Neurological Enslavement

Intelligence training also involves training in covert communication, both animal communication and communicating in coded language. The problem however arises as regards the relationship between the handler and the trainee/operative considering the covert relationship between the two. This opens up for abuse and exploitation considering the absence of transparency and independent judicial accountability in the patriarchal intelligence world.

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An intelligence trainee learning covert animal communication means becoming able to engage in subconscious communication made partly or entirely conscious as well as engaging in professional subconscious intelligence communication.

Almost every intelligence operative has a handler and in the 1972-2016 period did intelligence operatives in most intelligence agencies become increasingly enslaved by their handlers who in turn were typically enslaved by their own respective handlers. There was thus a hierarchic chain of operative-handler relationships which meant that abuse, exploitation and enslavement became the norm in most intelligence agencies worldwide.

If an intelligence operative was disobedient could the handler use violent communication to inflict neurological suffering. Much as neurological interpersonal contact enables communication is it also possible to project emotions. Take for example the case of an angry person yelling at another person. In most cases is the yelled-at person unable to avoid introjection as causing emotional discomfort, psychological suffering and often introjective reactive reciprocal anger. A yelled-at person typically experiences neurological discomfort and so neurological discomfort and even torment can thus also be conveyed by means of professional intelligence modes of animal communication as well.

Torture in animal communication is typically implemented by taking advantage of medical issues in typically making an existing issue worse in neurological experience. This was originally devised as a form of military discipline for operative conditions only but after 1972 did it become increasingly used to enslave and prostitute intelligence operatives.

Intelligence prostitution includes not only operational sexual exploitation as a a seduction agent is expected to be have sex with any number of persons to attain operational goals and whether so by order or contingency such as surviving in hostile operational environments in foreign lands. Intelligence prostitution also includes “recreational” intelligence prostitution whereby highly sexually attractive intelligence operatives are sexually exploited by intelligence directors at all levels of hierarchy. The thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world is effectively able to recruit almost any ordinary citizen and highly sexually attractive celebrities are not only valued as effective agents of seduction (most humans are ready for sex with attractive celebrities) but are used as “rewards” in operatives being granted time with a prostituted celebrity at an intelligence brothel as subsequent to post-operational debriefing.

Children of intelligence operatives are trained to become agents of seduction from an early age and intelligence directors maintain special kindergartens (colloquially known in the intelligence world as “child brothels”) where children of intelligence operatives are not only sexually exploited by intelligence directors but also by their guests, in sex parties with compulsory participation for invited intelligence operatives, for production of commercial child prostitution as well as producing highly profitable child pornography. Indeed is the online child pornography industry globally owned and operated by intelligence directors of the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world. Sexual extortion (including by police intelligence) is furthermore a standard operation means of both coercive intelligence recruitment and commanding and controlling intelligence operatives.

Since physical pain and psychological pain alike typically become aggravated by fears are various standard operational means used to scare and frighten intelligence trainees/operatives into submission. Scaring a trainee/operative may be done by impliciting threatening a whistleblower such as by phone, texting or social media; sending a letter of extortion, by deployment of intelligence operatives in public space, by deployment of police intelligence trained government bureaucrats, e.g. particular employees of police, social services, the tax authority, psychiatric staff, the prosecutor’s office etc. but also by means of intimidating intelligence communication so as to frighten a whistleblower into submission.

The intelligence world in the 1972-2016 period increasingly became a hierarchy of exploitative abuse and mistreatment. As skilled criminals were commonly recruited as intelligence operatives did most of the intelligence world during this period become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime and the generally criminal intelligence directors came to significantly economically benefit from economic crime, from drug trafficking and from human trafficking in migrants and enslavement for prostitution and otherwise. As intelligence operatives normally have immunity from prosecution unless very overtly publicly exposed in the general media do the police and the judicial system not substantially interfere with professional organized crime as run by the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world.

Whistleblowers are generally dealt with by one or more standard operational formats. Which method that is deployed is dependent as to the perceived “usefulness” of the trainee/operative. Execution is meted out almost by default unless it is determined that the trainee/operative is deemed sufficiently “useful”.

Execution is widely meted out in the intelligence world without any significant judicial process and often does the handler simply make his own decision that the trainee/operative need be be “eliminated”. This approach is hence not fundamentally different from that of organized crime which the intelligence world indeed became increasingly symbiotic with during 1972-2016 period. The cause of death for executed trainees/operatives is usually stated as heart failure in the forensic report if there even is a forensic report.

