for women around the world.

The community of nations need to fully stand with the American Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) in this momentous struggle to free America from the nefarious influence of now Ankara-based totalitarian intelligence agencies. In the struggle against totalitarianism are we all Americans irrespective of what citizenship we hold.

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