Intelligence Science of Seduction

An intelligence operative is first and foremost an agent of seduction and so needs it be asked why this came to be so and why this is still the case?


1. Historical overview

Princely, Royal and Imperial courts around the world were social institutions and subcultures of advanced virtue as characterized by tremendous social, psychological and sexual sophistication. The noble court was protected by contamination from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) by means of class distinction whereby nobility did not have sexual intercourse with non-nobles and sexual activity outside of the family unit took place exclusively at the noble court where inter alia Sumerian ritual was commonly performed. It was a social norm for parents in nobility to have intimate relations with their own children from an early age and this is even so today in the intelligence world however contrary this is to prevailing social norms outside of the intelligence world.

An ambassador was a highly educated noble who was dispatched from one noble court to another noble court for a shorter or longer period of time of undefined temporal extension. The ambassador fully participated in the intimate life of the noble court and deployed sexual intimacy as a means of pursuing political influence and gather information. It was thus fully accepted for the ambassador to engage in systematic espionage activity as protected by his diplomatic immunity. The diplomatically protected espionage took the form of conversations of political, military and diplomatic nature and interpersonal physical intimacy served very much to build lasting ties between states as well as informally exchange information.

Nobles as involved in these sophisticated international pursuits beyond the noble court were what later became known as intelligence operatives. Commoners involved in intelligence matters were what later became known as intelligence agents and their vow of secrecy and loyalty to their majesty was ensured by membership in a secret religious society of Median Judaism such as Freemasonry in Europe or the Bektashi Order in the Ottoman Empire.

Commoners serving as intelligence agents were trained in seduction considering the general unavailability of condoms and so intelligence seducers were simply diplomats as dispatched by one noble court to yet another noble court.

The era of greater availability of condoms meant that intelligence agents and not merely intelligence operatives became trained as agents of seduction. It should be noted that an intelligence operative is an elite intelligence agent and so the the term agent has a double meaning as referring to 1) both intelligence operatives and intelligence agents as well as referring to 2) intelligence agents alone as distinctive from intelligence operatives.

From 1972 until 2016 did intelligence operatives and intelligence agents alike become increasingly enslaved by patriarchal intelligence agencies as terrorized by Frankist intelligence sects such as the Gestapo as based in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1945 until 2016. The enslavement included full sexual enslavement (including operative prostitution, internal prostitution and commercial prostitution) although intelligence operatives were subjected to far more detailed and totalitarian control than were intelligence agents.

This is how sophisticated, gynocentric subcultures of noble courts around the world were systematically corrupted and eventually almost entirely destroyed by Frankist intelligence agencies as promoting agendas as distinctly inimical to the interests of humanity.

This is also how members of nobility were publicly discredited and stereotyped in the media as arrivists in castles, yet were instead reduced to mere enslaved elite prostitutes by Frankist intelligence directors as promoting agendas as distinctly inimical to the interests of humanity.

A noble as dispatched by one noble court to another noble court was however anything but a prostitute but rather used highly socially, psychologically and sexually sophisticated interpersonal physical intimacy at the noble court which had accredited him for fully legitimately promoting the interests of the state which had dispatched him.

How is it possible that noble sophistication which reached its heights at the Royal Court of Louis XIV in Versaille eventually became reduced to enslavement in intelligence prostitution? Since nobility belonged to secret societies of Median Judaism and were usually only nominally Christian did Frankist intelligence sects seek to destroy gynocentric court culture and noble standards of court culture by seeking to unseat monarchies and publicly discredit the socially sophisticated community of nobles.

Frankists intelligence sects operated as follows, first did they pursue intelligence infiltration of noble courts by means of recruiting nobles to Frankist “satanism”. After corrupting and effectively destroying noble court cultures and publicly discrediting nobility did they participate in revolutions after which a reign of terror commenced. It is notable that European revolutions were organized by European Freemasons against Frankist monarchies after which Frankist intelligence sects hijacked the revolution and instituted a reign of terror. The introduction of modern technologies of communication, logistics and surveillance eventually paved the way for the establishment of the Frankist totalitarian state.

There were certainly many cases where Frankist designs were thwarted by intelligence Freemasonry such as by Napoleon I in France and Tito in Yugoslavia but Frankist intelligence sects nevertheless had a standard modus operandi with regard to revolution whether in France in 1789, in Russia in 1918 or in Iran in 1979. Anti-Semitic propaganda was furthermore systematically disseminated by Frankist intelligence sects so as to projectively blame the Jews for such major Frankist intelligence operations.

