Liquidating Police Intelligence

Police forces in economically developed countries are increasingly intelligence trained, meaning that they have been trained in virtually all criminal skills so as to be able to penetrate organized crime. This has also meant that the police has increasingly been taken over by police intelligence with its as it happens symbiotic relationship with organized crime.

Protecting the innocent is a primary objective in legitimate defensive warfare.

Intelligence operatives are not bound by civilian law in the sense that they cannot normally be prosecuted in civilian courts unless very highly extremely publicly exposed in criminal misdemeanor or specifically consenting to public prosecution.

Police officers in national (as opposed to local and regional) police forces in economically developed liberal democracies are now virtually universally intelligence trained which means that they in practice are free to break the law as much as they please as long as not risking public exposure.

The police therefore increasingly engages in crime as operational method against anyone whom they see fit to target and that certainly includes anyone both sexually attractive and overtly LGBTQI in public space. The police have always harassed LGBTQI people although in liberal democracies where LGBTQI people have been emancipated is it now mostly performed by plainclothes agents. Transgender people are the ones most heavily targeted by police “investigation”, “surveillance” and “interrogation”, all used as metaphors for systematic police persecution against sexually attractive non-binary transgender persons.

Intelligence trained police officers do constantly commit crimes while in undercover roles in penetrating the criminal world. The protectively recruited prosecutors do condone the police systematically harassing anyone whom police “investigates” with prosecutor approval. They do so as protectively recruited prosecutors each have their own handlers in police intelligence whose orders they must obey no matter what or they will face dismissal, police intelligence harassment and even execution as capital punishment is liberally meted out in the intelligence world. Current practices of protective recruitment by police intelligence have hence meant that the legal system is increasingly controlled by police intelligence which acts increasingly in complete disregard for law.

How then can it be that this organized police intelligence sexual harassment continues with LGBTQI-friendly elected politicians seemingly not doing anything to stop it? This is due to the intelligence world not being under the control of elected politicians and police intelligence will generally intimidate and coercively (nominally “protectively”) recruit journalists performing investigative journalism in intelligence affairs. In fact are journalists themselves like most other elites in society subjected to competing practices of protective recruitment by police intelligence and military intelligence respectively.

Police intelligence performs organized harassment against anyone whom they simply wish to harass since there is virtually no democratic supervision or journalistic supervision of the patriarchal intelligence world as it became increasingly totalitarian during the 1972-2016 period.

Practices of protective recruitment are systematically abused by police intelligence in turning civil servants into intelligence tools, meaning that they are effectively enslaved and forced to obey their handlers in police intelligence or face severe consequences indeed.

Highly skilled criminals are highly valued as intelligence operatives in the patriarchal intelligence world and that in effect increasingly created a symbiotic relationship between police intelligence and organized crime. Career criminals who are trained intelligence operatives are thus at liberty to freely commit crimes and do not risk prosecution in civilian courts since they are protected by the corrupt secret military courts whose judges act on instructions of their respective intelligence handlers.

Police, the tax authority, social services, psychiatry, any government agency and even private sector employees are thus deployed as often coercively recruited police agents in trying to destroy the reputation and life of anyone whom police intelligence seeks to victimize for whatever reason since there is virtually no democratic or journalistic supervision of the patriarchal intelligence world with its institutionalized systemic abuses. Elected politicians really cannot do anything since they are already protectively recruited and thus enslaved in typically being torn between contradictory instructions from handlers in police intelligence and military intelligence respectively.

Protective recruitment was meant to protect national independence and protect domestic elites from foreign intelligence recruitment. Military protective recruitment is performed by Israeli intelligence on behalf of national military intelligence in not only democracies but also in many non-democracies. Police intelligence was also trained by Israelis from 1962 to 1972 after which the Argentina-based Gestapo wrested control over the the FBI in the US, the IBs in Western Europe and Israel as well as similar police intelligence outfits in other established democracies until this network was captured by the Ankara-based AKP/MB intelligence in 2005.

Politicians thus have no control whatsoever over what became the increasingly criminal police intelligence. Obviously would leftwing, green, liberal and conservative politicians alike immediately put an end to anti-LGBTQI harassment by police intelligence if they only could. Even those conservative members of parliament who favor privileging heteronormativity would certainly not condone police intelligence continuing to commit crimes against sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles.

