National Office for the Protection of Democracy

The US civil rights movement was organized and trained by the Misrad intelligence organization, i.e. by the National Office for the Protection of Democracy.

The National Office for the Protection of Democracy (usually known as the Misrad) was founded in 1953 by Israel’s first hereditary head of state as the executive global intelligence service of Israel’s hereditary head of state.

Although the Misrad (National Office for the Protection of Democracy) is an an intelligence organization with global reach is the Misrad actually the formal name of Israel’s secretive Royal Court as set up to defend democracy & open society at all cost everywhere around the world.

The Misrad was set up as the supervisory body of the Israeli intelligence community in 1953 and the Misrad eventually became the supervisory body of all Western intelligence agencies as Israel’s first hereditary head of state (Operative 001) ultimately came to head as part of the Misrad global intelligence war effort against the Soviet bloc.

Despite the name National Office for the Protection of Democracy is the Misrad not tasked with narrowly promoting Israeli national interests but rather with defending and furthering emancipation, freedom and democracy everywhere. The word “National” in the formal name of the Misrad is due to the Misrad originally having been tasked with supervising the Israeli intelligence community. As Operative 001 in his capacity as the recognized so called “reincarnation of god” of Sabbatean Judaism came to head more and more intelligence agencies in various countries did the Misrad supervise those as well.

In being Israel’s formally incorporated highly secretive Royal Court was the Misrad tasked with acting in an entirely impartial manner as relating to potential and actual conflicts of interest between countries whose core interests the Misrad had been tasked to defend.

The Misrad fully controlled the Israeli intelligence community until this in the late 1960s became increasingly influenced by the then Argentina-based Gestapo which in 1972 managed to wrest full control over the Lishka, Israeli police intelligence (the Israeli IB) and all other Western police intelligence agencies which it controlled until these came under the control of Ankara-based MB intelligence in 2005. Since the Israeli intelligence community pools their operatives for operative purposes did the Gestapo through the Lishka came to terrorize intelligence operatives of the Mossad (international intelligence), the Aman (military intelligence) and the Shabak (domestic security intelligence, including many members of Israel’s first family.

The Misrad despite losing control over the Lishka remained the operative center of the Mossad, the Aman and the Shabak. As governments of many countries tasked the Misrad with training their own national intelligence services did the Misrad institute a policy of strict impartiality between countries which the Misrad faithfully serves.

The Misrad in constituting Israel’s highly secretive Royal Court was thus never controlled by any other intelligence agency. The Misrad was tasked with the performing protective recruitment on behalf of all Western military intelligence agencies and although technically carried out by the Mossad did the Mossad always do so on behalf the Misrad.

With the demise of Operative 001 in 1972 did a leadership vacuum emerge as Israel’s second hereditary head of state, Operative 002; the next so called “recognized reincarnation of god” in Sabbatean Judaism was only born in 1973. The then Argentina-based Gestapo used this power vacuum to gain full control over the Lishka and wrest partial indirect control over the Mossad, the Aman and the Shabak.

Operative 002 as Israel’s second hereditary head of state from an early age directed the Misrad under extremely difficult operative conditions. It is essential to point out that the Misrad was never tasked with promoting Israeli national interests over Israel’s partner nations and has remained strictly impartial in those respects and thus did not abuse the confidence of national protective recruitment abroad for promoting Israel’s own interests. The Mossad’s global protective recruitment operations were always performed on behalf of the respective national military intelligence agency in each partner nation and the Misrad never abused abuse this confidence for promoting Israeli interests. Thus did the Mossad protectively recruit members of parliament in democracies worldwide with the main exception of the United States where it is performed by the OPC (Office for the Protection of Constitution) as set up on the initiative of Operative 001 in 1958.

The Misrad led the free world in intelligence warfare throughout the Cold war in crushing and defeating the Soviet bloc and subsequently led the 2010-2012 revolutions in the Arabophonie. In 2016 was the Mossad disbanded and became supplanted by the TEVEL (then the Political Action and Liaison Department of the Mossad) which in 2017 became a non-Israeli international organization of intelligence cooperation for pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike.

Operative 002, Israel’s second hereditary head of state as born in 1973 heads the TEVEL and directs it through the Misrad. The Misrad has since its founding in 1953 been tasked with promoting emancipation, freedom and democracy everywhere and also promotes the interests of all the peoples of all countries where Operative 002 serves as covert hereditary head of state. The Misrad is also tasked with ensuring the security of Israel’s large global royal family and so is the Misrad today an international operation rather than as originally an Israeli one. Although originally an Israeli intelligence organization is the Misrad the core of the TEVEL and is as such concerned with promoting the genuine interests of all peoples, including stateless peoples such as the Palestinians.

The Misrad always exercised a high degree of control over the TEVEL while it was a department within the Mossad and the Misrad is now the core of the TEVEL international organization for pro-democratic intelligence cooperation. It is thus precisely essential to emphasize that neither the Misrad nor the TEVEL are Israeli intelligence organizations but are rather precisely preoccupied with the defense and furtherance of emancipation, freedom and democracy worldwide in the interest of every human people on this shared blue planet of ours.

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