Intelligence Training Methods

Intelligence training is largely performed deploying illegal methods and publicly exposing those patently illegal practices is essential to ending systemic abuses generally in the intelligence community.

Intelligence training systematically intrudes into the most private and personal spheres of the life of an intelligence trainee as intended to become an intelligence operative.

Intelligence training is modeled on military training yet usually takes place in civilian urban environments. The purpose is to subject the trainee to challenging social experiences that will make her able to withstand psychologically difficult situations in hostile lands. This training often but not necessarily takes place in special intelligence training cities where both government employees and staff working in public space such as employees in and owners of stores are all voluntary/coercively recruited intelligence agents. Intelligence training however also takes place in metropolitan areas which are not closed intelligence systems as are the far smaller intelligence training cities.

Formal training of intelligence agents include learning languages, honing accents and diversely learning to adapt to specific social roles of specific intelligence missions. It also includes learning modes of animal communication which are the predominant forms of covert intelligence communication. Other elements involve breaking the will of the trainee similar to military training and turn the trainee into an uncritical and obedient tool of her superiors as similar indeed to practices prevalent enslavement in commercial prostitution

Criminal training is an essential part of intelligence training whereby the trainee learns to become a professional killer, a seduction agent (intelligence prostitute), an accomplished fraudster and a skilled thief, including especially with respect to pickpocketing and break-ins. Training to become a seduction agent includes learning to endure all forms of rape and sexual abuse and learning to appreciate virtually every form of sexual specialization, including learning to act functionally bisexual. Learning to become a professional killer involves learning martial arts as well as weapons training and especially advanced use of small arms.

Earning the loyalty of a trainee is not considered sufficient and therefore is systemic extortion regarded as essential so as to ensure the perpetual loyalty of the trainee as a future intelligence operative. Thus do trainees engage in organized illegal sexual activities in the intelligence subculture, something which is videotaped so as to be able to use against the trainees/operatives later in case they become disobedient to their superiors, a.k.a. so called “handlers”. Israeli intelligence is known for its sex parties with compulsory participation and such organized sexual events are also prominently used to draw potential recruits into intelligence recruitment.

A trained intelligence operative is a trained combatant in intelligence warfare and is both taught to blindly follow orders but also to learn when to break operative rules, something which is sometimes necessary for survival during covert operations in hostile lands and especially considering that an intelligence operative if detected and captured in foreign lands may face physical torture as part of interrogation. An intelligence operative makes friends and connections and gets by everywhere by means of providing sexual services. If there is a bureaucratic problem will the intelligence agent typically bribe the civil servant by means of sex which however may be risky in case the civil servant himself is an enemy intelligence operative.

Highly sophisticated intellectual elite intelligence operatives who often have either PhDs or are doctoral candidates typically do not unnecessarily engage in sexual relations but largely suffice with deploying the social power of sexuality to get their way. These are known as gentleman agents and femme fatales respectively and have been extensively documented many times for propaganda purposes in popular mass culture so as to generally facilitate domestic intelligence recruitment.

Intelligence agents are mostly recruited from high IQ elites as at least relatively high intelligence is considered necessary for survival in hostile lands. Coercive recruitment is performed in cases where there is no formal option for intelligence recruitment such as typically the security department of a person’s employer formally offering the person intelligence training.

Elites in liberal-democratic open societies are increasingly subjected to “protective recruitment” whether voluntary or coercive with the purpose of protecting them from becoming voluntarily/coercively recruited by enemy intelligence agencies. This is highly problematic as this has made intelligence agencies increasingly powerful in effectively enslaving domestic elites even in liberal democracies in member of elites becoming intelligence operatives and who thus in their capacities as activists, politicians, journalists, prosecutors, active members of civil society etc. are enslaved to abide by illegal orders in their own countries.

Protective recruitment is not that “protective” however as intelligence operatives learn to become extremely promiscuous in the intelligence sexual subculture where literally anything goes as long as not causing lasting physical damage to the body of the intelligence operative. These acquired promiscuous behaviors means however that intelligence operatives become very vulnerable to enemy recruitment which typically takes place through some form of seduction. Celibacy, marital fidelity, being strictly law-abiding, acting highly ethically and becoming informed about risks and dangers in contrast offer far better and far more effective protection against enemy intelligence recruitment.

Intelligence operatives are taught to keep secrets yet most intelligence operatives hardly know any real state secrets at all other than practical operational details and operative skills known to all intelligence agencies. Training to learn to cope with potential and actual torture involves teaching the intelligence operative what to tell the interrogator so as to avoid becoming tortured and the intelligence operative is specifically instructed what to tell interrogators as prior to being dispatched on a specific covert intelligence mission.