Yet as the intelligence world is beyond the control of elected politicians and as journalists who commence asking questions will face severe consequences is there virtually no public scrutiny against the patriarchal intelligence world. Police intelligence persecution is perpetrated with several objectives in mind. 1) maintaining structural oppressions of ideological hegemony even if the police “feels that they need to break the law in the process” which means harassing anyone seen as a threat to the patriarchal order in society. 2) Constantly expanding protective recruitment with the purpose of a) increasing police intelligence control over society in the name of “security” and “crime prevention” while constantly b) finding new recruits in the long since permanent and ever-expanding intelligence wars between police intelligence and military intelligence in virtually all established liberal democracies. 3) Discrediting, disabling and/or otherwise neutralizing any person or sector deemed “a threat” to the patriarchal intelligence world generally and specifically deemed so by Ankara-based MB intelligence and their political agenda of ‘soft Islamization’.

Military intelligence thus has no choice but to drastically expand, intensify and accelerate intelligence warfare against the thoroughly criminal police intelligence. The police is a thoroughly criminal institution as even ordinary police officers who have not undergone intelligence training are virtually always corrupt and do engage in systemic sexual exploitation of vulnerable persons deemed sexually attractive by exploitative police officers. Since prosecutors are protectively recruited by police intelligence are police officers in practice free to accept as much bribes as they want and sexually exploit as many members of the public as they please as they in most cases do not really risk prosecution unless having already been highly publicly exposed indeed.

This is to be sure not a call for disobedience against law but rather a call for domestic law-enforcement in defense of liberal democracy and open society. Police officers who have used their office to sexually exploit members of the public have not only forfeited their right to serve but furthermore their right to life. Police intelligence did originally receive orders from military intelligence but have since engaged in systemic criminal subordination. This means that the now reformed court system in military intelligence needs become significantly expanded in sentencing each and every police officers to execution who has engaged in sexual exploitation against members of the public while in service.

Most police officers of all genders are not only corrupt but habitually sexually exploit vulnerable members of the public and so most police officers will need to be sentenced to execution under military laws which the criminal traitors running police intelligence have illegally rebelled against. It is the task of the military to defend democracy and open society under law against all threats and so there is no choice but to sentence criminal police officers to execution under military law and supplant these patriarchal thugs with government-salaried feminist para-military forces as tasked with upholding freedom and democracy in abolishing patriarchy/ethnocracy, including by means of criminalization of structural oppression generally.

There is no choice but to defend democracy against enemies of open society and hence military intelligence really has no choice but to liberate citizens who have been enslaved by the treasonous and thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Contrary to what most citizens presume does the military jurisprudence have jurisdiction everywhere and so this essential law-enforcement on the part of military intelligence must be in strict conformance with military law.

To be sure should none of this be construed as incitement against the police but rather that military intelligence simply has no choice but to wage major intelligence war against police-protected organized crime, including the criminal police intelligence itself and criminal police officers. Intelligence war in defense of freedom, emancipation and representative government is the most legitimate thing as open societies do not remain free unless defended by all optimally moral means necessary as permitted under the laws of war. This means that enemy structures must be fully liquidated in full compliance with both national military law and the laws of war. There can be no peace with or tolerance for traitors and other criminals. Full liquidation of all enemy combatants without taking prisoners (except in cases where required to do so under law) is undoubtedly the best strategy in contemporary warfare.

Law and order needs be restored in defense of freedom, emancipation and representative government. As military intelligence and many civilian intelligence agencies in liberal democracies have already been successfully reconstructed under the aegis of the TEVEL international intelligence organization is the democratic world now strong enough for taking on the task of liquidating organized crime including the thoroughly criminal police intelligence and any police officers who have coercively sexually exploited members of the public during service.

Freedom is not free and must be defended at all cost even when this means waging major intelligence warfare. The lawless and criminal police intelligence as subservient to their MB intelligence handlers in Ankara are fully complicit in high treason and the punishment for high treason under military law in all liberal democracies is nothing short of capital punishment.

The police does not have jurisdiction over military affairs and they have rather rebelled against military law and military jurisdiction in their own corrupt secret courts being illegal as they have no connection whatsoever with the military sector and are therefore neither military nor courts but rather criminal civilian institutions as operating in contravention of both military law and civilian law.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.