Modern History of Sexual Harassment against the LGBTQI Community

metoo-2859980_1280The phallocentric pseudo-science of sexology emerged in the second half of the 20th century and so were the sexual races invented in Europe as parallel to the imaginary races of complexion. The entirely unwarranted pathologization of virtually all forms of non-procreative sexual intimacy meant that the state was given a licence for engaging in persecution against the newly invented purported sexual minorities as if human sexuality were taxonomic rather than ever-fluid. The newly created purported minorities of desire were hence regarded to varying degrees as mentally ill and criminal and subjected to police persecution and psychiatric abuses.

This official state anti-LGBTQI harassment emerged in Europe and then spread to the rest of the human world. In the second part of the 20th century did the process of LGBTQI emancipation commence and one of the first steps was removing the diagnosis of homosexuality as an ostensible form of mental illness. As LGBTQI emancipation advanced in liberal democracies were police sexual harassment and persecution against the LGBTQI community increasingly performed by police intelligence as mostly using plainclothes undercover police officers and relatively inconspicuous police intelligence operatives.

The development and extensive global growth of the intelligence world in in the 20th century where an intelligence operative is both professional killer and seduction agent (intelligence prostitute) meant that police sexual harassment against sexually attractive LGBTQI persons with overt lifestyles became a convenient pretext for coercive intelligence recruitment.

The methods are diverse but the goals are not. This is performed by deliberately falsely accusing the LGBTQI victim of being a criminal (usually as relating to sex) in deploying various manipulative means to extract some kind of false confession. E.g. may the victim become provoked into apologizing, seeking to verbally reconcile with the police, providing an explanation or engaging in lying/denying/blaming, becoming manipulated “to promise not to do it again” despite not ever having done such as thing; all of which is treated as constituting confession. Extracting false confessions is in fact common procedure in the police world globally. The police typically manipulatively lies in order to extract false confessions which is effective because the public mistakenly trusts the police to tell the truth.

The other main approach is illegal sexual (and other) entrapment operations in deploying illegal methods from the intelligence world against sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles. The purpose here is to systematically provoke a victim into committing a legal infringement after which the police will interrogate the LGBTQI victim and offer the victim a choice between prosecution and intelligence recruitment into what turns out to include intelligence prostitution.

Since intelligence methods are generally deployed and the police have their own intelligence branch which is integrated with the rest of the intelligence community is police sexual extortion the main venue for coercive intelligence recruitment in liberal democracies as indeed not only the LGBTQI community is targeted. The intelligence world in liberal democracies engages in large-scale so called “protective recruitment” against activists, members of elites, members of civil society and government employees so as to “protect them” from becoming recruited by enemy intelligence agencies.

Intelligence recruitment is often “voluntary” in a targeted person typically becoming recruited by the security department of her employer. However, LGBTQI victims are in contrast typically coercively recruited and this is done by means of police mock interrogation and/or illegal sexual (and other) police intelligence entrapment operations. The use of intentionally inconspicuous intelligence operational methods may make the harassment seem random but most of the sexual harassment against the LGBTQI community is anything but random but is rather systematically organized by the police. The main difference between most democracies and most dictatorships is that the police uses far more covert operational methods in liberal democracies while in dictatorships does the police usually not really hide that they themselves organize anti-LGBTQI persecution.

Indeed, the LGBTQI community was openly persecuted in liberal democracies as well as prior to LGBTQI emancipation, e.g. the infamous overt police mass persecution against the LGBTQI community in the United States in the 1950s. Increasingly advanced LGBTQI emancipation in liberal democracies did not end the ever-increasing need for more and more combatants in ever-growing global intelligence wars and sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles continued to be regarded as highly suitable potential recruits.

LGBTQI victims ought be encouraged to start blogs, act strictly ethically, never make an unfounded “acknowledgment of wrongdoing” to anyone, remain strictly law-abiding under all circumstances, never give in to extortion, provocation or deception and avoid reporting crimes to the police since it is common for police agents to commit crimes against an LGBTQI victim in order so as to provoke the victim to file a complaint so as to gain an excuse for formally interrogating the LGBTQI victim and pretending to “suspect” the victim of criminal wrongdoing with the purpose of coercing the LGBTQI victim into recruitment as a “police agent” as inevitably leading to intelligence enslavement and intelligence prostitution indeed.

Intelligence operatives are not subjected to the jurisdiction of civilian courts but rather to secret military courts which in practice are mostly used for purposes of exercising control over intelligence operatives rather than law enforcement. Since more and more police officers are given intelligence training in order so as to combat organized crime do police forces more and more gain the character of criminal organizations considering the lawless nature of the intelligence world and the fact that most police officers in every country are corrupt and do accept bribes. This is the main reason why such a low ratio of reported crimes are ever resolved. The intelligence world has close ties with organized crime and largely protects it considering that skilled criminals are considered highly suitable as intelligence operatives. The intelligence world also coercively recruits investigative journalists who engage in critical investigation as seen as a threat to the intelligence world.

The best way to help end police-organized sexual and other anti-LGBTQI harassment is however to publicly expose it by means of blogging, citizen journalism, investigative journalism and by making documentary films. However, caution is advised since the intelligence world in liberal democracies occasionally organizes show trials against public personalities but are not allowed to do so against ordinary citizens for fear of judicial public exposure. The whistleblower should thus expose criminal practices without in the practice becoming a celebrity herself whether online or IRL and so it is helpful to found an organization rather than becoming a public persona whether by real name or by pseudonym.

Victims ought also be aware that while courts of law may be biased against LGBTQI persons is it important to not become manipulated by police threats of prosecution since the courts in countries where LGBTQI persons have become formally emancipated are generally not party to anti-LGBTQI persecution although the prosecutor’s office as approving anti-LGBTQI persecution under the guise of “investigation”, “surveillance” and “risk of crime” consider themselves as entitled to arbitrarily stigmatize any sexually attractive person with an overt LGBTQI lifestyle as ostensibly a potential “criminal”. As these practices are authorized as well as aided and abetted by intelligence community is any and all crimes as committed in the process justified by recourse to “national security”, “public safety”, “protecting covert operations” and the like.

LGBTQI victims in dictatorships may have little choice but to escape to liberal democracies where they however will typically face pressure to accept intelligence recruitment in order to gain asylum. It is well-known that this is so in Israel where Palestinian LGBTQI refugees seeking asylum in Israel are pressured to accept intelligence recruitment in order so as to be given asylum in Israel but it is much lesser known that intelligence agencies in other liberal democracies behave the same way towards LGBTQI asylum seekers.

Blogging is however a powerful tool and especially group blogging. Yet victims are advised to exercise caution in understanding that the purpose is public documentation and so exposure comes later when this increasingly becomes publicly known as LGBTQI victim blogging spreads as an online phenomenon. Anyone, even your spouse or best friend may become coercively recruited into becoming a citizen interrogator and so trust, check and verify; yet always act with high ethical standards, be meticulously law-abiding and never provide an unfounded “acknowledgment of wrongdoing” to anyone ever as any conversation may be a taped informal police interrogation.

Threatening to destroy the reputation of LGBTQI persons by stigmatizing them as a potentially dangerous sex criminals and smearing them as mentally ill and thus as an ostensible threat to public safety is simply how police anti-LGBTQI persecution always operated and still operates even in liberal democracies and so the many repugnant criminal practices of the police itself require comprehensive public exposure indeed.

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