The intelligence operative typically has minimal knowledge about even the ultimate purpose of the operation in which she is involved yet she is given false information which she is instructed to give to interrogators in order so as to make sure that torture will not even commence. Being an intelligence operative in foreign lands typically means living in constant fear of becoming captured, tortured and executed. Torture is practiced by nearly all intelligence agencies worldwide although to varying degrees. Some deploy torture as routine while others use it under exceptional circumstances. Some deploy extremely gruesome forms of torture as a matter of routine while others usually deploy so called “moderate physical pressure”.

Virtually all intelligence operatives are taught to become professional interrogators as it should be pointed out that ordinary interrogation is essentially psychological torture which is generally much more effective than physical torture in extracting truthful answers. Informal interrogation may take place anywhere in virtually any social context whether online or IRL but is generally used to extract intelligence data as well as information that can be used to sexually and/or otherwise coercively recruit someone.

There are three types of seduction agents; 1) decoys who usually more or less actively make themselves sexually available to a victim, 2) proactive seduction agents who seduce the victim and 3) rape agents who rape the victim in order so as to sexually extort, sexually enslave, prostitute and coercively recruit a victim so as to to bring the victim into intelligence bondage.

Decoy genders were originally modeled on gender roles of European princesses and proactive seduction genders were originally modeled on gender roles of European princes, kings/queens and emperors/empresses. This still lives on in popular culture as produced for propaganda purposes so as to facilitate nominally voluntary intelligence recruitment such as famously the partly realistic long-running film series about “James Bond”. Although there are still such “high-class agents” are today’s intelligence operatives simply trained criminals as sent out on to varying degrees criminal missions whether in friendly or in hostile operational environments.

Intelligence bondage in intelligence training is also ensured by hellish forms of sexual exploitation. The trainee is typically kept incarcerated, sexually exploited and gruesomely raped for a week in order so as to break the will of the intelligence trainee and turn her into an obedient tool of her handler. Intelligence training is about enslavement and as with all professional training is the purpose the instrumentalization of personhood and so internal intelligence prostitution whereby intelligence operatives systematically sexually exploit an intelligence trainee is part and parcel of intelligence training. This includes serving in intelligence brothels and participating in a prostitution role in other commercial intelligence prostitution operations for the purpose of sexual entrapment of yet more victims as intended to become intelligence operatives or frequently mere intelligence assets such as spies and simply enslaved agents.

While intelligence training may sound interesting and sexually adventurous as it originally was intended is this simply modern human slavery and systemic sexual exploitation and so exposing methods of intelligence training is therefore essential in freeing enslaved intelligence operatives from bondage worldwide.

Slavery is a scourge on the name of humanity and fighting slavery does remain an essential ethico-political global task indeed. Public documentation by means of blogging, performing scientific studies, producing documentaries, engaging in citizen journalism and performing investigative journalism are the best tools available for exposing and thus ending those practices which pose a significant threat to open society and liberal democracy indeed. Deploying counter-interrogation operations, i.e. trying to indirectly glean pieces of information from the interrogator; and running counter-entrapment operations, that is using fully legal means in luring the police and others to commit crimes against you are particularly effective tools in this regard in publicly exposing criminal intelligence operational techniques and methods indeed.

When intelligence training fails is a trainee routinely turned over to state agencies such as police, social services and psychiatry with the purpose of discrediting the victim one way or another as a potential whistleblower using varying standard operational means. Since an intelligence agency is able to voluntarily/coercively recruit any civil servant or any other human citizen/resident for that matter is it essential to trust, check and verify and although no one should be fully trusted in life is it essential to be careful as to what extent someone ought be trusted and so ought you certainly avoid saying/doing anything that may be used against you in order to harm your legal status unless of course this is part of a pre-planned, deliberate counter-entrapment operation of yours.

The intelligence world is practically speaking lawless and essentially constitutes organized crime and so the task of ending these abuses rests heavily on ordinary citizens in performing ethical courage. Coercive recruitment operations are used for purposes of intelligence training and therefore may large numbers of intelligence trainees and intelligence operatives be deployed in a coercive intelligence recruitment operations. Victims subjected to ongoing coercive recruitment operations are in fact by far the best disposed for publicly exposing the patently criminal practices of the intelligence world.

The intelligence world makes its own “laws”, yet legally speaking are these extra-judicial and therefore illegal and so publicly exposing the criminal intelligence world is essential as public Nuremberg trials will be needed where criminal intelligence directors are publicly prosecuted and in most cases sentenced to capital punishment which as it happens was never actually abolished in in the military sector of any country.

Investigative citizen journalists need therefore gather and publish carefully vetted information by means of blogging and only later involve established professional journalists, artists, authors and producers of documentary films. Criminal practices of the intelligence world will find it difficult to survive public exposure and so extensive public documentation is precisely essential as prior to making the general public aware of these systemic abuses and criminal practices indeed.

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