Intelligence Training Cities

It is common for urban intelligence training to take place in the rare intelligence training cities. These are usually relatively small cities where almost the entire populations have been intelligence recruited although of course inhabitants are unaware that nearly everyone else is intelligence recruited as well.


E.g. Sweden which is a country of nine million citizens has six intelligence training cities out of a total of 290 municipalities. Intelligence training may of course take place anywhere but it is usually performed in an urban context and largely so in intelligence training cities. It is common to lure a person to an intelligence training city by means of a job offer and/or a romantic honey trap and in many countries such as Sweden is an unemployed person legally disallowed from declining a job offer in otherwise risking loss of unemployment benefits.

While intelligence training commonly takes place in large cities as well will police intelligence typically use varying means to try to lure the victim into relocating to an intelligence training city. This is because intelligence training cities are essentially closed social systems and as almost all inhabitants have been intelligence recruited one way or another is the intelligence training city an effective context for devising specific social contexts as designed for coercive intelligence recruitment and intelligence training generally.

The popular conception of intelligence agencies in democracies is that these are ostensibly small elite organizations as composed of stern patriots when in fact the intelligence world in liberal democracies has become increasingly overgrown indeed as inflated and abusive practices of “protective recruitment” by police intelligence have caused police intelligence to increasingly become a cancer threatening liberal democracy, the rule of law and open society.

Urban intelligence training involves the trainee being put through various social encounters as designed to prepare the trainee for intelligence missions abroad in hostile lands. This involves “official contact” with civil servants who have usually long since been “protectively recruited” by police intelligence, urban honey traps and various other social encounters/situations as intended to teach survival skills to the intelligence trainee.

Urban intelligence training centrally involves teaching advanced criminal skills of every kind to the intelligence trainee so as to remove social inhibitions of law abidance, something which in turn makes it far easier for an intelligence handler to extort the victim into obedience and enslavement, including intelligence prostitution. Criminals in intelligence training cities are as virtually everyone else recruited as well and are prominently used for purposes of urban intelligence training, including coercing a person into intelligence prostitution by raping, drugging and subsequently commercially prostituting a person on the initiative of police intelligence.

National intelligence agencies have traditionally had a policy of pooling their intelligence operatives for operational purposes. This meant that a person voluntarily recruited to one national intelligence agency could become operationally abused by yet another national intelligence agency or indeed by an allied and/or controlling foreign intelligence agency. Intelligence training was traditionally conducted jointly by national intelligence agencies with a strong preference for performing intelligence training in intelligence cities as opposed in larger cities.

The preferred venue for intelligence training is urban public space both outdoors and indoors. Homes are used for purposes of luring trainees into honey traps and nominally so for purposes of operational training although the purpose importantly is also to enslave the trainee by means of sexual extortion. Since civil servants are all recruited by police intelligence whether as trained intelligence operatives or as simple agents is legal/administrative/bureaucratic harassment part and parcel of coercive intelligence recruitment and intelligence training generally. This is nominally performed with the purpose of preparing the victim for challenging social and bureaucratic encounters in hostile lands. Yet this serves in practice to abuse, exploit and enslave trainees under the totalitarian culture of the patriarchal intelligence world.

Intelligence training cities are controlled by police intelligence, yet are used by other national intelligence agencies as well in varying degrees of cooperation/rivalry/hostility with police intelligence. It is common for intelligence training to be conducted in cooperation with allied foreign intelligence agencies and of course usually so without the consent of the trainee.

Intelligence training cities are also frequent battle grounds for international intelligence warfare. Since intelligence training cities are outwardly normal-looking cities is no one prevented from entering and so enemy intelligence agencies do operate rather freely in intelligence training cities.

Intelligence warfare usually does not involve actual killing but rather enemy coercive recruitment of some kind such as by means of a honey trap and/or induced hypnosis. Seduction is particularly effective for intelligence hypnosis since “lovers” tend to intensively look each other in the eyes for prolonged period of times. An intelligence operative who has been coercively recruited by an enemy intelligence agency is referred to as “fallen in battle” and is traditionally automatically sentenced to execution by a secret military court or even executed on the spot.

Intelligence training cities are thus complex operational environments where intelligence training operations, intelligence coercive recruitment operations and domestic/international intelligence warfare are conducted in parallel. It is therefore not uncommon for intelligence trainees to “fall in battle” during training and subsequently become executed by the very intelligence agency which conducted the training. The official cause of death of an executed any executed person is virtually always noted as “heart failure” or “heart attack” in the forensic report although the execution is legally usually counted as simply natural death and as such not even forensically or medically investigated. Execution is however usually performed by means of food poisoning whether at home or in a restaurant. A common operational model for performing intelligence execution is police intelligence dispatching police intelligence trained psychiatric staff who force the victim into consuming what is designed to looks like pharmaceuticals.

In cases where coercive intelligence recruitment/training is considered as “failed” is the trainee almost by default handed over to police intelligence trained psychiatric staff where the victim is not only needlessly drugged and socially stigmatized but also typically sexually exploited by police intelligence trained psychiatric staff as instructed to do so in the shape of varying types of honey traps which are all designed for blaming the victim and thus enable the police to coercively recruit the victim into intelligence prostitution. It is common for psychiatric staff to lure lure victims into commercial prostitution as inexorably leading to intelligence prostitution. All psychiatric staff in intelligence training cities are trained intelligence operatives and they are part of the closed intelligence social system that is the intelligence training city.

An intelligence trainee is typically during training made to believe that the entire world is like the intelligence training city when of course in fact this is not the case at all as intelligence training cities are few and rare exceptions. Intelligence training cities are covert pseudo-totalitarian enclaves where virtually all aspects of human life are controlled and supervised by police intelligence. Police intelligence thus legally speaking have jurisdiction over intelligence training municipalities and so legal abuses are the norm as part of coercive intelligence recruitment and intelligence training generally which is rather unsurprising considering the corrupt, lawless and essentially criminal nature of police intelligence with its symbiotic relationship with organized crime.

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