2. Pseudo-Science of Seduction

The Mossad school of intelligence psychology became based on an elective mixture of gender prejudice of biological determinism, authoritarian applications of behaviorism and unethical misapplications of psychoanalysis.

It was fully wrongly assumed that there were only two inherent psychological genders when there are in fact rather three psychological genders as each compromising a third of human beings.

This of course is not to deny the reality of female psychological genders and male psychological genders but rather that these are extremes at a single continuum of psychometric differentiation in human psychological genders with non-binary psychological genders constituting the middle ground.

Patriarchal intelligence psychology ignored the obvious reality of three main categories of human psychological genders by wrongly confusing socially constructed psychological gender with socially constructed anatomical gender by means of pseudo-scientific forms of physiognomy.

The Mossad school of intelligence psychology thus relied on prejudicial notions of pseudo-scientific forms of physiognomy in wrongly assuming that proper interpersonal intimacy is based on full correlation between psychological gender and anatomical gender while prejudicially regarding others forms of interpersonal physical intimacy as so called “paraphilia”.

The sublime Art of Love of gynocentric noble courts as distinctly disdainful of prejudice of every kind was thus gradually reduced to a state of pseudo-scientific prostitution.

3. Gynocentric Seduction

Princely, Royal and Imperial courts practiced highly sophisticated forms of gynocentric seduction. While almost forgotten although never entirely extinct was this based on the Art of Charm, which is best described as psychological behavioral techniques as intended to trigger attraction, turn-on, arousal and even orgasm.

Sexual access for persons as introduced at noble courts was very easily available due to the fact that a person seeking sexual access to a fellow introduced member of the noble court simply had to sexually arouse that fellow persons in order so as to become physically intimate with her. The noble court offered a subcultural socio-psychological frame of gynocentric court etiquette which made sexual access psychologically tranquil and without social drama due to females and non-binary persons feeling safe from violence and misogynistic persecution of patriarchal vulgarity of outside society.

Gynocentric seduction as involving human persons of any psychological genders and anatomical genders thus involves becoming physically intimate with someone by means of deploying advanced psychological techniques for the purpose of triggering attraction, turn-on and arousal.

While triggering those emotions of desire is essential is the problem the social terror of surrounding vulgar patriarchal society which leaves few options for physical, social, psychological and sexual approchement. The noble court as prior to the incremental encroachment by Frankist corruption offered gynocentric social milieus as free from the social terror of vulgar patriarchy in outside non-gynocentric society.

Two elements are thus needed for successful seduction as leading to interpersonal physical intimacy; namely 1) advanced psychological techniques as triggering desire as well as 2) safe gynocentric environments where females, non-binary persons and queers feel safe enough for initiating, consenting to, participating in and mutually performing choreographic semiotics of love.

Then what is this and how is it done? The Art of Arousal is about acting like a child in seeking to please an adult. Familial relationships tend to varying degrees to be mutually parasitical and children systematically deploy rather advanced psychological techniques so as to curry parental approval and thus much appreciated physical interaction with parents such as hugging.

The Art of Charm is the art of remembering to be “childish” in a good sense in enacting “childish” choreographies, “childish” semiotics, “childish” conversations and “childish aesthetics”. Primping women essentially present themselves as “innocent children” in themselves typically desiring to be approached, conversed and romantically kissed much like children seek attention, affection and physical contact with tender parents.

Why is it so easy for prepubescents yet so difficult for pubescents and post-pubescents to perform these spontaneous dances of initiating and cementing interpersonal social, psychological, emotional and physical connection?

Puberty brings hormonal change and this change is socially constructed by means of patriarchal sexual repression into the patriarchal obscenity of heteroculture which is simply misogynistic structural oppression as dressed up by organized religion and commercial mass culture as ostensible “love”.

4. Scientific Seduction

Scientific seduction is a process whereby one person deploys advanced psychological techniques as geared towards triggering interpersonal desire of other person into a state of intimate arousal.

Of course this may be done ethically as a selfless act of loving kindness or as a selfish act of evolutionary parasitism just as there is typically such a behavioral spectrum of kindness-parasitism in child-parent relationships.

It is easier to do it ethically because hidden motives tend to seep through by means of neurological/subconscious communication, namely the neuropsychological process that is known as introjection-projection.

