Intelligence Warfare

Espionage and security have a long historical trajectory as part of statecraft and warfare alike. What is little known to the public however is how intelligence warfare is conducted. The popular image of the intelligence combatant is that of the gentleman agent such as in the films about “James Bond”. These representations are partly realistic yet certainly do not show the full picture.

Feminist warfare is the way to comprehensively defeat the forces of totalitarianism worldwide.

An intelligence operative is first and foremost a trained criminal. Most are not criminals prior to intelligence training although some are considering that skilled civilian criminals are highly valued in the intelligence world. It is common to offer convicted criminals (and especially gruesome murderers) release on probation provided that they sign up for intelligence recruitment.

Physical technologies are central to intelligence warfare, meaning that just as weather such as wind is able to significantly affect the mood of almost any person are advanced physical technologies deployed so to influence the mood, behavior and emotions of an adversary or other target as are other operational means as and primarily so operational social interaction as intended to influence the behavior of a target.

Intelligence warfare is conducted covertly and the main activities are recruitment by seduction, assassination and break-in although fraudulent behavior generally is part of acting under assumed operational identities. The secret nature of intelligence warfare means that intelligence warfare is conducted in such a manner so as not risk operational exposure.

Intelligence seduction is designed to recruit agents and not only so in taking over foreign intelligence agencies but also often hijacking an entire power structure of a foreign country. The Gestapo (Nazi German intelligence) were masters in hijacking other countries by means of intelligence warfare and usually did so prior to invading other European countries. Yet the Gestapo hijacked non-European countries as well, including Iraq and Argentina and continued to hijack countries around the world after the Gestapo and the Nazi leadership including Adolf Hitler relocated to Argentina in 1945.

In 1945 were many Nazi propaganda specialists captured by the Red Army and so Nazi projective propaganda techniques became prominently deployed by Soviet propaganda as well which became officially Anti-Semitic in the 1950s due to the influence of these ex-German propagandists in the Soviet Union. Propaganda is typically a central part of intelligence warfare although historically speaking does correct information tend to eventually win out over political lies.

The Gestapo methods of intelligence conquest by means of hijacking elites of other countries was based on a sort of accelerated version of British imperialism and these Gestapo methods became the basis for the Soviet global pursuit of the Cold War. The many Gestapo proxy regimes around the world were in contrast in most cases allied with the United States and so the Cold War although in Europe being a conflict between democracy and communism was mostly a globalized continuation of the WW2 East Front between fascism and communism.

The popular image of spies and agents is that these are isolated “traitors” when in fact intelligence agencies systematically cannibalize each other so as to win influence over other countries and triple agents are thus valued as means to disinform adversaries.

With the rise of the Islamism as the major totalitarian movement after the discrediting of Fascism and Communism did Saudi-based and Iranian-based Jihadist intelligence agencies deploy the same means of attaining global dominance by hijacking elites in foreign countries.

Iranian Jihadist intelligence (IRGC) focused on deploying Middle Eastern Shias as well as taking over Latin American countries, something which brought them into conflict with the strongly Gestapo-influenced intelligence establishments of those countries. Hezbollah as part of the IRGC became heavily involved in the Latin American drug trade as Hezbollah indeed allied with the Latin American drug cartels and still use them for purposes of regional intelligence warfare. Saudi intelligence in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) similarly came into conflict with Gestapo intelligence assets in Europe and the US and in particular the then Gestapo-controlled Information Bureaus (IBs) to which European police forces are fully subservient and which thus came under MB control. The similarly Gestapo-controlled FBI (which is essentially the American IB) also came under MB control during the same period as beginning in 2005.

While the Muslim Brotherhood successfully won control over the IBs and and the FBI did the intelligence war between the IRGC and the Gestapo in Latin America continue. The modern history of intelligence warfare is thus largely a history of conflict among totalitarian movements rather than between democracy and dictatorship. The situation of the US effectively being allied with third world anti-communist proxies of the Gestapo indeed very much facilitated for the Gestapo to exercise significant intelligence influence over the CIA itself.

While Israeli intelligence was the main victor in the global war against Communism did much of the Israeli intelligence community fall under effective Gestapo control already in the 1970s, including the Israeli IB, the Lishkat haMode’in which controls the Israeli police. While Fascism and Communism faced defeat in WW2 and the Cold War respectively did Nazi and Soviet intelligence assets throughout the world certainly remain in place.

The slow military defeat of the Salafi Intelligence outfit known as the Islamic State Caliphate (DAESH) meant that Sunni Jihadism was increasingly discredited worldwide as Shia Jihadism had already been widely discredited by the systemic abuses of the IRGC regime itself.

