Jihadist Persecution in Europe

Islamization is a social phenomenon as amenable to be studied by historians, sociologists and critical theorists alike. Islamization has occurred in many countries and may be sudden and violent but is usually slow, creeping and incremental.

Turkey’s Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan performs the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Rabia hand sign. Please note the similarity with the Nazi equivalent hand sign as importantly also performed by Jihadist Hezbollah in Lebanon. (Image by r4bia.com)

Islam historically spread both through trade and conquest and sometimes both. Conversion to Islam was typically motivated by individual considerations of gaining enhanced socio-economic individual status in society, yet there are innumerable cases of coerced conversions in the history of Islam, including numerous documented cases of coerced mass conversion to Islam. The spread of Islam as a form of religious imperialism was thus largely motivated by economic, social and statist considerations although there has always been cases of individual pious conversions. The Arabic term for structural oppression is thus Islam (Arabic for “submission”) as that is indeed how structural oppression is referred to in culturally Muslim vocabulary. This of course is not to imply that other religions ought not be critiqued as well but rather that critique needs to be non-prejudicially and specifically applied to each and every human civilization as critique of religion is the very foundation of critique of civilization.

The Islamist movement as a form of modern totalitarianism became strongly inspired by other forms of modern totalitarianism, including particularly Ba’athism, Communism and Nazism. As all forms of modern totalitarianism is Islamism organized, propagated and disseminated by totalitarian intelligence agencies and so have globalized processes of Islamization been engineered by the then Saudi-based and now Ankara-based Wahhabi intelligence agencies; namely the crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood international intelligence agency (MB), Salafi Intelligence (SI) as operating Salafism and worldwide Salafi Jihadism and the Islamization intelligence agency as tasked with increasingly hijacking Sufism. Parallel processes were engineered in the Shia sector worldwide by the Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) intelligence agency.

All this is important to keep in mind when considering current ongoing processes of enforced Islamization in Western Europe which as totalitarianism everywhere is engineered, propagated and disseminated by totalitarian intelligence agencies. Sunni Islam in many countries is thus increasingly hijacked by the Crypto-Wahhabi MB as deliberately and intentionally paving the way for DAESH-style Salafization as can indeed become increasingly observed in many Muslim neighborhoods of Western Europe.

During the Cold War in 1962 was an Israeli-initiated Pan-European network of domestic intelligence agencies established in Western Europe; the Information Bureaus and created to counter Soviet intelligence infiltration by means of domestic intelligence warfare, both against KGB agents and by means protective recruitment of those citizens deemed risking involuntary KGB intelligence recruitment. The Information Bureau (IB) always had a close relationship with Turkish intelligence and the MB near takeover in Turkey in the early 21st century enabled MB to capture the IBs as well, including the Israeli IB and hence the constant judicial harassment against the most senior Israeli conservative politicians. The Israeli and Western European IBs are basically the respective national police intelligence branches in those countries. This was intentionally devised this way during the Cold War period so as to prevent the police from becoming taken over by Soviet intelligence infiltration. However, the MB takeover of the IBs meant that the MB could deploy the IBs and thus the police itself as a tool for discreetly fighting any and all opponents and perceived adversaries of the international MB in Western Europe and Israel.

The IBs from having been founded as a tool against totalitarianism instead become a tool for totalitarianism. The IBs as founded by members of Israeli and Western European social democratic parties traditionally had a narrowly bureaucratic perception of democracy as a matter of organized collectivizing procedures and have thus since for the most part rather discreetly persecuted activists and virtually anyone else not conforming to the narrow IB procedural conception of democracy.

Western European governments have mostly withdrawn from Muslim suburbs in handing over effective control to sharia courts as controlled by Islamist intelligence agencies where the local population is effectively disenfranchised and terrorized by Jihadist vigilantes. The IBs as acting on behalf of AKP intelligence in Ankara organizes systematic, yet still usually discreet harassment against almost anyone publicly arguing against this colossal failure of democracy, law-enforcement and journalistic scrutiny alike.

As the police in Western European countries is effectively controlled by the respective national IB are European police forces (including especially police intelligence) used for the purpose of usually discreetly persecuting (i.e. harassing) social activists of all kinds, neo-conservative political parties, persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles, perceived or actual members of other “sexual minorities”, Kurds, feminists with roots in Muslim countries, politically active vegans and virtually anyone else deemed a threat to the MB agenda of ‘soft Islamization’. The withdrawal of police law-enforcement in Muslim Brotherhood-controlled neighborhoods of Western Europe is of course precisely ordered by the IBs on behalf of their MB intelligence handlers in Ankara. Yet, do police forces all over Western Europe and especially in Germany mostly discreetly engage in intense persecution against Kurdish feminist movements.

The Information Bureaus thus became a tool for what precisely they were set up to oppose, namely totalitarianism. As the police and the IBs became virtually identical is it more practical to abolish the police rather than trying to reform this aggressively oppressive patriarchal institution. The feminist revolution thus requires ending the current Para-Christian system of paragraphic law and supplanting it with ethical application of axiomatic law.

YPJ-style feminist self-defense units need to be organized across Europe and indeed around the world with the initial purpose of countering enforced Islamization and subsequently implement universal emancipation, including by means of criminalizing structural oppression generally. The feminist self-defense units will need to supplant the thoroughly corrupt patriarchal police. Yet in order to succeed will this change obviously need to happen within the framework of democracy and the rule of law as it currently is with the purpose of precisely undoing the essentially criminal patriarchy and thus the patriarchal cultural hegemony itself.

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