If a whistleblower seeks the aid of a lawyer will the whistleblower invariably be met by an intelligence operatives, whether an intelligence trained actual lawyer or an intelligence operative posing as a lawyer. The ostensible or real lawyer will invariably contact police intelligence trained psychiatric employees and the whistleblower is thus discredited by one way or another becoming performatively declared somehow mentally incapable.

Another approach is that of drawing the victim into the online world of conspiracy theorists in compelling the victim to believe that s/he has become victimized by “a conspiracy” rather than by the thoroughly criminal intelligence world. This in turn may if there is perceived need be used as an excuse to dispatch police intelligence psychiatric staff against the victim. Persons deluded into believing in conspiracy theories are subsequently used for luring yet other victims into believing in conspiracy theories.

Persons in contact with employees of psychiatry and who complain about having been abused, harassed etc. by an intelligence agency such as for coercive recruitment or coercive intelligence training are almost never believed but are rather almost by default declared “insane” and “dealt with” accordingly. A patriarchal intelligence agency thus does not only protect itself from independent scrutiny and judicial accountability but even a domestic victim of a hostile foreign intelligence agency is discredited by default by police intelligence trained psychiatric employees so as not publicly expose the general operational methods of the patriarchal intelligence world.

Deploying psychiatry as an extrajudicial penological measure was pioneered by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. This increasingly became standard procedure in Communist countries after the demise of Soviet totalitarian dictator Joseph Stalin in 1953 and in liberal democracies from 1972 until 2016 as the then Argentina-based Gestapo international intelligence agency partly or entirely asserted control over intelligence agencies of liberal democracies during this period.

A whistleblower who complains about intelligence world abuse to the police risks sexual abuse and even rape at the hands of police intelligence trained police officers and will either become accused of a fictional wrongdoing and exposed to mock accusation, mock interrogation and even a intelligence mock police intelligence trial or will simply be handed over by police intelligence to police intelligence trained employees of psychiatry so as to discredit the whistleblower and hence destroy any potential public credibility of the whistleblower.

Since the judicial system is subject to practices of protective recruitment are prosecutors and judges subject to compulsory police intelligence training and this is widely abused by police intelligence for extra-judicially deploying prosecutors and judges as intelligence operatives in substantially interfering with legal process. This means that whistleblowers will find no friendly ears among neither prosecutors nor judges since they too are victims of the thoroughly criminal police intelligence and who therefore dare not disobey thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Since the practice of protective recruitment is widely abused are police intelligence recruited defense attorneys commonly deployed against their clients by police intelligence. There is thus no respect for client-lawyer confidentiality as police intelligence taps and bugs anyone it so wants and simply have no qualms about electronically recording any number of legally confidential conversations between client and lawyer.

With the exception of issues of mass surveillance is there virtually no critical coverage in the general media about abuses in the intelligence world. This is obviously not due to absence of abuse as it would be highly peculiar indeed if there was no abuse in the intelligence world just as there is in other sectors of society but journalists are rather threatened, intimidated, coercively recruited and even executed so as to cover the tracks and prevent public exposure. These are not mere exceptions but standard procedure indeed as the perpetuation of abusive, exploitative and generally criminal practices of the patriarchal intelligence world is entirely dependent upon preventing public disclosure.

Police intelligence coercive so called “protective recruitment” of journalists and especially managing editors, directors and owners of media organizations thus became an increasing threat to open society during the 1972-2016 period. However as in principle can anyone sufficiently intelligent become a citizen journalist is critical investigative intelligence journalism about abuse, exploitation and crime in the intelligence world extremely essential indeed.

Further mechanisms need be established to monitor and document abuse, exploitation and crime in the intelligence world. There needs be public telephone helplines for victims of intelligence world misdemeanors. There needs be independent and public courts of law that will publicly prosecute criminal offenses as committed in the intelligence world. Victims of intelligence abuse need be supported and rehabilitated rather than abused, discredited and humiliated. Crime needs be eradicated in the intelligence world and that requires optimal transparency in reducing secrecy to a bare necessary minimum and usually so by means of partial disclosure. Citizens and residents alike importantly need be given the tools, knowledge and awareness so as be able to defend themselves against abuse from intelligence organizations. There crucially needs be independent ombudsmen for intelligence abuse. Intelligence organizations need become as transparent as possible and so the full names of intelligence operatives need become public record indeed. International intelligence cooperation should focus on eliminating abuse, exploitation and crime in the intelligence world and should thus not sillily waste time, operatives and resources on intelligence penetration of friendly genuine allies in the intelligence world.

Intelligence agencies themselves, the judicial system, healthcare, other government agencies; civil society and the private sector should rather make every effort to protect citizens and residents alike from abuse, exploitation and crime generally from and within the intelligence world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.