Once a totalitarian ideology is discredited does it lose popular support and so faces political defeat as well. This is why the intelligence-propelled entities of totalitarianism are so focused on disseminating populist propaganda so as to gain popular support. Discrediting totalitarianism is therefore central to discrediting of the entities of totalitarianism as well.

With the defeat of DAESH did a convergence increasingly commence among totalitarian intelligence agencies whereby they increasingly began to align and integrate among themselves. This meant that the Buenos Aires based Gestapo intelligence agency relocated to Pyongyang as ruled by the racial supremacist Juche totalitarian regime and moved on to Ankara after facing strategic defeat in the intelligence war in the Korean peninsula. The domestic intelligence wars in GCC countries meant that previously Riyadh-based Jihadist intelligence services moved on to Ankara as well. As the now Ankara-centered Sunni Jihadist intelligence agencies aligned with the IRGC regime in Iran did the intelligence agencies of totalitarianism increasingly fully converge, including the smaller African totalitarian entities such as the the totalitarian Eritrean regime and the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) in East Africa.

The intelligence wars between totalitarian movements thus ended as totalitarian entities increasingly converged indeed. What thus ensued was not merely a war between democracy and totalitarianism but rather a war between totalitarianism and the rest of the international community.

The strategic task is now to bring the global intelligence war against totalitarianism to its conclusion although this will take time and require persistence and determination. The extremely successful strategy of covertly liquidating DAESH combatants behind their own lines needs to be replicated worldwide in eliminating combatants (intelligence combatants, terrorists, uniformed forces etc.) of totalitarian entities everywhere. Liquidating all militarily legitimate enemy human targets everywhere around the world needs hence become prioritized indeed.

This means that we need end looking at totalitarianism through the lens of “geopolitics” which successfully allowed the totalitarian entities to play divide and rule both in domestic politics and in international politics indeed. Totalitarianism is simply organized evil despite the populist facades and we need first physically eliminate all enemy human assets that are legitimate military targets under the laws of war.

When we pursue global asymmetric warfare against totalitarianism generally need we do that by sponsoring the allied “weak side” in every way necessary. Yet we also need a political horizon for winning the peace and not only the war. We need wage a war of extermination against the entities of totalitarianism and so kill every last human military asset of totalitarianism as allowed under the laws of war. The clean-up operations will need to be followed by mop-up operations as so successfully pursued by the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) feminist army in liberated areas of Syria/Rojava.

We need act in a rational and calibrated manner in seeking to subvert and eliminate every totalitarian entity by means of feminist warfare globally. This means that killing enemy combatants is no more a tactic to attain strategic goals but rather that the systematic elimination of each and every individual enemy combatant of totalitarianism everywhere by the united international community thus becomes the global military strategy itself.

While feminist warfare is restrained and calculating in choosing the time, place and means for battle is feminist warfare uncompromising in individually eliminating the ultra-masculinist totalitarian adversaries. Ask any woman and she will tell you that men are fools and so feminist warfare is the strategy and doctrine for ultimately bringing the war on totalitarianism to its successful conclusion with minimum innocent casualties. We need wage feminist social revolution worldwide in ending patriarchy everywhere as totalitarian entities exploit patriarchal structures wherever they can and we need also liberate feminism itself from totalitarian intelligence infiltration.

Feminist social revolution is peaceful wherever possible yet deploys force where needed as in full compliance with the laws of war. By making structural oppression (economic, social and statist) illegal under international law will we help prevent the scourge of totalitarianism from re-appearing on this shared planet of ours. Feminist warfare and feminist law enforcement are therefore not themselves structural oppression in instead subverting structural oppression itself whether economic, social or statist.

Totalitarianism exploits grievances yet reinforces and rules precisely by structural oppression as totalitarianism itself is a most extreme expression of structural oppression. We need also not forget that most victims of totalitarianism are non-human persons and we need also keep in mind that the Holocaust was a mere adoption of the technologies, logistics, economics and ideology of the Animal Industry of Evil as deployed against human beings targeted by the Nazi regime for totalitarian structural oppression indeed.

We need re-engineer and reinvent nature itself in endeavoring to fully end structural oppression in nature itself and that is certainly a task for intelligence warfare as nature is full of abuse and evil parasitism. By outlawing totalitarianism and structural oppression everywhere can we thus help end abhorrent practices of human parasitism such as ethnocracy, patriarchy and human racial supremacism itself.

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