Intelligence Science

Intelligence science in being separate from academia is a world of its own with its own standards and rules. Intelligence science operates by different parameters and functional operational utility is the standard of everything.


The patriarchal intelligence world operates by means of the standard rule of optimal secrecy which essentially means endeavoring to keep almost everyone uninformed to the greatest extent possible, including especially the general public. Israeli intelligence has in past decades however been somewhat of an exception in enabling vast numbers of civilian applications of covert military intelligence technologies.

There are structural problems with intelligence science just as there are structural problems with academic science. The practice of optimal secrecy means that as soon as something is discovered is it withheld from public knowledge. As the epistemological realm of intelligence science increasingly expands at the expense of academia do academic scholars who are deemed as encroaching on the epistemological realm of intelligence science face intimidation, bullying, coercive intelligence recruitment, honey traps, criminal entrapment, intelligence psychiatric incarceration/discrediting and even execution.

Geniuses have increasingly disappeared from academia as geniuses are now routinely recruited to intelligence laboratories around the world. As the appropriated epistemological realm of intelligence science increasingly expands does academia become increasingly epistemologically circumvented in terms of discursive boundaries of investigation as have increasingly been imposed by the patriarchal intelligence world.

Academic science tends to be unimaginative and unproductively limited by various silly residual historico-discursive formations of genre, narrative, paradigm, metaphysics etc. as functioning as discursive straitjackets that have in recent decades increasingly inhibited academic freedom. It has in fact become increasingly common for doctoral students of academia to finance their studies by means of moonlighting as James Bond-style Lady/Gentleman intelligence operatives in intelligence seduction missions worldwide. As intelligence agencies increasingly came to compete for recruiting promising doctoral candidates did the intelligence world become increasingly excessively involved in academia as in so many other sectors of the society where excessive intelligence involvement increasingly has put limits on emancipation, freedom and democracy.

Intelligence science operates more like corporate research & development departments where functional commercial utility is the supreme criterion of “truth” and where concealing finds to perceived and actual rivals is considered paramount. Intelligence science is advanced in the sense of monopolizing research in its epistemologically appropriated fields of knowledge and taking every necessary measure so as to prevent academic encroachment into field of intelligence science. Intelligence science is however typically sloppy, careless and generally unscientific in fundamentally lacking critical debates about epistemology, methodology and ethics.

Intelligence science needs become opened up to the world and integrated with academia in creating new types of scientific and scholarly institutions for production of discourse as well as discursive venues as based on promoting conceptual, social and technological innovation for the benefit of social progress in emancipation, freedom and democracy.


Learning ethnofludity and other forms of sociofluidity such as genderfluidity is an important part of intelligence training. Training in sociofludity is however based on learning stereotypical behavioral roles rather than focusing on developing confidently adaptive self-expression which means that most intelligence operatives are operationally incompetent.


As in academia is education largely based upon redundant authoritarian conceptions of learning rather than creatively enhancing individual development towards optimizing individual talent.


Intelligence science invents increasingly advanced technologies and machines yet these are often used against innocents civilians in intelligence warfare such as for purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment operations rather than being put to use for developing civilian applications for the benefit for the world.

Evolutionary psychology

Understanding human evolution has become increasingly important in intelligence science in recent decades and in particular with regard to gender relations as standard intelligence operative roles are based on performing varying stereotypical gender roles, ethnic roles, age roles etc. This ignores however the fundamentally unscientific nature of biological determinism whose functional purpose is rather to reinforce structural oppression such as patriarchy and ethnocracy. This means that most intelligence operatives are essentially operationally incompetent due not receiving training in advanced intersectional gender science.

Gender science

Gender science is considered a pseudoscience in the patriarchal intelligence world, an interesting and indeed grave misperception which is unsurprising considering that gender science threatens institutionalized practices of sexual and gender abuse in the patriarchal intelligence world.


It is common for elite intelligence operatives to be given a crash course in legal studies and the two main purposes of this is to train them in effective rhetorics as well learning to survive in varying legal environments in hostile lands. This superficial understanding leaves however elite intelligence operatives with limited skills for operating in varying legal environments as strict law-abidance is a very smart thing to learn for any intelligence operative in terms of developing the capacity for surviving in hostile operational environments. This is quite in contrast to patriarchal intelligence training which is largely about acquiring almost every advanced criminal skill.


Becoming a polyglot became a social ideal for intelligence operatives during the 20th century and so the Israeli intelligence ulpanim thus offer language training to intelligence trainees from many most countries as Israel is the undisputed world-leader in intelligence training. Not only are the Israeli methods for learning foreign languages the most effective anywhere but so are Israeli methods for learning credible accents as well.

Political science

Intelligence agencies are generally tasked with promoting the official political ideology of the state which they are set to serve. Intelligence political science however tends to view state ideologies as mere political tools for intelligence rule. Intelligence political science thus effectively serves to reinforce the patriarchal intelligence world having increasingly taken over other sectors of society in recent decades by means of protective recruitment of social elites of every kind.


Much of research in intelligence science actually belongs to parapsychology. The problem here is that methodologies are based on outdated perceptions rather than strict natural science. Psychology is however one of the core sciences of intelligence science. Psychoanalysis came to form the foundation for 20th century doctrines still underlying patriarchal intelligence training.


Development of operational methods has since WW1 largely been based on the study of zoology in intelligence science. Intelligence operatives are thus taught to apply varying skills as documented by intelligence sciences in various non-human animal species. Xenozoology has become increasingly prominent in intelligence zoology as the study of non-earthling life forms have increasingly came to dominate intelligence zoology.

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