A pure heart is essential in scientific seduction. This of course is not to deny that evil seduction exists or claim that it isn’t possible but rather that this of course ought be discouraged in every way, including in terms of details in advising scientific seduction. Scientific seduction needs hence educate in how to detect and elude evil seduction.

Education in scientific seduction needs therefore comprise both proactive techniques of triggering desire by means of a pure heart of loving kindness and defensive techniques in learning to early detect and elude attempted evil seduction by means of an advanced and active “creep” radar.

Psychological techniques of seduction are in the thoroughly superstitious intelligence world known as so called “love magic”. Patriarchal intelligence science never attempted to understand this scientifically yet did understand that this is personal, indeed idiosyncratic expression as geared to curry favor with others.

Scientific seduction is performed by means of multidimensional semiotics of conversation/discourse, dance of twisting the body, aesthetic primping, deploying sounds/scents/vision/touch and the like. This performance/expression needs be genuinely idiosyncratically aesthetetic in communicating the full personhood of body and soul in mutual neurological communication that needs be both aesthetical and ethical in for example not performing structural oppressive which in most cases simply impedes the process of seduction by negatively interfering with the buildup of neurological symbiosis of increasing degree of neurological communication.

5. Intelligence Charm

The notion that intelligence operatives and intelligence agents alike ought be encouraged to be privately promiscuous in a reckless manner as well as having sex with operational adversaries is distinctly harmful and dangerous in often endangering entire intelligence operations and recklessly puts the security and bare lives of agents/operatives in danger.

This is not to deny that there are conditions of threat to freedom and security where protective sex may be required as a last resort just as there are conditions of threat to freedom and security where conventional violence may be required. Just as intelligence operatives/agents are trained to operationally avoid conventional violence should they be trained to operationally avoid sexual intercourse as well.

A responsible intelligence operative retain composure and self-control in avoiding full sexual arousal, meaning that turn-on in the operative herself ought not proceed into full sexual arousal.

The intelligence operative does however seek to trigger full sexual arousal in the person whom the operative is operationally endeavoring to to trigger favor with in the purpose of attaining social or administrative access of some kind with usually third persons. The intelligence operative needs however to navigate as ethically as possible and must therefore not sexually, romantically or otherwise exploit the target person. Even when for example operationally needing money from the target person needs this be attained strictly ethically.

Intelligence operatives in trouble in enemy lands are trained to infiltrate society sexually and if having ran out of money prostitute themselves in the street. The practice of intelligence prostitution is abhorrent, despicable and abominable. It needs to fully end, period.

Intelligence operatives need be trained in seduction interruptus, namely charming one’s way through without causing needless operational risks to oneself and fellow operatives by means of reckless pursuit of unethical sex. Learning the art of ethico-aesthetic self-control ought be absolutely central to intelligence training.

6. Feminist Intelligence Operations

A feminist intelligence operation is moral and if possible ethical as motivated by the necessity in protecting civic virtues of emancipation, freedom and democracy.

A feminist intelligence operation is also carried out as moral and if possible even as ethical as possible in operational terms. This means that prostitution is completely out of question in feminist intelligence operations and there are surely other ways to assist endangered operatives in financial trouble other than encourage them to prostitute themselves in the streets.

A feminist intelligence operative will avoid having sexual intercourse and will simply charm herself through. This is far more effective than seduction operations for the simple reason that she will avoid “losing her mind” while in full state of sexual arousal beyond mere turn-on and so will she retain her composure and self-control while simultaneously fully attaining operational goals. Furthermore are celibate operations simply much easier to perform due to the typically vastly far lesser degree of nervousness and psychological condusion on the part of intelligence operatives. The chances of operational success are thus also vastly far greater with celibate operations than sex operations.

A feminist intelligence operative makes sure to behave as well as conceivably possible as allowed by operational conditions, meaning that a feminist intelligence operative needs be educated and trained in feminist court etiquette. At the same time needs the feminist intelligence operative develop sociofluidity in the sense as learning to merge into almost any human environment in fitting in almost anywhere.

The intelligence world needs reappropriate its noble past in teaching all operatives and agents to become intimately genuinely liberated in nobility by means of learning to mistress feminist court etiquette, including through participation in feminist ritual sex. Once they have mistressed this will they be able to refrain from thinking about sex during operations and will their therefore avoid operationally “lose their mind” due to reckless sexual arousal.

Pseudo-scientific techniques of seduction need become fully supplanted by mistressing the full cycle of seduction while learning to practice seduction interruptus in operative environments.

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