Intelligence warfare as warfare generally is based on an increasingly advanced development of LOGICS. Military science is no different than other sciences in that previous paradigms seem distinctly stupid, ridiculous and irrational indeed. This is because there is advance in methodology of logical application. The only problem with this is that we do not recognize the crack in the mirror, the dyslogics of contemporary strategic paradigm. This is because we are taught NOT TO THINK which is militarily irrational as asymmetric warfare is usually won by innovation and not by brute force alone and today’s wars are predominantly asymmetric. It is notable that quantitative inferiors usually defeat quantitative superiors in asymmetric warfare.


The Mossad was created from out of the Zionist movement which in turn was founded by Nietzschean Jewish intellectuals in 1890s. The Mossad was founded as a sort perversion, indeed structural misunderstanding of the profound philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Friedrich Nietzsche the Hebrew prophet was homosexual and admired Jewish men for being feminine. His project for the Jewish reinvention of Europe was indeed one of gay science and certainly not one of Der Muskeljude which became the ethos of the Dönmeh GREATER MOSSAD intelligence empire which turned from one of aristocratic ideals of gynocentric court etiquette into a global criminal prostitution network after having become largely hijacked by the then Argentina-based GESTAPO INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY to highly varying degrees in 1972.

Mossad psychology is a pseudo-science which became adopted by the entire intelligence world despite its sexist and unscientific nature as based on the three pillars of biological determinism, psychoanalysis and behaviorism. Behaviorism of course is scientific although surely only explaining part of human behavior. Psychoanalysis has no scientific founding in psychology but is rather rabbinical psychology as turned into literary science. Rabbinical psychology is highly scientific as founded in ancient Sumerian scientific psychology. Biological determinism of course is as social determinism simply pseudo-scientific nonsense without solid founding in science.

Mossadyslogy was founded with the purpose of realizing the Nietzschean SUPERPERSON, namely humanity as liberated from moral prejudice. The abolition of the Mossad in 2016 as supplanted by the TEVEL which became an international organization of intelligence cooperation in 2017 meant that the gradual phasing out of the pseudo-scientific nonsense of mossadyslogy gained increasing speed.

What is now needed is a feminist science of applied intelligence psychology, including feminist seduction science without necessitating sexual intercourse. Gender science is the only solid foundation of seduction science as anything else is mere pseudoscientific sexist nonsense.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.